Where is God? – Trapped & Dying in Haiti text, blog for help as the cell phones come back on

Pray for missionaries Licia & Enoch Betor at Ground Zero in Haiti

If you can take reading her words, seeing her photos: Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Centre blog

“We are asking you to pray about..

  • The Rescue Center location.  The damage is getting worse with each tremor that we have.  We need to make some decisions soon.  The kids have been living and sleeping outside since Tuesday night.  We are thinking a new location that is not far away.
  • Infant formula and food for the kids
  • fuel for generator and vehicles
  • the kids in the RC and my kids peace in their hearts
  • some way to be able to get some Haitian cash.  All banks and places we usually exchange money are closed.

I am a wife and mother to three wonderful and wild boys. I have lived in Haiti since 1995 and run a Rescue Center that houses around 60 children that are sick and suffering from severe forms of malnutrition.”

“I do not pretend to understand the suffering that is happening right now in this country.  I know we all feel like we had had enough over the years.  The staff has come in to work. They are praying for their loves ones in town.  They are hoping for news and believing that they will soon here from them.  Mothers and father are weeping for their lost children.  Children are crying for their lost parents.

One of Enoch’s friends was trapped inside his house with his (the friends) two brothers and his mother.  They all died and people were trying to rescue him.  He kept yelling at them to stop and leave him alone.  He wanted to die with his family.

“They asked what they could drop down to him and he asked for a gun to kill himself.”

The reality is even when the outside world begins arrives what can be done.  Most of the city is damaged and needs to be torn down.  Thousands upon thousands of dead bodies are laying all over the place.  We have heard they are digging huge mass graves in the dump area.”

"We are still having patients coming in from Port-au-Prince, most are from the village out here but just live in town. This boy got here yesterday afternoon. He had been trapped under blocks at his house. His right left was broken in two places. He left leg was smashed below the knee. It was cold and turning black. His father walked into the yard and just fell apart. He lost his wife and four other children. He was so thankful that he was able to pull out the son above. He just wanted to go someplace other that back to Port-au-Prince. Then we had to tell him he had to return to the hell he had just left. He son’s leg needs to be amputated for him to survive."


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13 responses to “Where is God? – Trapped & Dying in Haiti text, blog for help as the cell phones come back on

  1. Hants

    BFP asks “Where is God?”

    I am not sure but he probably got tired of seeing the brains he put in humans wasted for the last few hundred years.

    We continue to ignore natural phenomenon at our peril.

    God gave us brains to deal with the perils of an imperfect world.

    Don’t blame God. Blame yourselves.

    Just make sure your own house is Hurricane resistant and can survive a good shaking. If not accept that you failed to use the greatest gift to mankind which is inside your skull.

  2. Simple Simon

    You ask: “where is God?”; well let me ask this: “Where is the devil?” Shoudn’t he help?

  3. ac

    when is the last time mankind took blame for any
    thing .who else to blame but God. Afterall God is the
    universal fall guy. The devil must be LOL!

  4. rohan

    Maybe it was God’s off day.

  5. Thomas

    Where is God? Where is the Devil? Well, the Devil dethroned God .

    I didn’t even know that Haiti was in an earthquake zone. What happened to the Dominican Republic?
    Since they both exist on the same island.

  6. reality check

    As with all post mortems, there will be lots of blame to go around and most of it will stick.

    In the meantime, what about the helpless elderly, children, poor and uneducated?

    Do we let help them to survive and thrive or simply say ” They made their own misery, now let the suffering continue?”

    With all the Church’s in Barbados I am sure most members of the congregations would disgree and be appalled at these sentiments.

  7. @Thomas, re – Santo Domingo, http://bajanreporter.com/?p=7453 Is this a chance for Haiti to move forward as a tabula rasa?

  8. cg

    after blaming god for a few days ,i wondered how long it would be before someone laid the blame for tuesdays terrible natural catastrophe at the hands of france /europeans .
    look at yesterdays nation with the poisonous remarks of two columnists-always blame the ex colonials.
    at the moment the english aren’t getting the blame ,but how long before somone finds and obscure link and takes it out of historical context

  9. The Europeans and US did have their part, but perhaps not so much as the Duvaliers – Sr & Jr

  10. FLY TRAP

    BFP asks “Where is God?” … where s/he has been all the time — in people’s imagination.

  11. Bajan Atheist

    Like any other Christian in my youth, I heard that god is all powerful and not only that, but that he had a specific plan laid out for me and everyone else. I heard that he knew what I was thinking, what I did in my free time, that basically my every move was under watch. All at the same time I would hear about the evils in the world and how the devil would try to manipulate me. All of these arguments are not only irrational, but actually not well thought out either. Upon examination, not only is there not a god, but if there was and it was omnipotent and omniscient, it would not be worth worshipping.

