Google: “Christianity is Bullshit”, “Islam is…”

Mentioning Islam censored because people are afraid of Muslim violence

Google’s search engine is always ready to assist by filling in what it “thinks” you might be looking for. As an example go ahead and type “Christianity is” and Google will offer several suggestions, such as “Christianity is”…



“not a religion”


“a cult”



“a lie”

Now type in “Islam is” and see what happens.

That’s right, nothing happens. Google doesn’t dare fill in the sentence with a negative about Islam. Why not? Well, Google says it’s a software glitch.

To that, we say, “Google is bullshit”

Shades of the Movie “2012”

We saw the movie “2012” a while ago and although we’ve seen worse movies I can’t think of any right now because the memory of wasted money at the theatre is still fresh in my mind.

Ok, the acting was bad and the plot flaws were many, but the disaster epic had great special effects especially at the end of the world (which incidentally happens through a world wide flood). We see the destruction of all the great religious landmarks in the world, including the Vatican, Buddhist temples, Notre Dame, Westminster Abby, the White House and Wall Street.

All the religious landmarks except for Muslim landmarks, that is. Director Roland Emmerich says that he didn’t dare include the destruction of Mecca or any other Muslim symbols out of fear that he would be targeted by “a fatwa”. (Guardian: Emmerich reveals fear of fatwa axed 2012 scene also Sci-Fi Wire: What even Roland Emmerich won’t destroy)

Emmerich didn’t even have the courage to say “Muslims”, he said that a “fatwa” would target him.

Be careful what you say about Islam: or the adherents of the “Religion of Peace” will kill you

As for me, I’m really really tired of being told that I must modify my behaviour so that I don’t “offend” Muslims. I’m really really tired of being told that we must change our personal and societial standards so that followers of Islam can maintain their many many standards that govern everything from when to beat their wives to how to take a shit. (There is an entire process laid out that dictates how Muslims should have a bowel movement. Which foot to move first, then second, which way to turn etc etc etc. It’s hilarious. Check it out by locating it on Google if you can!)

Don’t mind the language folks. If Google can say “Christianity is bullshit” on millions of computers then I can say “Islam is a fascist political system that has as its goal the domination of the entire world, including Barbados.”

And… “Google is bullshit”


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  1. Interesting

    why dont you search for “Christianity will” or “Islam will”

  2. reality check

    Amen BFP

    tolerance and open discussion only applies in the West

    instead of going after the young innocent suceptible teenagers looking for a cause ( suicide bombers ), more energy needs to be focused on the mullahs inciting and manipulating these kids to kill innocent people.

    Muslims need to purge their own extremists.

  3. Avatar Gurl



    Not even BFP can say “Islam is bullshit…”

    Why not, BFP?

    Scared a “fatwa” may target you too?

  4. 211

    bfp you are always bitching about islam. so what do you propose we in the west do to solve the “problem of islam”? should we expel the millions of muslims living in the west? should we put electronic tags on them? should we round them up and incarcerate them like the americans did to the japanese? or should we just nuke the muslim countries? what should barbados do about the muslims living in the country? expel them? i would love to hear how you think we should deal with them beyond the usual criticism without solutions.

  5. BFP

    Hello 211,

    Well, the first thing the West, including Barbados, could do would be to implement a “values commitment statement” for new immigrants from anywhere – regardless of their religion or culture. The idea is that new immigrants would be given a written statement of acceptable values and behavioural standards that they would have to acknowledge takes precedence over their standards and values. Immigration to Barbados is not a right. It is a privilege given by the country so we should be able to set our standards and police them. Break the values standards in deed or word and you’re outta here.

    Regarding Muslim terrorism and Islamo-fascism, airlines and governments should implement behavioural profiling on top of the “search everybody equally” procedures now in place. More on this later in an article.

  6. bla

    could not agree more

  7. Mathilde

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, your article made me want to do both
    How to take a $#!t, hahahaha

  8. yatinkiteasy

    “The Religion of Peace”…Islam…check it out.

