Barbados coastal fishing: Big fun, big fish at a small price

Barbados open boat fishing is the best of all!

Folks, there is nothing like fishing in Barbados – sharing good times with friends, washing down some sandwiches with a few Banks beer and hauling in some yellow fin tuna or kingfish (mmmmm! tasty… I love grill kingfish best of all!).

Lots of tourists head to fisherman’s row in Bridgetown and hire themselves one of the many deep-sea boats for a part or full day – and that is all very well for those who have US$900 to spend. Plus the fact that there are no guarantees with fishing. No one can guarantee the wind and the waves and the fish. The captains do their best to provide a good day of fun and a good catch, but there have been many a charter come home “bare bum” (as we call it) back into harbour with nothing to show but the empty beer bottles and empty wallets.

True, the captain will usually take a bit less when it’s been an unusually bad day, but it’s still an expensive boat ride.

Now, nothing against our friends who run the big charter boats (except when they ruin our night tree fishing), but one can hardly tell the difference from deep sea fishing out of Miami, Nassau, BVI or Bridgetown. Half the time your “captain” is a Brit or American early retiree who struck it rich at some investment firm before the collapse, came to the Caribbean, bought heself a 50 foot Bertram Sportfisher and started calling heself “captain”.

That’s not always the case, but there’s enough truth in that statement that a few of the big boat owners in B’town will read it an wince.

Barbados fishing guide Shaun Sandiford

Barbados fishing guide Shaun Sandiford

Want an authentic Bajan fishing trip with a good captain at a reasonable price?

That’s easy. Hire Shaun Sandiford out of Holetown on the west coast to take you and your friends for an open boat coastal fishing experience… and what a good time you will have!

Always within sight of the coast, and always lots of other friendly boats around. Shaun’s boat is safe, well equipped and you’ll catch the same fish that you’re likely to catch on most of the big charter trips: Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish, Dorado, Barracuda, Trevally, Jacks, Snapper and Tarpon. Have a look at the photos here and on Shaun’s website and you’ll get the idea; the fish doan care whether the hook is dropped from Shaun’s 18 foot fiberglass boat or a new million-dollar 60 foot Hatteras.

Bring your own tackle or Shaun will supply you for free. If you like, he’ll teach our traditional hand-line fishing or take you and the young ones to some of his secret holes in close where the children will yell with delight because them smaller fish are always hungry!

But if you want to head a little further out Shaun will show you that you don’t need to pay US$900 to pull in good sized fighting fish – and he won’t steal your catch on you either. (Many first time charter boat tourists are surprised to learn that they don’t own what they catch! Your motto should be “Ask, don’t assume”)

So give Shaun a call and you’ll see that you don’t have to pay big dollars to have big fun and big fish!


Shaun Sandiford

Cell: (246) 249 8646
Home: (246) 432 0634


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20 responses to “Barbados coastal fishing: Big fun, big fish at a small price

  1. Hants

    BFP thanks for showcasing my homey Shaun.

    Nuff respect to the rest of the Holetown fishing fraternity.

    Holetown beach is one of the best places on earth (for me).
    “right on neath de tamrin tree.”

  2. Nostradamus

    Nice story BFP. Great that you highlighted an enterprising young man. Is that a Tarpon in the main photo?

    Was it caught off the West Coast?

  3. BFP

    Hi Nostradamus

    Yes tarpon, yes West Coast.

    You can often see Shaun and his friends at the shore in the early morning – catching bait with toss nets.

  4. Hants

    Guess what BFP.

    When I am in Barbados, I am one of those “friends” on the beach from around 6 am.

    Caught and released one of those Tarps on 8lb line but it was only a baby. 10 lbs or so.
    Was fishing for Cavallys but the Tarp took the bait.

    Great fishing Prospect to Paynes bay.

  5. Simple Simon

    It’s a pity that the doors are closed to the “average man” to enter this sport.

  6. Hants

    @ Simple Simon

    Go to Fisherman’s Corner. Buy 300 yds of 20lb line and a hand reel, 6 lead weights and some hooks.

    If you don’t have $10 for the hand reel a pep bottle will work.

    Ask any of the people in there what size hooks to buy.

    Go and beg a net man for some sprats,buy a couple flying fish or dig some crabs for bait.

    That is all it takes for the “average man” to enter this sport.

    Learn to fish.

  7. Simond

    Thanks BFP

    The local cottage industries don’t get enough press. Money talks and gets looked after.

    Great article, well done.

    That’s me with the Tarpon, one of the small ones!

  8. Straight talk

    “The local cottage industries don’t get enough press. Money talks and gets looked after.”

    Hit the nail in the head, Simond.

    I’ve been sent an email which could help all small businesses, as well locals, if the idea catches on.

    Online free advertising to Barbados!!

  9. paul thornton

    hi ya just thought i would ask is it worth going fishing in barbados in october 2010 because of all the storms what sort of fishing gear should i take. just some stuff what you would use for pike fishing. what time of day is it best for fishing there.

  10. richard

    hello. Im visiting Barbados in July this year and I will definitely look Shaun up for a fishing trip. Does anyone ever fish from the beach and catch much? I guess at night/early morning might be best, but what areas would you try? would you fish with lures or bait? tight lines, Richard.

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  13. Neal

    I,m going to barbados in February is it worth me taking rod with me or are they reasonable price there .I,m also looking to go sea fishing for Marlin or tuna while i,m there I,m staying in Oistins .

  14. bigfishgetter

    Always best to bring your own lite tackle Neal, but if you want a heavy outfit best to borrow or rent one. Too expensive to buy on the island and too heavy to bring with you.

  15. Clive

    Been out with Shaun on a few occasions and he knows his stuff, and will move from mark to mark until we find fish. Makes for a relaxing few hours in the morning and you get to see the west coast too!

  16. Anonymous

    How much is it??????

  17. Anonymous

    All the fishermen on the beach at Holetown are a good crew and will take you out for the afternoon at reasonable prices compared with the cost of big boat charters. I have been fishing here for six years and have never missed a good catch. I prefer a 20 lb handline and one small hook with a baitfish – then the sport is good. There are some websites with contact details but best just to wander the beach and chat to the fishermen.
    Simon from UK

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  19. Hello ppl, dis iz ur fishing captain shaun from Barbados, my website iz jus want to inform everyone I av a new emai address its u can find it on the site thanx.

  20. Linley

    Just emailed Shaun for rates after picking up this blog – thanks!

    I’ve caught fish from the beach from Speightstown to Six Men’s Bay, but that was kid’s stuff – flatfish, small morays (called conger here), an octopus, couple of bonefish even.

    We’re here for a month on a budget (flights and accommodation were a gift from a relative) and hoping Shaun can hook me up and help me feed my family – no bargains at the fish market these days….