How many Barbados politicians received trips, gifts or “campaign donations” from Sir Allen Stanford?

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO's Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

Let’s have some transparency and disclosure by Barbados Politicians!

Many US politicians received jet rides, trips and “political donations” from Sir Allen Stanford and now the US Justice Department is investigating just what Mr. Stanford received in return. The United States and their citizens care about that kind of corruption in the political system so they have disclosure laws about gifts and donations that politicians must follow.

Unlike Barbados where we have no campaign financing, disclosure or conflicts of interest laws for elected and appointed government officials. In Barbados “campaign donations” are just as likely to end up in the Prime Minister’s personal bank account, but as former PM Owen Arthur knows – even when he was caught it didn’t matter.

Yup, things may not be perfect in the USA but at least there are laws in place. Unlike Barbados where Prime Minister David Thompson can be given free jet rides on CLICO’s jet and then be bailing out Leroy Parris and his friends a short time later with millions of our tax dollars.

We’re inspired by this latest development in Allen Stanford’s story of corruption and greed to ask our Barbados politicians…

Dear Prime Minister Thompson, Opposition Leader Mottley and former Prime Minister Owen Arthur,

In the interest of transparency, please provide a list of campaign donations, gifts, trips or any other thing or consideration that you or anyone in your respective parties received from Allen Stanford or his businesses or associates. If nothing was received from Stanford, please say so.

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