  9. CanuckBajan

    “We see the destruction of all the great religious landmarks in the world, including … the White House and Wall Street.”
    LOL – What a ridiculous article.
    Thanks for the laughs BFP!

  10. Sir Wet

    I have grown pass the discussion of religion for this simple reason – Islam has never been the problem just as Christianity was not the problem during the crusades or gay bishop’s ordinations of today. The problem is this misguided notion that many of those on the extremes have.
    To the far left/liberal lets embrace every one, not matter, what hence “gay Christians” a misnomer if they has ever been one. I have nothing against a person choice to be gay but he/she can not be a “Christian” i.e a follow of the teaching of Christ and engaging in a gay life or lifestyle.
    To far right/conservative/orthodox we have crusades with sword, M16, ‘Abramson tank’ seeking to bring the heathen to the truth or the sword, AK47, IED or bomb belt seeking to bring justice to the infidel.

    What makes this all the more dangerous is that it is only a small fraction of any group that seems to be very vocal, loud and obnoxious and that make life difficult for the remainder. Therefore it is smart to us to seeking a higher truth and that is we are all many faces but one people who can accept each other for what we are and learn to life in that oneness.

  11. No Contemporary Equality of actions

    Sir Wet says “What makes this all the more dangerous is that it is only a small fraction of any group that seems to be very vocal, loud and obnoxious and that make life difficult for the remainder.”

    You might be tired, but I AM TIRED of people like you trying to pretend that the global terror attacks by Muslims have an contemporary equivalency by Christians.

    Wake up!

  12. ru4real

    Sir Wet says “What makes this all the more dangerous is that it is only a small fraction of any group that seems to be very vocal, loud and obnoxious and that make life difficult for the remainder.”
    What makes its all the more dangerous is the silence from the large fraction of the group.

  13. Interesting

    Whats wrong with being taught how to use the toilet? It just shows that Islam really is a complete way of life. The Prophet upon whom be peace gave us guidelines on how to carry out every aspect of our life in a manner that is approved by God and pleasing to God.

    Read here for more info:

    All of the ettiquettes are found in the Hadith or sayings of the Prophet upon whom be peace

    In a Hadith reported by Imam Muslim at the time of the Prophet Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, one of the polytheists mockingly said to his companion Salman al-Farsi May Allah be please with him, “Your prophet has taught you everything, even the manners of going to the toilet.” Salman May Allah be please with him answered, “Yes, the Prophet Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him forbade us from facing the Qibla when urinating or relieving oneself”. Salman May Allah be please with him continued, “The Prophet Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him asked us not to use the right hand when cleaning ourselves and to use at least three stones for cleaning”.

  14. Toilet

    Nothing wrong with being taught how to use a toilet unless the lesson so carefully defines everything that there is a religious declaration that the right foot must be moved before the left foot.

    When that happens, the adherents lose their ability to think.

    Nothing wrong with being taught any number of things unless what is being taught is that women need to be beaten once in a while because they are lesser human beings.

    Nothing wrong with being taught any number of things unless what is being taught is that non-Muslims should be murdered and that doing so is a ticket to heaven and 72 virgins.

    Get the point?

  15. Rabbit

    Mohamed was a FALSE profit,and Islam IS Bullshit!!!

  16. Interesting

    I dont get the point because those things are not taught.

  17. Sir Wet

    No Contemporary Equality of actions either mis-wrote or you misread what I am saying and I am going to assume that he/she is Christian.
    The only reason why the Christian right is not directly involved in actual war is because they have not really found a state that would allow them to so do. But many of them speak of it and even the US Department of Homeland Security is on guard for ‘right-wing extremists’ see the link
    It maybe true that they are not yet out in full force and not necessarily have an anti-Islamic agenda but it is festering and it is even more evident now than a none-white is US President.
    The long and short of it is this that extremists go to the extreme and that is the danger.
    Please do not be fooled either we have some extremists in Barbados too.

  18. Sir Wet

    ru4real thanks for the reminder the real source of the following quote I am not sure of but it rings true – ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’

    Ian Bourne thanks for the link good ruling everyone.

