Marcia’s Place Oistins Barbados: “Great food, friendly service” says visitor

Marcia’s is the place to go at Oistins Bay Garden!

Dear BFP guys,

I have a candidate for a BFP banner during your trial. There’s a back-story to this, so please bear with me. This won’t take long, I promise.

I’m not Bajan but I’ve been living here for a bit. In my early days in Barbados I used to drift down regularly to Oistins Bay Garden to eat dinner. Oistins Bay Garden was very new then. I tried several places and eventually I settled on a stall called “Marcia’s Place”.

I have absolutely zero financial, economic, professional or even personal interest in Marcia’s Place. I don’t even know Marcia’s surname. I had never met Marcia before 2008, and after I leave Barbados I suspect I’ll never have any contact with her again.

But I settled on Marcia’s Place because it’s really a great place. The food is fine, and Marcia is always very friendly. So, after the first few weeks, I always went to Marcia’s place.

I have to reiterate that I have absolutely zero economic interest in Marcia’s Place. I’m just a regular customer of her fine marlin, rice, salad and macaroni pie (with a Banks).

But Marcia is a truly excellent small business in a little town on a little island who deserves a higher profile.

This is the address of Marcia’s website and I think that if you put it on your banner rotation and people try her place they will be very pleased with the quality and service:

(Name and email address withheld by BFP. Letter edited for length by Clive)

Barbados Free Press says… OK friend. On your say-so we’ll include Marcia’s Place in our banner rotation. Our usual fees are $1,000 a shot 😉 but we’ll do it for a Banks and some grill marlin. Oh… wait a minute. How can we collect without revealing that we’re from BFP? Oh well, that looks like another free banner for a friend!  🙂


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10 responses to “Marcia’s Place Oistins Barbados: “Great food, friendly service” says visitor



  2. Johnny Postle

    George has the best fish platter in Oistins; but I am sorry to say, one of his staff members, whom I was told is his wife, is not too well mannered.

  3. Hants

    George’s fish is great but the best steak fish I have had in Barbados was from a vendor next to Paynes Bay Fish Market.

    It had old time Bajan seasoning. pepper,green onion and thyme.

  4. ac

    I looks like every Tom Dick and Harry going to promote their business.

    Merry Xmas yuh All

  5. Hants


    Every Tom Dick and Harry SHOULD promote their business.

    They should take advantage of this gift of free advertising from BFP and say thanks.

  6. Jack Bowman

    @ Mr Hants

    VERY well said, sir. I salute you. All best wishes for the Christmas season to you and yours.

  7. ac

    My apologies .It is good to know that they are still good kind and warm hearted people .My bad.

    Seasons Greetings

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