Congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago: Now “Murder Capital of the Caribbean”, knocks Jamaica out of #1 spot

“The English-speaking Caribbean, which extends from the Bahamas in the north to Trinidad and Tobago in the south, averages 30 murders per 100,000 inhabitants per year, one of the highest rates in the world, according to the Economist.

With 550 homicides in 2008, Trinidad and Tobago has a rate of about 55 murders per 100,000 making it the most dangerous country in the Caribbean and one of the most dangerous in the world, according to press reports. The rate of assaults, robbery, kidnapping and rape in Trinidad and Tobago is also among the highest in the world.”

… from eTurbo News article Trinidad and Tobago have overtaken Jamaica in a dubious distinction: the “murder capital of the Caribbean.”

Lawyer Stephen Alleyne cautions Barbados shouldn’t be so smug

The authorities in Barbados should find no solace in the fact that, according to Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin, the murder rate in Barbados is one of the lowest in the English-speaking Caribbean. At 8.2 per 100 000 of population, it remains one of the highest in the world, outstripping most North American and European countries…

… continued at The Barbados Advocate article New Challenges Ahead


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13 responses to “Congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago: Now “Murder Capital of the Caribbean”, knocks Jamaica out of #1 spot

  1. Mobutu

    Why are we comparing ourselves to Europe and North America. The U.S. is a prison state, which achieves its relatively low murder rate by astronomical spending on police patrols and electronic security systems, and by locking up 2.3 million of its citizens at a time, with another 5 million under some form of restriction or threat by the government. This is by far the highest incarceration rate in the world. The European Community is a collection of police states, its citizens monitored around the clock by millions of closed circuit TV cameras. Thank God we are not like them.

  2. Dave

    What do you expect of TnT where you have an acting C.O.P. an acting D.P.P. an acting Solicitor General. This speaks volumes and while these persons are acting the criminal elements have the leaders of the gangs that murder confirm in their positions.

  3. Makaveli

    USA is a patchwork of a country with rural areas and small towns that see murders only on tv and cities with murders daily. Europe is one big police state, hard to fight the feeling that Hitler won, at least the ideas of control have triumphed.

  4. Makaveli

    But don’t forget survival murders in this part of the world can be attempted murders in america or europe.

  5. Anonymous

    I recently checked the CIA world facts and Trinidad was no wear near the top Jmaica was 3rd in the world… Jamaica is still a very violent society. Why is this posted here as if the individual is relishing in the crime woes of T’dad and Tobago? The crime there is gang related people still jog around the Savannah wee hours of the morning and hang out in the city late. Trinidad unlike some Caribbean places reports its crimes in the papers rather than hide the truth like so many other Caribbean islands boasting that they have freedom of the press. According to reports as well it was still well visited by the tourists in 2009 and topped the list of the most visited island in 2009, or something of that sort. There is crime everywhere Makaveli. The US has some seriously sick unsolved crimes against women and children not to mention gangs– even in their prisons. A lot of the crime in the region has its roots in the US: drug trade, firearms, human trafficking etc.. The problem is that people have exoticized and romanticized the Caribbean; but there is no perfect place on earth. Just pray that the crime rate decreases in 2010!

  6. Romario

    OMG comn people what all yuh doing to meh country we can do better than that rasta man!.. comn man put dem criminals behind steel!!!

  7. 185

    According to the latest statistics, Jamaica has the fifth-highest homicide rate in the world, with 49 murders per year per 100,000 people, trailing only Iraq (89 per 100,000), Venezuela (65 per 100,000), El Salvador (55.3 per 100,000), and Honduras (49.9 per 100,000).
    Other destinations in the Caribbean region with murder rates higher than the United States include:

    Colombia: 37 murders per 100,000
    Belize: 30.8 murders per 100,000

    Trinidad and Tobago: 30.38 murders per 100,000
    Mexico: 25 murders per 100,000
    Dominican Republic: 25.56 murders per 100,000
    Puerto Rico (a Commonwealth of the United States): 18.8 per 100,000
    Ecuador: 18.33 per 100,000
    Haiti: 11.5 per 100,000
    Panama: 11.3 per 100,000
    Suriname: 10.30 per 100,000
    Costa Rica: 7.68 per 100,000
    Barbados: 7.49 per 100,000

  8. AllTruth1

    This site is called Barbados Free Press, not Jamaica Free Press but in typical Trini fashion, Jamaica has to be bashed. I live for the day when Trinidadians will deal with their issues concerning Jamaica. Whether or not Jamaica has a high homicide rate, it does not negate the homicide rate in Trinidad. I can’t stand you!

  9. Rodger

    A lot of people have missed a trick here and this story’s spread like wildfire. T&T cannot possibly have a murder rate of 55 per 100,000 because it has a population of 1.3m – not 1.0m.

    What I think’s happened is someone’s originally confused the last 0 in the 550 as meaning 55 per 100,000 (absurd I know but it’s the only logical explanation) and the rest is history. It has a far faster RISING murder rate than JAM from a much LOWER level, not a higher murder RATE. The media have completely lost the plot over the story’s original intent.

    T&T’s murder rate is between 40 and 45 per 100,000. Even if it was 55 per 100k (which it isn’t) it’s still lower than Jamaica anyway with about 60 killings per 100,000.

  10. koli

    nah man i live in Tobago and we havent had a murder in a whille 4 for the year thats alll

  11. allan singh

    i am a true trini to de bone yes we have crime but we dont hide it like little miss england does all the time, try looking at the log in your eye before you look for the speck in mine. barbados always trying to put down trinidad and tobago they would accept we money for they projects but dont accept our money in their banks but think again the t&t ATM CLOSE.

  12. 227

    Typical Trinis always need to include Jamaica when there’s bad news about them. When will they ever get over this obsession, it interesting how when these foreign pole say these things about Jamaica, all the other Caribbean nations eat it up, turn there back on us, and sexually abuse our women in their airports. I wonder if Trini women will be finger raped now.

  13. Richard

    Have to agree with some of the other comments. Why are we talking about Jamaica. Jamaica is a big island, its crime seems to be concentrated in a few areas. Trinidad’s crimes are disgusting and widespread. When it comes to crime we have nothing to be proud of