Al Barrack: the man who knows too much?

The Al Barrack story gets stranger and stranger at every turn. (See our previous story: Al Barrack is wrong: Justice and the Law are not for everyone in Barbados)

The Government of Barbados owes him $60 million dollars plus due to a court judgement, but won’t pay.

Now we’re asked to believe that perfect strangers are going to pay off the Government of Barbados debt to Mr. Barrack and assume the $60 million judgement on the chance that the Government of Barbados won’t use the courts to delay payment for another 10 or 20 years.

Something is wrong here, folks.

Keltruth Blog asks the questions that our Bajan media should have…

Keltruth Blog: Will a Mysterious “Third Party” Pay Off Debt Owed By Barbados Government to Al Barrack?


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27 responses to “Al Barrack: the man who knows too much?

  1. grease

    two possibilities

    1) the offers are completely phoney

    2) someone or a few have agreed on a price with government and want Barrack to take a discount. They collect the difference offshore for their ability to piece off those in government for looking the other way.

    This is how business has been done in Barbados for decades. The politcos and deal makers get rich and the public treasury and taxpayer gets raped.

  2. Hants

    Buying debt is not unusual. The offer to Barrack would likely be 40 to 50 million.
    The debt buyer would make 10 to 20 million.

  3. Probably not Al Barack


    Here is part of the story, George Payne have to get 10 million of the money owed to me because he get me the contract while he was Minister of Housing.

    Dale Marshall have to get 2 million because he is George Payne’s business partner and helped worked on some of the arrangements.

    Andrew Thornhill is to get 1 million don’t mind he brought his friends to my house and drink out my Whiskey and Vodka while pretending to be working on the case.

    So you guys can see where a lot of my pressure is coming from.

    I joined the DLP hoping these guys would get off my case…..but as they tell me it would not look so fishy if the DEMS have to pay the money rather than the BLP.

    But it is all the BLP boys that rushing me to get this money !

    It is George Payne Law firm that source these 2 American businessmen !

    BFP please send a answer for me !

  4. Sargeant

    My first reaction to the story was why would Barrack go public if he is on the verge of a settlement with the “American businessman”; my second reaction was Santa Claus does exist.

    I just hope that the “businessman” is not a narco billionaire looking to take some of his ill gotten gains to the laundry. On the other hand he could be a legitimate investor looking to purchase a debt at a discount and provide his descendants with an annuity into perpetuity.

    How did they find those guys so fast? Barrack did not seem to know much about what was going on given his recent harangue in the newspapers.

    Maybe Mia will give David some licks about the whole affair, calling Mia! Mia!! Mia!!! Where are you? Oh s..t I just remembered Mia and her crew were the architects of this fiasco so Mia keeping quiet.

    N.B I almost thought that Clyde M would write an article on the Gov’t treatment of the “poor black man” but when you are owed 62 million at last count, no one dares call you poor.

  5. christmas in Holetown

    Speaking of George Payne he Barrack relative in features height hat Barack trini or Guyana where $60 mil spend when he get it

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Probably not all Al barrak :you forgot the judge who had the sole authority to rule on the case….awarding him the +$30 million for an unfinished building that overrun its budget by more than 100%.Surely there must be alittle something in there for him…cu dear, its only fair!

  7. Lady Anon

    You know, this story is unfortunate but under the circumstances, but what follows is how I understand it (I could be wrong).

    I am not sure whether there was the procedure of tendering in the building of the office building in Warrens, but Mr. Barrack built the building. There was a breach of contract (don’t know if there could be a contract if the tendering procedure was not followed) and the government of the day was taken to court. Under the BLP Administration, the government lost a case and was required to pay Mr. Barrack $53m plus interest.

    The BLP Administration lost the elections and almost immediately Mr. Barrack joined the Democratic Labour Party. My question is…as a member of the party, did he feel that he would receive his money in the blink of an eye? That is not the modus operandi of the DLP…it would have done him better to join the BLP…then the BLP would be harping from Mount Stinkeroo how unfair it is.

    While I understand Mr. Barrack’s frustration, I wonder if he realises the position the people of Barbados would be in. The government of Barbados has to balance paying Mr. Barrack $60m with the payment of salaries, the provision of health and education to the general public, the provision of transportation etc. In essence, Mr. Barrack would bring the social services of Barbados to a grinding halt.

