A word about former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford, Trevor Prescod, Transparency & Political Corruption

Former PM Sir Lloyd Sandiford

I am hurt like any other rational thinking patriotic Barbadian at the pronouncement by Mr Trevor Prescod in the Tuesday`s Daily Nation under the caption “Prescod: Why Honor Sir Lloyd?”

Mr Prescod you should tell us what you would have done? Devalue the dollar or cut the government`s wage bill. I shudder to think what damage you would do to our country if you were to given oversight of the country`s affairs.

Grassroots thinking Mr Prescod cannot be responsible for this sub base level of ungrateful thinking in the history of our politics as a former member of the DLP. If its one person who deserved a Knighthood its Sir Lloyd. He made a tremendous sacrifice to the whole country`s benefit. Prime Minister Owen Arthur as the great economist he is recognized to be, appreciated the sacrifices of Prime Minister Sandiford. The most honorable thing Barbados could have done for him was to offer a knighthood.

What has me more disappointed is that you failed to express your disapproval of this appointment to your leader. Are you the same Trevor Prescod who was in the DLP, NDP and now BLP. What is your legacy? Is it empty eloquence and manipulation of the mind of voters. We need to say to all who aspire to serve as politicians we need a new level of representation. The times of flowery talk, manipulations of minds and offerings of rum are no more. A Non Partisan Movement is the only option if we are to keep 30 persons from destroying these fields and hills we call our own.

What the Political Parties in Barbados need to be concerned more about is their inability to show Transparency be it the publishing political donations and the introduction of Integrity Legislation. The person who pays the piper calls the tune . I will not accept that bribes,corruption and a lack of transparency is the acceptable norm in politics worldwide. Corruption is just as devastating as money laundering and we only need to look at Haiti, Guyana, Trinidad, Nigeria and others.

You can make a difference by finally saying something that makes sense as flowery words are most often empty. I invite more persons to respectfully speak out in the best interest of our country. Too many Politicians aspire to office and have not a clue about managing people or even solving problems. Oh how sad!

Submitted as a comment by a BFP reader using the name “Kammie Holder”


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24 responses to “A word about former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford, Trevor Prescod, Transparency & Political Corruption

  1. GG

    You keep talking about transparency….that’s asking a politicians to be honest and up front. Remember politicians lie before, during and after they are elected. If they told the truth we would loose faith in the system.
    Remember no matter which party you vote for the government gets in!

  2. Love

    Trevor Prescod is a NEEMAKARAM parading as a Pan Africanist.

    In the BLP is just the average ” water carrying boy ” Mia Mottley because of dwindling stocks…had no option but allow this NEEMAKARAM to run again.

    Here is the rub:

    * How come this same NEEMAKARAM could not get Liz Thompson to get housing solutions for people in the Ivy ?

    * How come this same NEEMAKARAM could not get Owen Arthur to deny Sir Lloyd a Knighthood ?

  3. 94

    maybe prescod forget the gravy train he was on , the man who came from rags to riches . millions to the Israel lovell foundation .

  4. Hants

    Prescod has stated that he will help people “who look like him”.

    Prehaps he will help enough people who look like him and that will get him elected.

    He could never do as much for Barbados as Sir Lloyd did as an Educator and Prescod will never be Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Prehaps he is just envious of Sir Lloyd.

    It is good that he is a BLP.

  5. BFP

    Hello GG

    No, transparency is NOT asking politicians to be honest up front. Transparency is empowering citizens with the RIGHT to access information so THEY can audit the actions of politicians and determine the truth. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  6. WHAT

    sAnDy plunged the economy into despair by given retired civil servants 33 million dollars in back pay. -regrading money. This was done ill advisedly. SaNdY listen to no one. You could not advise the man:he was stubborn. He was adamant and others were adamant so something had to give-(his words)

    A hole was dug by this man Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, he pushed Barbados into the hole and then went and look for a ladder, a rope and block and a jacket and tie to wear – then took a whole day from morning till night in fading light to rescue Barbados from the hole that he dug in the first place and which could have and should have been avoided.

    Why did he lose the no-confidence motion ?
    He had to GO and he went -(unwillingly, I might addd), add , add, add………….

  7. Anasa

    What, economics is a transitional science what works for one country may be inappropriate for another. Maintaining the parity of the Barbados to the US dollar has worked for us. WITHOUT THIS PARITY WE CAN SAY GOODBYE TO OUR WAY OF LIFE.

  8. WHAT

    WHAT is your point ?

  9. WHAT

    So the inference is that we should allow let the DLP do the same thing over again

    This present Government is the worse Government ever in the History of this country for any Government at this point in its first Term—–2 years.

    Check it and see—its true!

  10. Anasa

    I agree with you What that this is the worse government we have ever had. What, Sandiford did his best at the end to protect the US dollar parity. Yes we had some pain but it was a necessary evil.

  11. Avatar Gurl

    I think WHAT wants us to be devalued, like the Trinis and the Jamaicans and the Guyanese…that’s why they like to come into our land and overrun it!

    Hey, WHAT, are you a paro from a devalued currency country who couldn’t hack it there, so you decide to come here and ILLEGALLY take what’s ours?

    I have no problem with integration…as long as it’s LEGAL and benefits US as well as THEM!

    So, WHAT, why don’t you hustle back you your own country and build back your OWN economy?

  12. Just So

    The reality is that Sandi told it like it was and is.

    THAT is what made many against him.He contributed much to education and Barbados generally.

    More than most politicians in either party, despite the nasty naysayers words, that is the reality.

    Trevor Prescod is obviously confused as to whether he is an opportunistic grasshopper or simply a jackass.

  13. Just So

    And I mean Trevor Prescod must be confused about himself.