  19. ha ha

    Interesting says “those things are not taught”

    He should tell that to the millions upon millions of Muslims who do believe and teach that violence is justified to spread the religion.

    Also a woman’s worth as a witness is not the worth of a man, or am I wrong that it says that in the Q’uaran?

  20. ha ha



    “In Barbados you do not have to worry about muslims killing themselves or killing people unjustly.”


    “As for you O Westerners, claimants of civilization, you have constitutions and statutes that destroy upright moral character and permit all kinds of forbidden acts, the likes of fornication and homosexuality, as well as usury which destroys the economies of entire nations, and the eating of improperly slaughtered animals (dead meats) and pork, something that causes the loss of concern for women’s values, and thus a man does not feel protective of his wife, sister, or daughter, and thus she fornicates with or intimately befriends whomever she pleases. These are some of the means which lead to ruin, and they have been prohibited in all of the prophetic messages.”

    … Barbados Muslim Salafi Manhaj commenting on Muslim Suicide bombing and Killing Of People Who Wish To Leave The Muslim Faith. (link here)

  21. ha ha

    Gang Rape VICTIM Punished By Saudi Court – 200 Lashes, 6 Months Jail For Being In A Car With “Unrelated Male”

  22. iWatchya

    Religion was created through political meddling of our ancestors.

    Each religion has a piece of the divine puzzle, but all lack the picture on the box to complete it.

    Religious unrest will only stop once we call believe in ONE GOD… and lay religion to rest.

  23. @iWatchya

    There is only ONE God but by many different names.
    We have no choice where we are born or what religion we are born into.
    Unfortunately, religion has been used as an excuse to plunder, raid and kill for political or personal gain.
    Religious and cult leaders have done a pretty good job of brainwashing. Remember Jonestown in a not too distant past.

  24. 211

    bfp, signature of a “values commitment statement” sounds good on one level. however, who defines our values? what are bajan values? politicians and public servants engaging in gross mismanagement of public funds or to be more exact stealing, wukking up, zr culture, drunk driving, marijuana smoking, progress defined as a concrete jungle, domestic abuse, the litany of corruption that you speak out against etc etc

  25. akabozik

    211 we can probably define what is not our values and that would do fine! Wat this is about is keeping out the values that are so at odds with ours that they threaten our way of life and freedom.

    ISLAM is not a religion
    ISLAM is a Lie…

    There I said it, please don’t kill me muslims.

  27. Sir Wet

    Hey Dacid.

    We can say that about all religions on some level but religion is not about fact it is about faith. I myself do not care the issue however my problem is tolerance and I do agree with the Islamic reps in Bim as stated in the Weekend Nation, that terrorism is not Islam but the fringe of any ideology is the most dangerous and that is where the problem is. Radical Islam has taken jihad to another level and basically under, what I consider, a misguided notion has distorted the idea. See
    I know some of my Christian friends would come at me but ALL religions at some time have had to deal with the fringed elements and extremist distorting the messages and we have to face it. The Christian Church is not exempt from this.

  28. Smell something foul

    “terrorism is not Islam but the fringe of any ideology is the most dangerous and that is where the problem is. ”

    Really? What about the Koran verses that the “fringe” use to justify killing non-believers?

    How big is the “fringe”????

    If only 5% (way too low, but say 5%), that’s 50 million muslims out of the billion in the world who believe that violence is justified in the name of Allah.

    How do I tell a “good” Muslim from one of the 50 million “fringe” Muslims?

    Where is the effort of the “good” 95% of Muslims to eradicate the “fringe” from their religion?

  29. Sir Wet

    I hear you loud and clear. Just check out these site,,, the point is that the fringe or the few on the extreme, however small or large applies interpretations to their faith to justify their stance on issues and act in a manner that is destructive to the movement and to our world.
    No ideology/faith is exempt from having fringe extremist not all spill literal blood but they do cause damage. You can only tell a good Muslim the same way you can tell a good Christian, Hindu or who ever.

