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Barbados Health Minister Donville Inniss: Breathalyzer Law & Equipment not necessary

Donville Inniss: Dead Wrong

UPDATED: December 22, 2009

Minister of Health Inniss comments on Barbados Free Press?

Video added should be required viewing for Minister Inniss & his fellow MPs

As our readers can see, a person claiming to be Minister of Health Donville Inniss commented upon this article. BFP’s editors changed the name on the comment from “Donville Inniss” to “Is this Donville Inniss?” until we are sure of the author.

BFP has asked for confirmation via an email sent from the Minister’s official office. Although we have yet to receive a confirming email, there are other indications that the comment might indeed be from Minister Inniss.

If and when we receive confirmation, we’ll let our readers know. Until then, please take the comment with a grain of salt.


Original Article…

I know Marcus just said we’d be happy and ignore government er, people, for Christmas time but for me that promise lasted about 5 minutes after picking up today’s Barbados Advocate. See page 14.

We’ll get into the details after Christmas, but the short story is that Barbados Minister of Health Donville Inniss says this about drinking and driving…

“I think that at the end of the day, we do not need additional legislation – there are a lot of laws on the statute books already. What we need is for persons to exercise caution and to be very respectful of other road users.”

Mr. Inniss: you are dead wrong.


This Australian anti-drunk driving video should be required watching for Minister Inniss and his fellow government members…

(A big thanks to one of our longtime readers who recommended the video to us!)

Further Reading

Trinidad & Tobago implements Breathalyzer law – Barbados government fails to protect citizens from drunken driving

Here is the Barbados Advocate article that the quote from Minister of Health Donville Inniss was taken from, so readers can view everything the Minister said in context as reported by the journalist “JRT” whose initials are at the bottom of the article…

(click to read full size)


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It’s Christmas Time

Friends, we at BFP decided on Saturday night that we’re going to take a break from reporting crime, corruption, incompetence and general mayhem for the next week or so to allow us all to reflect on the many blessings we have in Barbados. Don’t worry – we’ll get back to holding government accountable in the new year and we’ll start with a three stories that are of great concern to Barbadians and foreigners considering investing in Barbados.

Meanwhile though, one of the recent changes we’ve made is the daily banner featuring Bajan businesses and websites. For the next week we’re going to expand upon this and feature some stories about local businesses as we did with Marcia’s Place at Oistins. Our call for banner suggestions brought a number of responses – most of them surprisingly from people over and away who love to vacation in Barbados. So far folks have suggested restaurants, small hotels, fishing tours and even a plumber!

We’ll do our best to include everyone in the banner rotation or a feature story or both – so if you know of a special business, place or person in Barbados who you’d like to recommend to everyone, please send us the details at barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com.


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