Former Tourism Minister “Instant Millionaire” Noel Lynch hired by Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association

Good luck to the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) – they will need it. The organisation hired defeated Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch as its new Deputy Director General and Director of Membership.

Hey, we hope the CHTA has much more luck than Barbados citizens did in getting accountability and answers from Noel Lynch about where the money went when he was in charge.

Mr. Lynch was part of the cover-up that denied Barbados citizens any accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars of their tax money thrown into the black hole known as the GEMS Scandal – Hotels and Resorts. And what a scam it was!

Then there was the disaster of the Cricket World Cup and the outright lies Lynch told us about the event even when it was plainly apparent to all that he was lying. Lynch settles upon a fiction in his mind and that becomes reality. Cricket World Cup was his baby and it was a frankenstein that will take us a generation or more to pay off. (Tourism to Barbados actually FELL as a result of Cricket World Cup. The last game played at night without lights was the crowning touch!)

Under the last year of Tourism Minister Lynch’s reign 67,000 airline seats to Barbados were lost and hotel staff had reduced hours and workdays because the whole thing went over a cliff. That’s not even talking about the 27 hotels that closed under his government.

And then there is the moment that truly defines the legacy of Noel Lynch:

We couldn’t figure out if Lynch was angry because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or because he believed himself to be unaccountable.

No matter, because for Bajans the defining moment of Noel Lynch as Minister of Tourism happened on the popular radio show Brass Tacks. Noel forgot that he was speaking not only to a radio journalist, but to over two hundred thousand citizens who’d had just about enough, thank you, of Minister Lynch and his corrupt government…

Barbados Tourism Minister Noel Lynch ran away from a live radio show when a listener asked him to explain how he became a millionaire in a few short years on a government salary. Lynch subsequently sued the radio station, whose cowardly managers paid him off rather than fight for their journalistic freedom.

Such is the character of Noel Lynch that he does not believe he should be accountable to the voters to explain his “instant millionaire” status.


So good luck to the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association. Just remember to watch your expense accounts – and make sure your auditors know how to spot unreported commissions and kickbacks. One thing is fur shur… any person in a public position who acted as Noel Lynch did when asked a reasonable question about the origins of his unexplained recently acquired wealth, believes they are above accountability.

At least Mr. Lynch is the CHTA’s problem now.

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16 responses to “Former Tourism Minister “Instant Millionaire” Noel Lynch hired by Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association

  1. huh?

    People in the industry, know that Noel, knows the tourism business and did a good job as minister, and nothing BFP says can change that.

  2. Hants

    BFP I suggest you remove this Post.

  3. Why not?

    Why should BFP remove this post? It is nothing more than a repeat of everything they said about Lynch since 2006. I don’t see anything that is untrue. Lynch got caught lying a couple of times regarding Cricket World Cup and it’s on YouTube and they link to it so you can’t fault BFP there. The radio walk out is there too.

    As far as Hotels and Resorts goes we still haven’t seen the books or the losses to the taxpayers because there has been no transparency and that happened on Noel Lynch’s watch too and it that isn’t a coverup then nothing is. The DLP said it was a coverup in the Barbados Advocate. Are they wrong?

    The BLP government purchased “fixer uppers” for too much money, dumped tons more money into them in renovations, subsidized the rooms while killing non-government hotels and then when they couldn’t make a go of them sold them for peanuts. All done with no transparency and no reports to the public about what was done with the tax money.

    Keep the article up BFP.

  4. Johnny Postle

    The man might know the tourism business but as a minister there were too many unanswered questions and blatant show of arrogancy. There are also accusations that Lynch help was rarely meted to the average man. I am sorry to say it but I do not think Mr. Lynch is high on ethics and credibility. I might be wrong but the evidence (base on the obvious describe by BFP) against him suggest otherwise.

  5. Hants

    @ Why not?

    My comment was “tongue in cheek” alluding to the Lynch VOB “incident”.

  6. Crusoe

    Surely the post should be removed as it is against one of the architects of ‘Barbados’s Finest Hour’!!!

    Hosting a cricket tournament ‘our finest hour’, what a laugh. Some people just do not put brain in gear before mouth.

    Remember that when the xxxx hit the fan at the end of the tournament, the ‘big boys’ were nowhere to be seen in the spanking new arena.


  7. Crusoe

    By the way, has the new administration got the GEMS project accounting finished yet?

    When will it be published, now that we have a new administration that will lead Barbados in a different direction and give the public the information it needs and wants?

    Looking forward to the publication.

  8. Knowing

    Birds of a feather flock together….

  9. Scrupie

    What wunnah hoping to achieve by trying to pull down wunnah own? All this looks like envy and evil minds. Sad that we don’t know how to build up.

  10. ha ha

    Lynch is not “wunnah own” because he and his government ran from accountability to the people. the Owen Arthur government was the most corrupt government Barbados ever had and that is saying something.

  11. Nemesis-BB

    BFP – rather than “Instant Millionaire” for good ole MM, was the question Ellis relayed not using the phrase “Virtual Millionaire” as in overnight?

  12. Simple Simon

    I am glad someone saw if fit to hire him; he’s still a young man

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  14. Kelly

    So sad when a person in charge has no scruples. I just hope he stays away from the beautiful NH Royal Beach Punta Cana as I think of it as my vacation “home”!

  15. sam cooke and duppy

    anybody notice that st michael is spelt wrong on lynch’s poster lmao

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