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Marcia’s Place Oistins Barbados: “Great food, friendly service” says visitor

Marcia’s is the place to go at Oistins Bay Garden!

Dear BFP guys,

I have a candidate for a BFP banner during your trial. There’s a back-story to this, so please bear with me. This won’t take long, I promise.

I’m not Bajan but I’ve been living here for a bit. In my early days in Barbados I used to drift down regularly to Oistins Bay Garden to eat dinner. Oistins Bay Garden was very new then. I tried several places and eventually I settled on a stall called “Marcia’s Place”.

I have absolutely zero financial, economic, professional or even personal interest in Marcia’s Place. I don’t even know Marcia’s surname. I had never met Marcia before 2008, and after I leave Barbados I suspect I’ll never have any contact with her again.

But I settled on Marcia’s Place because it’s really a great place. The food is fine, and Marcia is always very friendly. So, after the first few weeks, I always went to Marcia’s place.

I have to reiterate that I have absolutely zero economic interest in Marcia’s Place. I’m just a regular customer of her fine marlin, rice, salad and macaroni pie (with a Banks).

But Marcia is a truly excellent small business in a little town on a little island who deserves a higher profile.

This is the address of Marcia’s website and I think that if you put it on your banner rotation and people try her place they will be very pleased with the quality and service: http://www.marcias-place.50webs.com/

(Name and email address withheld by BFP. Letter edited for length by Clive)

Barbados Free Press says… OK friend. On your say-so we’ll include Marcia’s Place in our banner rotation. Our usual fees are $1,000 a shot 😉 but we’ll do it for a Banks and some grill marlin. Oh… wait a minute. How can we collect without revealing that we’re from BFP? Oh well, that looks like another free banner for a friend!  🙂


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