    All I am for is for all to “Let peace reign!!!!”

  30. KJ

    Just went to google and typed in “Islam is” and it did fill in the blanks for me and included the same endings as for Christianity. “Islam is bullshit/false/dead/etc.” Software glitch fix.

  31. Shocking

    Societies problems of

    Rape, alcohol problems, stds, the credit crunch wouldnt have happend if islam was around. Dont judge islam by what you hear, many of the things which ppl have written above r sooo the opposite of what is islam is.

    Seriously guys…. grow up, read around more talk to ppl. if it was so crap/bullshit etc why do so many people follow it? 90% are doctors, scientists laywers they have brains…do you see?

    Anyways, I hope you catch my drift.

  32. Hey Shocking,

    What kind of jackass are you? Yeah, the radical islamists have brains too, but they usually end up spread out all over the place when they commit their suicide bombings! Islam is NOT peace…Islam truly is BULLSHIT!!!!!

  33. Hey f.Allah

  34. Max

    I just type “islam is” and Google offered some of the following ideas:

    * islam is bullshit
    * islam is false
    * islam is fake
    * islam is a lie
    * islam is a hoax

    etc etc…

    @abuja said ” TO SMEAR A WHOLE RELIGION IS RACIST” please remind me what ‘race’ islam is a again – thanks. The whole “racist” response really is getting old now. In a way the google search is a reflection of what society actually thinks – get used to it.

  35. Saliha

    Why condemn something you don’t understand???????

    Islam is a complete religion there is nothing that is left up to imagination everything is written clear and stated as what is to be and what will happen whether you accept the truth or not.
    to all of you who don’t then you are in complete denial and for those who do inshallah you will save yourselves from the torment of the hell fire.

    so it doesn’t matter what any of you think or Allah is the one true lord the lord of you,me and everyone and no matter what you say or do Allah’s word is beyound any off you only if u really knew.

    All these waste talk and fights you have here doesn’t mean a thing but what you do on earth and how you treat each other does.

    People are so selfish instead of trying to live and understand they pick on each other. Before you try to help each other and take care of each other you point fingers. If u only knew what Islam is and what it teaches and the depths at which people fought just to bring you this perfect religion just for your lord to be pleased with you and grant you a life of bliss.

    I really wish you all could understand but some people are blinded by the likes of this world, blinded with their own hatred and jealousy that they could never understand this nor will they ever is has been mentioned and also witnessed. So be what may Allah is all hearing and all wise and the controller of all affairs and he will be the judge




  37. Believer in God

    those who have serious issues against islam post your age, Level of education you have completed, and places you have travelled.
    I was living in denial when i told a friend of mine that he does not have to worry about religious war in barbados, Seems the devil didnt leave the bajans out neither.
    You guys needs to research your beliefs and have your own way of thinking. The west and the media seems to set the standard and way of thinking for the average dumb ass in bim.

  38. HWT

    I have read every argument and comment there is on this and all of you have blamed the religion. Religion is the beliefs and values of the person, if a man claiming to be Muslim carries a bomb and kills people that was his choice. Was if influenced by his teaching of killing infidels? Yes, but it was still a choice HE made. If he gets to heaven and is rewarded and I end up going to hell, because I am a Christian, I will have to live with myself. But now, say i am right and I’m in heaven and He is in hell, my heart brakes for him and the people who are with him. The bible says to love your neighbor greater than yourself, yet for us Americans we just can not do that. We believe in an Americanized form of Christianity where God is, stereotyped. We either see him as a Big Bad Cop waiting on us to mess up, an old man who has forgotten about us, as (what i think is funny) Santa Clause, or a Father. Most think of him as a Big Bad Cop or Santa. And only go to “church” or “pray” when it is convenient for us to do so. Where as in Islam you HAVE to pray and study everyday.
    I believe that to end this “war” between Christianity and Islam is when either we make it to heaven or hell, and my heart brakes for the loser of this so called Holy war.