    The argument that God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent is a hypocrisy in itself, especially when speaking about Christianity. One of the main tenants of Christianity is the battle of good versus evil, with the devil or Lucifer being the evil. All throughout history it has been claimed that the devil has been responsible for major atrocities. This of course flies in the face of god being omnipotent because not only can the devil manipulate god’s creation, but god either can’t prevent that action, or doesn’t, which is far more evil than the act itself. You also have to take into consideration what someone with ultimate power is not only capable of, but you would and should expect from them. What I would expect is a perfect world, creation, people, universe, etc. Instead you see what we would more expect from random chance, which is a completely chaotic universe, full of uninhabitable planets and a world full of imperfect people. Now I have heard Christians say that the reason the world and people are imperfect is because of Adam and Eve and because they ate the fruit of the tree. This line of reasoning probably is the worst explanation that could be used. First, Adam and Eve had no knowledge of good and evil, they were literally like Children, not having any shame and never having ever encountered what a lie is. Second, the garden had a talking snake within it, supposedly the devil, who convinced two really stupid people to eat an apple that would give them knowledge. Now if god really was omniscient, he would have foreseen all of these events and either given Adam and Eve the knowledge to know right from wrong, or simply stopped the devil from entering the garden. If god did know all of this was going to happen, yet let it happen with the full intention of punishing his own creations of his own design and plan, then this is far more evil than any act ever committed in history. According to Christians, this one event led to the downfall of man and the imperfect creation we have today with diseases, famine, war, suffering, disabilities, etc, all because God either failed to act, or it was in his plan not to act. Either way, the burden does not lie on man for exhibiting free will, especially when that free will was exercised without knowledge. It is basically the equivalent of punishing a 2 year old child for disobedience, but instead of a timeout, you curse his and his ancestors’ existence forever. The punishment does not fit the crime.

    Most Christians will quickly explain that god will only answer the prayer if it is within his plan. However, if it was in the plan to begin with, then the prayer was not answered because god is still just doing what he wants to do since it’s his plan. This could mean a few different things. Either prayer is completely useless, the bible is flat out wrong when it comes to prayer, god is not all powerful and can’t answer all prayers, or god simply ignores prayers. Either way, it does not paint a pretty picture of an omnipotent or omniscient god. One particular group points out this fact as they have a website called whydoesgodhateamputees.com. It is a site dedicated to the fact that there are so many people with disabilities either from birth or accidents who have lost limbs that pray and god has never healed even a single one. Again I refer back to the bible verse that states that if you ask you shall receive. Yet god has either ignored every single one of these prayers, or is not able to heal any one of them. So either god is evil himself, a hypocrite according to what the bible says, or simply is not all-powerful.

    In any form or fashion, no matter how you look at this case, if you are a logical and reasonable person, you have to agree that there is no explanation for this world being the way that it is, unless it is either completely natural with no god in it, or if there is a god, then he/she/it is the one to blame and is probably more evil than good. If there is a god, I absolutely do not respect it, as this is a horrible creation full of a lot of unnecessary suffering and if the bible story is correct, and all of humanity descended from two people, and billions have been punished because of two people, and it was god fault in the first place for not making them smarter or preventing the action, then god simply is a cruel being who does not care about his creations, is evil in nature and is neither a being worthy of praise or worship, but should be a being of despise.

    Let’s say that you were to create a far-flung news network, and you somehow had the capacity to observe all of the inexplicable tragedy that occurs on Earth each day:
    • all of the murders,
    • all of the car wrecks
    • all of the rapes
    • all of the mutilations
    • all of the torture
    • all the miscarriages and stillbirths
    • all of the disease
    • all of the starvation
    • all of the destruction
    • all of the terrorism
    Let’s say you had a news feed that delivered this all to you in real time.
    Just ten minutes with this news feed would be unbearable. Thousands of tragic, heart wrenching events would impinge themselves upon you every minute. It would make you vomit over and over and over again until you passed out in exhaustion and despair.
    In other words, the amount of gut-wrenching, anguished tragedy in our world is unspeakable.
    Meanwhile, there is a housewife in Pasadena who firmly believes that God answered her prayer this morning to remove the mustard stain from her favorite blouse. She prayed to God to help with the stain, and after she washed it the stain was gone. Praise Jesus! There are billions of people in the World who firmly believe that a God is personally helping them each day with their trivial prayers like this. They believe that they have a personal relationship with God, that God hears their prayers each day, and that God has time to reach down and remove the mustard molecules one by one. They believe it with all of their hearts.
    It makes you wonder: If God has the time and the will to answer these trivial prayers, then why does he have no time for the millions of other massively serious problems that arise on earth every day?
    Simply look at the world we live in. All around us we have murderers, rapists, robbers, child molesters, terrorists, etc… How do they do their deeds? If God is all-knowing and God answers prayers, then we have to believe that:
    • God watches them as they murder, rape, molest and terrorize other people millions of times a day, but he does nothing to stop them.
    • God watches the victims as they are being murdered, raped, molested and terrorized, but he does nothing to help them.
    • God completely ignores the prayers of the planet to eliminate murder, rape, child molestation and terrorism and allows these atrocities to continue unabated.
    According to the Standard Model of God, God is an omniscient, all-powerful, all-loving being who answers prayers. Imagine God sitting on his magnificent throne in heaven looking down upon Earth, seeing every detail.

    IMO, the only Gods we have is Love & Hate.

  12. It is unfortunate that people are blaming God for the earthquake in Hati. Hey why not blame the devil also. It is the devil that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden and the sin problem began.
    The same thing could happen anywhere in the world.

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