Not Again! St. Leonard’s teacher brutally beats boys – Exclusive video at Bajan Reporter

No man would dare touch my son the way this animal was filmed beating these students.

Do these students not have fathers?

I just can’t believe I live in a society that puts up with this kind of abuse, considering our country’s long history with the whip.

If this teacher retains his job after this video is posted publicly, then the Minister of Education should be sacked as well.

The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS: Barbadian students lashed for tardiness – Another St Leonard’s Teacher brutalises young boys


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23 responses to “Not Again! St. Leonard’s teacher brutally beats boys – Exclusive video at Bajan Reporter

  1. Hants

    At what point does flogging become abuse?

    This notion that you can leave the severity of punishment to a teacher is wrong.

    We are a hypocritical society because a lot of us witness the abuse of children and do nothing about it.
    We just accept that “duh want licks” or “licks good fuh dese hard ears childrun”.

    I am almost 60 years old. My mother never lash me. My punishment was that I had to stay in the house while my friends played outside.
    It was very effective.

    As a boy I saw children get licks till their mother or father got tired after about 10 or 15 “good ones”. That is abuse.

    People in Barbados need to do some soul searching. They know they are venting their personal frustrations on the backsides of the nation’s children.

  2. littleboy

    Thank God that was not my son! This sick creature(teacher?) should be jailed.We have too many of these sick creatures at schools,and Matthew fFarley and Jeff Broomes should take a look at this and tell Barbados what they think now.
    Remember they say there is no brutality in schools

  3. littleboy

    Now I see why they want cell phones banned. The cameras can be used to show an ugly side of teaching

  4. Hants

    I did not watch the video. I already see enough brutality here in North America. Rodney King video comes to mind.

    I hope this incident is investigated and dealt with publicly so that we can stop beating the crap out of children.

    Educators in Barbados try to suggest that they administer a kinder gentler form of flogging. Not true.
    Can you imagine if the children were white ? Their skin would have welts and be black and blue.

  5. John Da Silva

    That was shocking.

  6. Grant Boy

    This is very,very disturbing. In a mordern day, 2009, approaching 2010 how can this kind of behaviour be acceptable. At what point does a teacher break the law in “punishing” our children. This kind of abuse only make matters worse. We educate a society, tell them about human rights, how they should behave, and think that our children would not see that this behaviour by our teachers for what it is. It is bullying pure and simple; i can beat you because i can, pure and simple. This government must take the lead to stamp our this rot and stop damaging the future of this country.

  7. thebooreport

    I flinched and cringed my way through that video…

  8. Sing-a-song

    Something doesn’t “add up” in this video. The other children are heard laughing. Other than the person who recorded the incident, one can see another child holding what appears to be a video recording device. So this “teacher” is so brazen that he allows this to be recorded and doesn’t think it would get out?

  9. dominoes

    That video do not look real,because the boys do not have on uniform,it seems to be a back yard video that was film to destroy the school.

  10. You understand this was in a hotel or guest house in Guyana? if the teacher only knew of the video camera (I saw that 2) and not the phone then there’d still be evidence right? Finally – you never saw a teacher lash a kid at school and just laugh? Or were you brave enough to stand against the teacher? One of the kids hollered “He couldn’t do that even if he my father.”

  11. Mobutu

    This video is probably a “fake”, but I am concerned about the effeminate whining of the bloggers who object to teacher punishments. I went to a boys school where students were caned for bad behaviour. There were far fewer psychological problems in my generation, and we always beat the girls by a mile in the “O” Level and “A” Level examinations. Permissiveness is not the friend of masculinity, and it does nothing for discipline or achievement.

    Stop being a bunch of sissies!

  12. Hants

    OK I just watched this video and what I saw was a beating.

    I hope anonlegal and Jeff Cumberbatch will watch the video and give us their legal opinion.

    I would never let anyone do that to any member of my family without ensuring that the assailant was punished either by law or any means which I deemed appropriate.

    He would never beat a white or even a red person like me in that manner.
    Bruising does not show on black people and that is why these beatings are allowed in Barbados.

  13. Sundowner

    I was very shocked & disgusted to see this video, also shocked that other school children could laugh while the ‘attack’ was happening, I really hope this is investigated quickly.

  14. WID WHO


  15. Fair and Balanced!

    It is always a dangerous thing when only one side of a story or issue is put forward. Unfortunately BFP you have been wittingly and unwittingly “victim” of this from time to time.
    As far as I understand the back story of this “beating in Guyana” these young cricketers who were playing matches in Guyana at the time stayed out extremely late past curfew (apparently they went to a strip joint) and they did not in any way try to contact the coach (the one administering the lashes) to let him know their whereabouts.
    If this had been a situation where one of those boys was seriously hurt or even killed or robbed while in a Guyana at said strip joint then it would have been on the coach’s head, since he was the one responsible for their well-being.
    You may not like his methods but just imagine if you were a parent whose teenagers came strolling in at some unGodly hour and then you find out that they were actually at a strip joint, let alone in a country unfamiliar to them.
    The reason you are hearing the laughter in the background is because their fellow cricketers also knew that they were extremely irresponsible in their actions.

  16. BFP

    So Fair and Balanced!…

    I take it that it’s ok for a teacher to beat students like that as far as you’re concerned? It just depends on the offense?

    We’ll just have to disagree on that one, and I’m sorry to hear that if one of those boys was your son you wouldn’t have a little chat with the teacher and give him some advice.

    I would.

  17. Hants

    @ Fair and Balanced

    That was not a flogging. That was a brutal violent assault on two black teenagers.

    If they were white they could not go to the beach for months and there would probably be marks visible on their skin.

    Real or fake, violent acts against children is abhorrent.

    If true I hope it is legally possible for the police in Barbados to
    charge the attacker with assault.

  18. Crusoe

    IF that video is true and not a set up, I am surprised.

    Y’all on about the youth of today. If a teacher had beaten myself or any of my classmates like that, we would all have buss his xxx.

    Maybe it is true, that it was outside the country, is why that did not happen.

    Youth today in that video seem to be very restrained.

  19. Private Eye

    When will we see this clip on CBC. Will we hear the teacher or the ministry on defense of this.

  20. tex

    i think we are over-looking the seriousness of why they were being flogged
    Guyana has a very high crime rate, and these boys ventured out, mind you they under aged, to a strip club – alcohol, drugs, prostitution you name it –
    stop and think what is going through this teachers mind when he finds out about this – under my watch these children left in my care were expose to the most dangerous of activities in a high crime rated country
    people only too fast to bring down this teacher when he was looking out for the good of the children in the first place, i bet if he goes on tour with another group they would think twice about strip clubs and sneaking off

  21. Online Nation today has a story claiming the video is a prank, but where were the other adults in the video?

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  23. Hants

    @ Ian Bourne.

    They can claim what they want.

    What would possess a Teacher and parents to approve and participate in the creation of this video?
    What did they hope to achieve?

    Real or fake it is still revolting and that adults would engage in depicting children being brutally beaten is sickening.