  39. “Be careful what you say about Islam: or the adherents of the “Religion of Peace” will kill you”

    I don’t know why you hate Islam so much! You know I have seen so many Christian websites targetting Islam and once it made me so angry that I decided to write a blog against Christianity as well! But when I read Bible, i really liked it. Perhaps if you could keep your hatred aside and read the Quran, you would see the connection between these two Religions too.

  40. Loose Change:

    also in that link, check out The Obama Deception.

    i feel many on here are illuminati yes! this is what you want innit…

  41. Scitzz

    Islam and Xianity are both bullshit, and google has apparently fixed the glitch. Try it, it works now…

  42. Jayashri

    I simply feel that all religion is bullshit.
    At least, organized religion is. Unless someone feels it from within himself to believe in a God, then I don’t think there is any point in feeding him stories from books that might have been mistranslated.
    I’m an atheist, and proud to be one.

  43. Anonymous

    for one, anyone who worships in islam is going straight to hell. and 2, most christians need to pull their heads out of there asses and start living right or their going to hell too. most of us believe that life is suppose to be as it is in hollywood. we are blinded by the lies and selfish pride of a false reality. especially our children and it is only getting worse for new generations to come. huge mega churches are only a buisness that tricks ppl into giving10% to greedy capitalists . we hav fallen so far from the path of God. Everyone needs to prepare for the second coming, even islam. we all need to get right with God.

  44. rastaman

    @Anonymous.Totally agree with you.

  45. 162

    islam is easy RELIGION believe you search

  46. Newbie

    After anyone has waded through all the literature that can be found written about ISLAM, whether it was written by Islamic extremists, sympathizers or from a non-committed view point the reader should still end up with this conclusion.

    Islam is a religiously oriented political system that has as its ultimate goal the domination of the entire world,

    Naturally being a part of the world BARBADOS IS NOT EXEMPT from their aim!!!
    It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon ETC the fight has and always will be between the age old enemies of RIGHT and WRONG, GOOD and EVIL.
    We can include whatever tags and departments we want but at the end of the day there is good and bad in every race, and every race can be accused of right or wrong acts.

  47. Newbie

    and every race can be accused of right or wrong acts.

    Sorry the term accused is totally out of context here attributed may be a better word

  48. My name does not matter.

    Newbie: every RACE can be accused of right or wrong acts, but some BELIEF SYSTEMS are more inherently evil than others. All flavours of Islam decree that apostates should be killed, that individuals do not have the right to leave that belief system.

    I will fight against that fascism until the day I die.

  49. 124

    thats not how Mulims are

  50. The Muslim

    I swear by God there are so many ignorant people on here so it us the Muslims to educate u about our religion; the CNN fox NEWS NARRATIVE MUST go out the window for us to have a reasonable discussion; this site is so anti-Islam its unbelievable; there’s something called Islamophobia; thats’s exactly what is being displayed on this site.

    Here for some education on Islam and some of its differences with Christianity.
    I greet you with the warmest Islamic greetings of peace; Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu which means May the peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you. I personally think people need to be educated about Islam from the Muslims themselves and not from the controversial Western media agencies like FOX, CNN, etc, as we are not like what the media portrays us to be. Here is some brief info on Islam and Christianity.

    Islam means submission,surrendering, obedience and peace in sincerity with God Almighty. Therefore, the Muslim is one who submits himself/herself to God Almighty. Islam is the continuation of the message of Moses and Jesus which is that God is ONE.
    Deuteronomy 6: 4 Moses says; “Hear O Israel the Lord OUR God is ONE
    Mark 12:29 Jesus says that the greatest commandment of all is that; “Hear O Israel the Lord OUR God is ONE. Important words are OUR and ONE; OUR- my and your God is ONE. Jesus alludes to the fact that it is also his God as well which makes saying Jesus is God become confusing. God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – 3 GODS or ONE GOD.?
    Quran Surah/Chapter 112 Verses 1-4 “Say O Muhammad: He is God the ONE and ONLY; (Verse 2)The Eternal, the Absolute; (Verse 3) He does not beget nor is He begotten (He does not give birth nor was He born); (Verse 4) And there is nothing like God.”

