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Former Barbados EarthRace boat involved in Antarctic whaling collision – was Ian Bourne driving? ;-)

UPDATE: Boat sinks after collision. New Zealand government asked to file piracy charges against Japan whaling skipper

New Zealand TV: Police asked to arrest whaling ship captain

Our original article…

Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker trying to save sinking anti-whaling boat with Barbados Connection

Crew members are struggling in Antarctic waters to save the high-tech boat Ady Gil after the bow of the vessel was sheared off in a collision with the Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru. The Ady Gil is part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s efforts to “monitor” (read “harass & frustrate”) Japanese whaling.

The Ady Gil is actually the renamed and ill-fated EarthRace boat that stopped in Barbados during the 2007 Cricket World Cup debacle. The vessel was then attempting to break the ’round the world speed record for power boats, but the effort was abandoned after a series of incidents that included a fatal night-time collision with a Guatemalan fishing boat, the temporary arrest of the boat’s captain and mechanical and fuel supply problems. Not to mention the bullet holes from a run-in with Colombian police. (When police say “stop” ’bout hey, they REALLY mean it!)

Fellow Barbadian blogger Ian Bourne followed the EarthRace events closely at the time and became quite friendly with some of the crew members. Ian’s articles can be found at his old Bajan Reporter blog (as opposed to his new website). Check out Ian’s March 25, 2007 article BREAKING NEWS – Earthrace’s Insurance settles with Guatemalan families – Skipper hopes to be released Monday.

In light of the current news, Ian might want to consider revisiting the EarthRace story at his new website – BUT…

Has anyone seen Ian Bourne lately?

Ian Bourne at the helm of ill-fated vessel in 2007. There's just something maniacal about his eyes. 😉

The minute we heard that the former EarthRace was involved in a collision under contested circumstances, our thoughts turned to fellow blogger Ian Bourne who spent some time on the vessel in 2007.

But wait a minute… Ian hasn’t been seen much lately on the streets of B’town. Surely he wasn’t at the helm yesterday? That would explain much of the following video of the collision…  😉

Here’s the video of the collision. Watch it and try to decide who was at fault…

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