    I am getting sick and tired of him being on the news every day threatening to do whatever. Yes, we know the people of Barbados owes Mr. Barrack $60m (because that is where the money will come from eventually), but how will he go to collect. Barbados has a very tenuous hold on financial stability…perhaps he just wants to push us over the edge.

  8. BFP

    Well Lady Anon, I suppose the interest will continue to mount until it’s 100 million dollars we owe.

    But you really shouldn’t worry about your money: Barbados Governments have a long history of ignoring the law and court decisions when convenient.

  9. Lady Anon

    I guess that means that your money is not included. How convenient.

  10. Hants

    I thought Barrack was smart in handling the dontract. He got the contract from a BLP government, sued the BLP government using a BLP Lawyer and won the case under a BLP government.

    Unfortunately the BLP lost the government and the new government was forced to do due dilligence by making sure there were no grounds for appeal.

    Then came the recession and the DLP government is having difficulty paying a BLP debt.

    Still can’t figure out why the BLP government did not pay Barrack when the economy was booming.

    Hope he get’s paid soon.

  11. John

    It is alleged that:

    the problem was the building was being built over a cave

    ….. shades of Arch Cot.

    When it was realized somebody still made the decision to go ahead.

    Like all decisions this one took some time and it was probably made by some non technical body.

    Time is money.

    Wonder if it would have made more sense just to stop and respect the land.

  12. Sargeant


    Then came the recession and the DLP government is having difficulty paying a BLP debt
    That statement is a bit inaccurate; it’s not a BLP debt, it is a debt owed by the people/citizens of Barbados.

  13. Hants

    @ Sargeant

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Surely I don’t have to read and spell for you but in case others misinterpreted.

    The debt is owed by the “people/citizens of Barbados” and was incurred under a BLP government who refused to settle the debt while they were in office with a booming economy.

  14. BFP

    Hi Lady Anon,

    It’s all from the same pot, LA. Only the pot is empty after 14 years of BLP thefts and incompetence.

    Doesn’t matter: the style of successive Barbados governments is to obfuscate, not pay and wait for the victim to die. Barrack isn’t that old, but the Bajan political and business elites think in terms of generations so they can afford to out-wait him.

  15. Probably not Al Barack


    You say……..” out – wait ” Barack ?

    To tell you the truth I am going down by those buildings early Monday morning 28th Dec and chain them up.

    And I am going to make that the ” frivilous & vexatious” Minister is inside the building at the time.

    I am fed up with DEM .

  16. Crusoe

    What one can argue with sound basis, is that in future there must be full disclosure of all public contracts over Bds$250k, with full accounting and summary explanations, for the due diligence, for progress stages AND on completion.

    Reality is that EVERY major Government contract for the last twenty years has been bothced and substantially over-budget.

    Unfortunately, for most we do not know HOW much over-budget, we only know this in the Barak case because of his challenging Government.

    I think that Barbadian ‘average Joe’ should thank Al Barack for clearly displaying the problems on Government contracts i.e. tendering, contract writing, feasibility studies, stage and progress assessments, accounting and reporting, accountability and certainly public disclosure.

    As a serious suggestion, this case now demands that new rules and procedures on Government contracts be implemented.

    But, will the Government do it?

    Ha. That is the million dollar question.

    If not, why not.

    That is the $64Million dollar question!

  17. Lady Anon

    Thanks for the acknowledgment BFP… unfortunately Mr. Barrack seems not to realise that the same pot that he scooped from is empty. The only thing he will get is a hollow sound.

  18. Probably not Al Barack

    Lady Anon (are you Minister Esther Byer – Suckoo ) ? If s0 tell PM Thompson I want my money.

    The same pot you speak off had in enough to :

    * Write off the debts of the BTC ?

    * Pay millions to Summer Camp Directors ?

    * Pay millions to set up Constituency Councils ?

    I want my damn money or else……

  19. Lady Anon

    PNAB…no I am not Minister Byer-Suckoo. But I would rather be open minded about this, and I know some people will beg to differ, but we can agree to disagree.