    God’s name in Arabic is ALLAH which means THE ONE TRUE GOD or The ONE ONLY to be worshipped. God’s name in Aramaic (the language of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him) is ALLAHA. In Hebrew it’s ELOHIM. These three languages are known as the Semitic languages and I’m sure you can see the similarities in them with regards to God’s name. In addition, we Muslims also believe in Jesus and his virgin birth and his many miracles like bringing the dead back to life and we get this information from our Holy Book which is known as Quran which in English means ‘The Recitation.’

    The differences between Muslims and Christians are that we believe he is only a prophet and not God incarnate or as the literal/physical son of God or the Trinity or that Jesus was crucified; we believe that Jesus was saved from the cross with someone similar to him on the cross, i.e. God placed Jesus’ likeness into that of someone who we believe is Judas. We Muslims say that looking at scripture we see that Jews used to refer to many people as sons of God but not in a literal/physical sense but to mean that these specific persons are righteous people. We also believe in the TORAH and the BIBLE but we believed that these have been changed by man, in that the protection of the scriptures was placed into the hands of the Scribes, rabbis and priests but they changed it to suit their needs at the time (there is still some truth in these scriptures) while the protection of the Quran is in God’s control as God says in the Quran: “We revealed the Quran as a reminder and guidance for mankind and We will indeed guard it from corruption.” God NEVER breaks promises.

    We also believe in all the Biblical prophets including Adam, Noah, David, Solomon, Moses, John the Baptist and Christ Jesus, son of Mary (may God’s peace be upon her; N.B. We also believe that Jesus is the Christ/Messiah which does not mean saviour as some Christians say but rather Messiah which is a Hebrew word means ‘the anointed one.’ The Old Testament also says that the true Messiah of God can never be killed which comes back to my point that Jesus was not crucified). Furthermore, the Quran says in Chapter 2 Verse 136: “Say, O believers/Muslims, “We have believed in Allah/God and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Descendants and what was given to Moses and Jesus and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims in submission to Him.”
    *ISLAM is the religion of ALL the prophets. It may have come with different names at different times but the element of submission to God has always been there, for example Moses was a Muslim and he is considered a Jew but the word Judaism never existed in his time. It came after him when the children of Israel heard people calling them that due to the area of Judea. So the word Judaism is derived from a place called Judea. Jesus was a Jew following what Prophet Moses brought but he was also given the gospel (not the gospels in the New testament; can’t discuss this now) to change some of what Prophet Moses brought due to certain issues within the community of the children of Israel like divorce, etc. The word Christian came in the 2nd century when someone called the followers of Prophet Jesus ‘Christian’ at a place called Antioch. Again, Prophet Jesus never heard the word Christian. He came as a follower of Moses’ religion which was Islam, therefore he is also a Muslim. So basically the religion of Islam has always existed (from the time of Prophet Adam peace be upon him) but just that the name Islam and Muslim itself has only existed for the followers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who is the last messenger of God; no other prophets or messengers will come after him.

    In conclusion, Jews and Christians living at their respected times who followed the true teachings of their respected prophets peace be upon them (i.e. Moses and Jesus) then they are considered Muslims and will enter Paradise. Today, the way to enter Paradise is to follow God and his messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, i.e. following the Quran which is the last revelation of God and which also acts a criteria to judge what is right and wrong in the previous scriptures, and to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who is a descendant of Prophet Ishmael peace be upon him while some of the Biblical prophets are descendants of Prophet Isaac and their father is Prophet Abraham peace be upon him; hence this is the reason why Islam, Christianity and Judaism are known as the Abrahamic faiths.

    ISLAM – The True Religion Of God (Allah) – [HD]

  51. BFP

    Why do Muslims still use individual and mass violence to propagate their religion?

  52. yatinkiteasy

    Read and be filled with admiration for Islam.

  53. yatinkiteasy

    @The Muslim, To say Christ is a Muslim is so frigging stupid it is not worthy of comment…and yet i will…BULL CA CA!