  14. MANJAK

    Trevour Prescod my ex MP may very well be a hypocritical, no principle politico grasshopper cut very much from that old moth infested political Bajan cloth. But I do agree with him with regard to Sir Lloyd Sandiford……
    If one puts aside the Bajan party tribal blinkers, Sandiford represents nothing more than another fifth rate politician who have littered the political landscape of Barbados over the past five decades. Not unlike the lawyer class whose raison d’etre appears to become petty racketeers rob poor Bajans and go into politics to make money quickly and to get undeserved social recognition.

    One is not terribly surprised that Sandiford have chosen to decorate himself with a colonial bauble of a knighthood The Bajan elite tends to hand out these trinklets to each other even when they are undeserved. Sir Loyd Sandiford was an incompetent, charisma and character free Prime Minister. He is merely just another example of the type of political representation that pollutes and have polluted the Bajan landscape over the years.

  15. Love

    January 21, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    So the inference is that we should allow let the DLP do the same thing over again

    This present Government is the worse Government ever in the History of this country for any Government at this point in its first Term—–2 years.

    Check it and see—its true!

    WHAT ?????

    It is clear from your post above….that you are clueless about the meaning of WORSE when it comes to a government in modern Barbados !

    Let me help you with some TRUE definitions of WORSE when it comes to a government in Barbados :

    * The WORSE gov’t in Barbados can be found in the one that spent $ 80 million on GREENLAND…yet a THIMBLE full of garbage cannot go there some 12 years after !

    * The WORSE gov’t can be found in the one that refused to settle the dispute with Al Barack for $ 17 million….and allow the debt to reach $ 50 million when they left office !

    * The WORSE gov’t in Barbados can be found in the one that allowed the Prime Minister to change lands from Zone 1 to Zone 2 (in a day) to suit his shady friends !

    * Should I mention the actions of the same PM when it came to receiving that WHOPPER of a cheque he placed into his bank account ??

    WHAT……I am sure you are much clearer now about the meaning of WORSE when we speak of a government in Barbados !!

  16. Chris

    How is it that the previous Gov’t sold off our gem The National Bank without any fall-out from the populace that prides itself on being “smart” ?

  17. WHAT

    To Love

    ………..Yet foreign reserves were miles high and unemployment was way down ———

    To Avatar

    How you come to such a conclusion ?

  18. Love

    So WHAT ?

    You boast of foreign reserves…when all the BLP did was borrow, borrow millions $$$$$ and ran up the National Debt.

    Thus they became the WORSE gov’t Barbados ever had !

    WHAT’S next !!!

  19. Crusoe

    Chris ‘How is it that the previous Gov’t sold off our gem The National Bank without any fall-out from the populace that prides itself on being “smart’

    Ya gotta admit, that was some sleight-of-hand getting rid of an important and solid institution!

    I wonder who benefited? The taxpayer?

    Certainly, the priority was obviously to put all assets in the hands of private enterprise, no matter the cost, social or otherwise.

    Sucks to be you and I, nuh?

  20. WHAT

    Ah wonder when the Government changes after coming elections, and the BLP brings Barbados back from the economic mess that the DLP has put this country in (not for the first time ) WHAT you people are going to say.

    David Thompson and the DLP cannot handle the business and just like they did in 1991, they are implementing the incorrect policies and blaming other persons -(the last Government for everything) -check John Boyce and his recent mouthings for the ridiculous.

    DLP supporters praise Sandy for 1991-94 and say that he maintained parity with the US dollar but according to them Arthur did nothing for the country thereafter.

    In 1994, the BLP inherited an economy in jeopardy. We all knew the foreign reserves position at that time. We all knew the unemployment situation at the time. We all know who turned around that situation .

    Now the DLP claims that after inheriting an economy completely opposite to WHAT the BLP inherited from them in 1994 they have been dealt a bad hand and that they cannot cope because the last Government was ’so bad’. –

    Man give me a frigging break ! –

    In 1986 , the DLP inherited a country doing well. By 1988, the DLP had wrecked this country with a former Minister in the DLP Government describing the budget as a backstreet abortion.

    MR ‘I WAS ADAMANT AND THEY WERE ADAMANT’ SANDIFORD and the DLP then continue to wreck the economy. The economy was performing like Garfield Sobers according to Sandiford but days after Sobers was run out for 33 ———-33 million dollars in regrading money to people that had retired and who spent the money to buy consumer durables–’mottocars’.

    Sandy paid himself and his goons increased salaries and then cut salaries by 8%—————-It became so BAD that men of conscience , his own men had to get rid of him.

    These are the facts and nothing but the facts. Not stupid sentiment.

  21. Anasa

    Both BLP and DLP aint ready we need a new breed of people who generally care and not about free lunches and dinners as well as persoal enrichment.

  22. Andy Smith

    I am tempted to comment on the various views expressed about Trevor Prescod’s comments sometime earlier on Sir Lloyd Sandiford’s knighthood . However, I will not do so, as, knowing Mr Prescod, he clearly had good reason for the position he had taken.

    Of more concern is the knowledge that The Barbados National Bank is in the ownership of Trinidad. How confusing. How is it possible for a foreign entity to be the de facto owner of a ‘sovereign’ bank in another country? Enlighten me please.

  23. JH Chapman


    That is not true, the BLP had left a lot of Dept in 1986. The many schools that were build, the expansion of the Hospital, the two Highway, and such. In 1994 there was a Global Conference here that had added multi millions to this land .

    Now if you check Standards and poor Barbados as an A in 1999 went to a BBB by 2005. We are left with the Cricket Wolrd cup dept , rented a boat to act as a hotel when many hotels were suffering and would had glad for the little cash. Yes we paid for an empty boat to stay in port. If Sir LLoyd did was hard it saved us.