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A Merry Christmas to all!


Blessed Christmas fellow bloggers, I wish for you
Lots of happiness in all that you choose to do
Our countries are better because you take the time
Give your opinions on topical matters like abuse and crime
God sent His son long ago to die for mankind’s sins
Erase Satan’s bind on souls and spread His glorious blessings
Remember friends the reasons why Jesus was sent here
Seasons Greetings to all and have a Prosperous New Year!

from Khaidji at bajanpoetry.com


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Not Again! St. Leonard’s teacher brutally beats boys – Exclusive video at Bajan Reporter

No man would dare touch my son the way this animal was filmed beating these students.

Do these students not have fathers?

I just can’t believe I live in a society that puts up with this kind of abuse, considering our country’s long history with the whip.

If this teacher retains his job after this video is posted publicly, then the Minister of Education should be sacked as well.

The Bajan Reporter: BREAKING NEWS: Barbadian students lashed for tardiness – Another St Leonard’s Teacher brutalises young boys


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Barbados Customs Insanity: Officer demands child’s toy scooter must be licensed for the road!

Folks, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s all about power, control and MAYBE that the mother trying to get her child’s Christmas toy out of Barbados Customs has a last name of “Persaud”.

Ya can’t make stuff like this up…

‘What yuh call dis ting? Ah scooter?’ asked Officer McBady

‘Yes. It’s a toy for my son.’ I replied.

‘Dis eh no toy. It have ah battery. Dis could go pon de road. Yuh cahn clear customs till yuh get a licence.’

‘It’s a toy. It can’t go more than five miles per hour.’

‘Man, dis battery have nuff power. I telling yuh dis could go pon de road.’ he repeated.

I sighed. ‘It can’t and he can’t. He is not using this except in our yard.’

‘Well it eh leaving here till it have ah licence.’

‘Okay. What kind of licence do you think I should get? A bicycle licence?’

‘No ah vehicle licence. And yuh go have to pay de 100% duty plus environmental fee, plus licencing fee, plus road tax plus handling and storage.’

‘It’s a toy!’ I yelled.

… read the entire incredible story at Ingrid Persaud’s Notes from a Small Rock blog


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Barbados Tourism: Adrian Loveridge and other Bajans ask many questions, but receive few answers

‘He (Geoffrey Roach, CEO of the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal) reported cruise ship passengers arrivals to be 760,000 for the last financial year, and projected a six percent growth in the next financial year’.

‘But he said passengers were spending less, as evidenced in a recent Florida Caribbean Cruise Association study which put the average spend per cruise passenger in Barbados at US$69, down from US$111 in 2006.’

From the  Midweek Nation, Wednesday 23rd December 2009 Cruise arrivals up, revenue down

So despite the declared increases in cruise ship passenger arrivals, actual per capita spending is down by a staggering 38% or US$30 million for the last ‘financial year’.

I wonder if this US$30 million figure was factored in to the $100 million loss in tourism revenue recently quoted the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association?

So what measures to redress this situation have been put in place?

What investment has been made by the Barbados Tourism Authority and who is monitoring its cost-effectiveness?

Adrian Loveridge
23rd December 2009


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Al Barrack: the man who knows too much?

The Al Barrack story gets stranger and stranger at every turn. (See our previous story: Al Barrack is wrong: Justice and the Law are not for everyone in Barbados)

The Government of Barbados owes him $60 million dollars plus due to a court judgement, but won’t pay.

Now we’re asked to believe that perfect strangers are going to pay off the Government of Barbados debt to Mr. Barrack and assume the $60 million judgement on the chance that the Government of Barbados won’t use the courts to delay payment for another 10 or 20 years.

Something is wrong here, folks.

Keltruth Blog asks the questions that our Bajan media should have…

Keltruth Blog: Will a Mysterious “Third Party” Pay Off Debt Owed By Barbados Government to Al Barrack?


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