Gline Clarke wants an accounting! (OK, Mr. Clarke, start with yourself)

When the Official Opposition has no credibility, it is certain that democracy and the citizens will suffer from a lack of checks and balances against unreasonable exercise of power by the government of the day.

That is where Barbados now finds itself. Mia Mottley and the other fat piggies at the trough of the deposed BLP government are now the Official Opposition – expected to challenge the government and to keep those in power honest and accountable.

Ya. Right.

Corruption personified: Gline Clarke - Public Works Minister built house for mistress on expropriated land and NOW he's asking the government to be accountable? !!!

Former BLP Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke was going on a few weeks ago about how the guvment should be accountable for this and that (Nation News article here) – and all I could think about was the corrupt manner in which he conducted himself when he was a member of the government.

Think about it…

As Minister of Public Works, Gline Clarke was part of the government that expropriated private land for “public housing.”

Then, through some magic… POOF!!!!  Minister Clarke’s shiny new Mercedes was parked in the driveway of a home built on the expropriated land.

Neighbours say that Clarke directed the building of the home and paid the workers cash every week. Who owns the home (on paper, anyway)? Clarke’s mistress – so said fellow MP and party kingpin Doctor Duguid!

“I have made a few enquiries and have been told that this is not his house but belongs to his special female friend where he spends alot of time.”

…BLP Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid, commenting on the BFP article that exposed Gline Clarke’s corruption.

What a corrupt piece of work that Gline Clarke is… and now Barbados citizens are supposed to rely upon Clarke to hold the government accountable?

Spare us the sublime irony. We can’t take it.

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4 responses to “Gline Clarke wants an accounting! (OK, Mr. Clarke, start with yourself)

  1. Anonymous

    Pure Garbage

  2. cq8

    Pure garbage? There is a photo of the mercedes and the home and then Duguid’s comments appear on the article that is linked to this. The garbage is that we the people have to put up with this. Why doesn’t Thompson do something about this and other BLP activities? He said he would.

  3. Johnny Postle

    Gaw Blimah. Crooked bunch of two face thiefing rats, these so called representers of the people. You wait till voting time come around again and I come home to just cast me X. I will make sure that B nor D get my vote. You Thompson starting to dissappoint me. I thought you would have been a leader with a difference. Chuuuuuuuuuuuuupse

  4. Sir Wet

    The same thing is going to happen. The “poli-trickian” is going to come around with this PR, Spin and Promises, most of the time BSing the masses. I think what we have maybe at best a necessary or lesser evil or a system in need of serious review and repair
    I do not think that the US type of system is best but it sure has some lessons we can learn from it. E.G. the midterm elections brings the “poli-trickal” system and the “poli-trickian” to the masses more often and can sway the balance of power.
    I am for fixed election dates, election to both houses at different cycles – one may be 1st past the post for MP every five years, the other proportional for the senate every three years.
    Also it is my view that the power that resides with the prime minister is too much and far for being democratic. Remember Owen said he has to answer to nobody or something to that effect but he too was wrong here, he had to answer to the masses and they had questions. The same will apply to DJ Thompson.