Errol Barrow Day – An Acrostic Poem by Khaidji

Errol Barrow Day

Every Bajan should celebrate in a special way
Remembering our hero who was born on this day
Realizing the wonders that he had done
Opportunities sowed from whence our pride sprung
Lords and Sirs, Honorable and the ordinary man too

Barrow lived to uplift all of you
And freed us from our Imperial ties
Royal chains which limited our mind’s eyes
Restrictions no longer bind our hands
Our skills compete favorably with foreign lands
We have progressed to be a number one country

Developing in our social standings, education and economy
And as you delight in your successes tomorrow
You must remember we owe it all to Errol Walton Barrow

Submitted by Khaidji of Bajan


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11 responses to “Errol Barrow Day – An Acrostic Poem by Khaidji

  1. Icee

    I just read the article about Princess cruise ship passengers having fun while the people in Haiti cried out for help..I was in the process of planning a vacation cruise and Princess cruises was at the top of my list. Do I now not consider them because they are not doing enough to help?Do I acknowledge that it is a business and the bottom line is still making a profit especially in this recession?Is Princess the only cruise line that goes into Haiti?If there are others do we boycott them as well?I think we need to acknowledge that life may have stopped for the people of Haiti but it continues for the rest of the world.We do not know how long those people had saved and planned for the cruise.It may have been a honeymoon trip/birthday or retirement cruise and long awaited and looked foward to. Have you stop living your life? Did you stop going to church/the movies/the supermarket/out to dinner etc.Judgement is for GOD!!!!!!!

  2. alphaandomega

    When Barack Obama became the President of the United States, I was amazed at the extent of and interested in the details of his geneology which was presented into the public domain. It went back many generations as pundits tried to trace his roots.

    I therefore looked forward to the CBC presentation on TV Channel 8 on The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow. It was very disappointing on two counts, for me.

    First, the CBC presentation was a disaster, done on the cheap, I guess. It would have come across far better as a radio programme, for all we heard were the voices of the two invited guests, and occasionally the presenter. The visual images often bore little relation to what was being said, and they were all muted so that the two guests could keep talking. I would have liked to have heard what was being said in those visual clips.

    Secondly, it seemed as if a large slice of Mr. Barrow’s biography had been omitted. His mother was not mentioned, his sister only very briefly, and his geneology, as to how he became born into the plantocracy, and who owned the plantation where he was born, was not mentioned. Little, I think, was said about his early life, his personal friendships in his young adult days, his loves (if any), and references to marriage.

    This programme was a great disappointment for such a great man, CBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. onlyme

    Why Sir Errol Barrow childhood home was not restored?

  4. Hants

    Errol Barrow was not Knighted.

    The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow is the official way to refer to him.

  5. alphaandomega

    Just gossiping with a neighour and I told her about my post above. She said straight away that E.W. Barrow was married, and had two children.

    An elementary Google search has revealed nothing so far. Just one question was asked on one website, with no answer: “Who was Errol Barrow’s mother?”

    Can anyone give me a link to an informative site, or do I need to borrow a book giving his biography from the library?

  6. alphaandomega

    I am having some small success, but it is difficult on the Internet. I think I am going to have to visit the library.

    I found the following:

    “The son of the late Rev. Reginald Grant Barrow and the late Ruth nee O’Neal, Errol was the nephew of legendary Dr. Charles Duncan O’Neal, founder of the Democratic League, and brother of Errol’s mother.”

    Wiki gives very little on Duncan O’Neal, but I presume the O’Neals were the plantation owners where Errol Barrow was born? The B’hai Faith has a bit on this, and the africanaencyclopedia.

  7. Love

    Hey folks what a lovely time was had by those who journeyed to Bath Beach for yesterday’s activities.

    Well coordinated and excellent logistics.

    No doubt very soon in the near future the Party and Sweet Soca Monarch show will descend on this area.

    Hip Hip Hip for Bath Beach facilities !

    This one for the Dipper !

  8. Errol Barrow–Greatest political light the eastern Caribbean has ever seen. Developed the highest and most uplifting entrepreneurial spirit among the Barbados working class.

  9. whining!

    correct me if I am wrong but whats to stop a historical fan of Errol Barrow from adding to wikpedia to give more depth to his social and other contributions.

    Wikpedia is a non profit organization, so stop complaining and start writing

  10. Politically Tired

    I think the poems wonderful, thank you .

  11. abbrakile

    Soon autumn, hurry to say goodbye to summer!).