January 11, 2010 court date in Cyclist’s Death – Barbados Police unable to say how much accused had been drinking

Another fatal accident in Barbados with no sobriety test for the driver

The man charged in cyclist Percival Niles’ death on December 5th is now released on bail until the next court date of January 11, 2010. Tremaine Peter Sargeant is charged with driving a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public.

Once again officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force are unable to perform a complete professional motor vehicle accident investigation because successive DLP and BLP governments have not seen fit to pass modern anti-drunk driving laws and provide the police with breathalyzer equipment.

No Money for Breathalyzers, but lots for Rich Racing Horse Owners!

About a year ago though, Prime Minister David Thompson and his government gave NINETEEN MILLION of YOUR tax dollars to the Barbados Turf Club so the big boys could continue to have fun with their hobby horses.

That’s priorities for you. What are the deaths of a few Bajans compared with keeping the Dom Perignon champagne flowing at the Barbados Turf Club?

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9 responses to “January 11, 2010 court date in Cyclist’s Death – Barbados Police unable to say how much accused had been drinking

  1. Hants

    St.Phillip woman charged today in the hit and run death of Don Stoute.

  2. Hants

    BFP do you know if a company has made a proposal to supply Breathalyzers to the Government?

  3. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Nope, haven’t got a clue if any companies have proposed anything. Breathalyzers are kind of useless though without a law that compels drivers to take the test under whatever circumstances (accident, traffic cop smells booze on driver’s breath etc), and provides penalties for being over a limit or refusing to take the test.

  4. Al Barack

    Dear “probably not Al Barack”

    We’ve asked you to use the handle “probably not al barack” to save us some work because we end up typing it in for you every time.

    You don’t comply.

    Therefore, we will kill your posts until you comply.



  5. Johnny Postle

    Well BFP try to understand that they are returns on 19 million dollars that is quite fitting to the beneficiaries on both sides. But there is nothing to be gain from breathalyzers. After all dead men tell no tales.

  6. Nonsense

    I wondering where u live BFP, All bajans know, who it is bout hey, always on drinks and dem would be de first to be affect, so you could start and drink till ya dead, you would neva see “drunk test” bout hey. Fire one ya hear.

  7. Advocate for Justice

    We need to demand what we want from the 30 Legislators. Dennis Lowe, George Hutson,Steve Blackette and the Minister Of Transport want firing poste haste.

  8. stuck in the past

    Aslong as we continue to elect between DLP and BLP we will never progress. Bajans are the definition of crazy people: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different and better result.

    VOTE INDEPENDENT next election. Anybody but a bee or a dee.

  9. peltdownman

    Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with the need for drink-driving laws and breathalysers, I do have an appeal to make to cyclists. I drive to work along Highway 2a every morning before dawn, and the road is used by a number of cyclists on their early morning runs. Since the tragic accidents, it is noticeable that many of them have made an effort to make themselves more visible in the dark. However, this morning a fairly large group were riding in the dark 3 abreast, and the outside man with no rear light was putting himself and his colleagues at considerable risk. Similarly, many walkers using the highway are not wearing light clothing and cannot be seen in the dark until the vehicle is right on them. So, to all cyclists and pedestrians, please make sure that you are VISIBLE!