    I do not agree with the writing off of the debt for the BTC just to make them seem more liquid on the books to borrow more.

    I do not agree with the setting up of the constituency councils because I see it as a backward step …back to when there way a Mayor in Bridgetown…and on a personal note, it will not get me a house with NHC after waiting patiently for 10+ years.

    I would rather have summer camps governed by trained counselors than having a greater number of children running around the street getting into mischief. When I was a youngster not too many years ago, the churches had summer camps and I looked forward to it every year. The churches have fallen down in what they offer the communities in which they conduct worship, but that is another discussion for another time.

  20. ADR

    Who had the right to determine the building contract?

    Should matters of public policy be arbitrated?

    Arbitration is a private and consensual process.

    The arbitrator’s decision on the law appears to be wrong.The question is one of general public importance and the decision of the arbitrator is,at the very least,open to serious doubt.
    The ruling on the law may be subject to judicial review.

    Under the English Arbitration Act 1950 an award could be challenged in two ways .An application could be made to the High Court under the Arbitration Act 1950 section 23 (2) (Barbados Arbitration Act 1958 Section 26 ) for the award to be set aside on the ground that the arbitrator(s)had misconducted themselves or the proceedings ;if the court was satisfied there had been misconduct it could set aside the award or remit it to the arbitrator(s) for further consideration.Section 22 ( Barbados Section 25)an order remitting the ward to the arbitrator(s) for their further consideration.
    Remission was introduced in 1854. By the end of 19th Century an award could be remitted in four circumstances:

    1. where it was bad on its face;

    2. where there was an admitted mistake by the arbitrator(s) ;

    3.where there had been misconduct by the part of the arbitrator(s);

    4.where additional evidence had been discovered after the making of an award.

    The courts subsequently extended remission to the situation in which the award was to be stated in a special case for consideration of the court.
    Barbados Arbitration Act section 24 Statement of Special case

    Under section 69 English Arbitration Act an application for permission to appeal is made before the court can look into the matter.For permission to appeal to be granted the court will need to be satisfied that the determination of the question of law will substantially affect the rights of one or more of the parties.

    The question must be one which the tribunal was asked to determine,and, on the basis of the tribunal’s findings of fact the tribunal’s decision on the law is obviously wrong ,or the question is one of general public importance and the decision of the tribunal is at least open to serious doubt.
    see Pioneer Shipping Ltd V BTP Tioxide (“The Nema”) 1982 AC 724 (1981) V1 YBCA 155 (HL)

    The Barbados Arbitration Act follows English Law so the law may be subject to judicial review.

    The right to appeal under English Law ignores modern international arbitration practice and contravenes Model Law.

  21. Nonsense

    Once again a classic case of Ruthlessness played on tax payers by those who we entrust to know better. I want him to know that had there been no change in Government that would never come to an end so soon.He knows this very well.He played a game and lost.

  22. probably not Al Barack

    You are right…you are talking NONSENSE !

    How you mean the kast government would not have paid me my money if there was no change of gov’t ?

    You think George Payne & Dale Marshall would have stood for that ?

    There are the ones who was pushing me to get the money.

    Let me tell you if I have bun down NHC property to gey my due desserts…..then that is what will happen.

    Believe me…!

  23. Jonathan

    ADR you say the decision was wrong based on law are you a lawyer and if so, you very arrogant to think you know best, that it can be appealed based on law, because as the public knows, the decision was appealed and thrown out, so what is your point?

  24. BGR

    On a side note, when it comes to party affliation, blacks always boast, declare, reveal which party they support. Unlike the white and indians. The latter two may be loyal to one but they support both parties by calling up the ‘elders’ and pledge a donation. First comes the same installments to DLP &BLP, then final monies to winner.

    Both parties get donations, the giver never loses because only one party can win and regardless of the winner, the whites and indians get their interests serve. Blacks on the other hand need to play the same game and stop alinging themselves to one party and or making it public.

    Don’t let your left hand know what the right hand is doing and yuh wunna be out in de cold!

  25. Lady Anono

    Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that the pronunciation of Al Barrack’s name has gone from
    ‘bah-ruck’ to ‘buh-rack’?

    Which one is correct? Perhaps David Ellis can shed some light … but no, he has also fallen into the hole.

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