Barbados Customs Insanity: Officer demands child’s toy scooter must be licensed for the road!

Folks, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s all about power, control and MAYBE that the mother trying to get her child’s Christmas toy out of Barbados Customs has a last name of “Persaud”.

Ya can’t make stuff like this up…

‘What yuh call dis ting? Ah scooter?’ asked Officer McBady

‘Yes. It’s a toy for my son.’ I replied.

‘Dis eh no toy. It have ah battery. Dis could go pon de road. Yuh cahn clear customs till yuh get a licence.’

‘It’s a toy. It can’t go more than five miles per hour.’

‘Man, dis battery have nuff power. I telling yuh dis could go pon de road.’ he repeated.

I sighed. ‘It can’t and he can’t. He is not using this except in our yard.’

‘Well it eh leaving here till it have ah licence.’

‘Okay. What kind of licence do you think I should get? A bicycle licence?’

‘No ah vehicle licence. And yuh go have to pay de 100% duty plus environmental fee, plus licencing fee, plus road tax plus handling and storage.’

‘It’s a toy!’ I yelled.

… read the entire incredible story at Ingrid Persaud’s Notes from a Small Rock blog


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9 responses to “Barbados Customs Insanity: Officer demands child’s toy scooter must be licensed for the road!

  1. Hants

    Scooters used to be confiscated by police in Barbados if you were caught riding one on the road.
    They used to take them to the station and destroy them.

  2. peltdownman

    And believe it or not, quad bikes are on the roads of Barbados without licence plates, and not just a few. Children under the age of 14 have been seen driving these vehicles on the public roads, without any form of protection. Where was this customs officer when they were imported?

  3. Nonsense

    the law is only for the poor

  4. transformatin

    its amazing what happens to people when they put on uniforms and are given a little authority.

    All common sense flies out the window and the brain siezes up.

  5. Sundowner

    So what about all those battery operated toy cars etc in places like Cave Shepherd (so I’ve been told) do they all have vehicle licenses?

  6. was anonymous

    A check with the relevant authorities reveal that this story is false and that you should apologise to the Customs Department and its Officers

  7. Sundowner

    Anonymous, really???? I spoke to the lady in question this morning & she was ready to try again this week!!

  8. .64

    Sundowner : the ‘lady’ has not told the truth.