Barbados Allegiance – Can this new political blog remain non-partisan and non-attack?

A new Barbados political blog went online a few days ago with a mission statement to discuss Bajan politics in a non-partisan forum and without attacking any specific political party, policy or person.

The gang at Barbados Free Press wishes all the best for the authors of Barbados Allegiance Blog and welcomes any new voices and perspectives to the political discussion in Barbados.

We have our reservations though with the part of Bajan culture that seeks to talk politics in general without referring to specific actions of specific persons. In seeking to not offend we most often accomplish nothing. Silence empowers wrongdoers and that is why the politicians are happy with the Bajan defamation and libel laws as they stand. If “Libel Chill” wasn’t invented in Barbados, it certainly should have been!

Barbados Free Press is non-partisan in that we attack both major political parties and more than a few other people too. One could say that we are an “equal opportunity attacker”.

Can Barbados Allegiance make a difference and keep reader interest without being specific against any political party, policy or person? We don’t know.

So good luck to Barbados Allegiance, but we hope after a few weeks we are not reminded of the bible verse that talks about neither hot nor cold.”

“Welcome to a new political dialogue in Barbados. Our aim is to ensure that the public can discuss issues without the fear of their views being seen only as a support of one party position or the other. Over the years the debate of very important issues in Barbados has become muffled because of this fear. Our pledge is therefore to create a political environment that does not tolerate the expression of aggressive or sinister partisan positions.

There are many individuals of experience and learning in many areas who are afraid to make a contribution or to start a debate. Their motives are often questioned and often they decide that it is not worth the effort. This is a terrible consequence for a young nation. We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge.

We believe that those individuals should be given a voice. Having discussions and indeed debates is the foundation of a democracy. Here we will seek to work in that great cause. We look forward to your support and your participation!”

… from the “Welcome” page of Allegiance – Barbados Political Thought & Action

In particular since this is a non-partisan political site we do not wish submissions that support or denigrate the policies, positions or personalities of any political party. ALLEGIANCE reserves the right not to publish such posts at its discretion.

… from the “Terms of Use” page of Allegiance – Barbados Political Thought & Action


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8 responses to “Barbados Allegiance – Can this new political blog remain non-partisan and non-attack?

  1. reality check

    “discuss Bajan politics in a non-partisan forum and without attacking any specific political party, policy or person.”

    I am with you on this one BFP . The minute that this new blog takes a position that has not been implemented by either party or is contrary to their position, it will be viewed as an attack.

    The concept of honest criticism to improve society as a whole for the long term future of all Barbadians is not one that has been well developed in Barbados.

  2. BFP Lurker

    I think the Allegiance is a great idea simply because it encourages its visitors/members to consider the problem which must be solved and methods through which the problems may be solved without getting distracted by placing blame on those who may or may not be the immediate cause of the problem.

    That said, attacking the BLP or DLP anonymously (or via some non-identifying psuedonym) shall, in my opinion, prove somewhat fruitless since neither policital parties nor politicians are likely to take such accusations seriously and in a civil manner unless those placing the blame identify themselves. I wonder if the BFP is willing to identify themselves to all and sundry? I doubt you will. If I am correct, you may not wish to reveal your identity/identities due to the possible (and some might say: highly likely) undesirable consequences which may befall you. That is the fear that the Allegiance wants its members to avoid.

  3. Hants

    The blog could be the beginning of a third political party or they could just be Political Action (Activist).

    Wish them well.

  4. Huh?

    A 3rd political party does not have to win to effect political change and save the country. We should be starting one now or maybe a lose coalition of independent candidates who are willing to sign integrity promises and disclosure forms.

  5. Huh?

    A 3rd political party does not have to win to effect political change and save the country. We should be starting one now or maybe a lose coalition of independent candidates who are willing to sign integrity promises and disclosure forms.


  6. Huh?

    loose lose

    I can never remember which speling but you know waht I mean! 🙂

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  8. Kammie

    I am forced to write this letter to register my disappointment at the planned change of use of 31 Acres /1.3 Million Sq Ft of Agriculture land at Sunbury St Philip into a Quarry. This Land I understand is not rab land and is not far from land that was taken from agriculture into Quarrying at Edgecumb that is now being used as a dump.
    If the people of St Philip don’t wake up and understand that there is more to their existence than Wucking Up at the St Philip Carnival they will someday be surrounded by many quarries which will then become dumps. How educated are we?When we stand mute on our development and things that effect us. This is not the Barbados the late Errol Barrow envisage when he introduced free education for all.
    To those who may not be aware I am a support of the DLP but my loyalty is to Conscience, Country and People before party. Thus I will speak my mind freely and will not be deterred by any political yardfowls who will question my loyalty. Looking at the Obituary page in the Sunday Sun I saw many persons who would have probably on their dying beds regretted not being truthful to themselves. Too often persons are afraid to speak honestly in an effort to maintain largesse and social connections which will only seek to further engender flawed governance.
    Mr . Prime Minister what has happened to your promise at election on the Agriculture Land Change usage vote by Parliament. The only way that this development is acceptable is if this permission was made in concrete by the previous government and even so your are the ultimate authority. What has me more amazed is that I have not heard one word from the Minister of Agriculture, Mr David Estwick or Mr Michael Lashley representatives for the area in question. These three Ministers are my friends and as such appreciate my honest feedback as they know I have their best interest at heart. Readers never trust anyone who says they are your friends and cannot be truthful with you they are bold face liars.
    This level of representation by the DLP and the BLP on Environmental/ Agriculture Land issues are similar to the paradoxical representation President Jagdeo is providing on behalf of Caricom on Climate Change internationally. President Jagdeo cuts down the Guyanese forest which is one of the richest Ecosystems in this region for paltry dollars when his country is most vulnerable to sea level rise. Thus Barbados will suffer from influx of migrants because of his short sightedness for Instant Gratification rather that perpetual gratification when Climate Change Migration starts to happen when Guyana is completely flooded.
    Its time enough that Politicians make decisions in the best interest of the country rather than to retain their parliamentary seats. I am still awaiting word from Mr Lashley and Mr David Estwick on what is happening at Cox Hill on the change of agriculture land which once produced vegetables and sugar cane. You owe it to us the residents of Cox Hill. The vote of the persons in Upton is worth the same as the vote in Church Village.
    We cannot eat Quarries, We cannot eat Houses, we cannot eat Golf Courses, only when we have sold off all our land will we then realize that we cannot eat money and prices are beyond the reach of the average voter. Yes we need the foreign currency but at what price when the same money goes right back out in a food import bill.
    My loyalty is to my Country and its people be it the marginalized, differently abled, the unborn and the voiceless. Thus I must be non partisan and free from all political influence and never be polarized. This letter was written as Kammie M Holder a private citizen of Cox Hill, St Philip and not as Kammie M Holder a Director of the Future Centre Trust.
    I appeal to Mr Mark Cummins of Town Planning and Ministers of Government to let Sustainable Development be their guide in word, thought and deed.