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Al Barrack is wrong: Justice and the Law are not for everyone in Barbados

Al Barrack now knows the dangers of doing business in Barbados where the law and the courts are ignored by government.

Over three years ago businessman Al Barrack won at 34 million dollar judgement against the National Housing Corporation.

Of course he wasn’t paid, and the amount owed to him including interest is now over 62 million dollars.

Barrack is almost ruined. A friend loaned him life-savings money for the court action that Barrack won – but Barrack hasn’t been able to pay him back. The friend’s wife is long gone and Barrack is reduced to standing on the street in front of the new NHC that he built telling the newspapers that he’s going to make the NHC understand that “the law is for everybody.”

The NHC is ignoring Barrack. So is the government. The real message that the silence delivers is that the NHC and the government know they can still out-lawyer, out-spend and out-wait Al Barrack until he has a breakdown, heart attack, up and dies or does something foolish because any man would be half crazy by now.

Not that Al Barrack is half crazy. He’s not yet gone ’round the bend and the NHC and the government don’t understand that because they have been trying their best.

The case has been going on since 2002. He won in 2006, but it didn’t matter because both the NHC and the government have made it clear that it will be a cold day in hell before Barbados and the NHC obey the order of the court and pay what is owed to Al Barrack.

That is just how things are done ’bout hey by the elites who control the government and the courts. Separation of powers in Barbados? Rule of Law?

Ya mek sport, my son!

Al Barrack was unlucky enough to have to sue a Barbados government corporation, and it doesn’t matter that he won in the courts – because around here the courts and the law are only obeyed by the ruling class when it is convenient for them to do so.

When it is not convenient to obey the law (like when the courts say they owe a victim $64 million dollars)… well, then the NHC, the Barbados government and the ruling elites say “De courts can stick it where the sun doan shine.”

Good luck, Mr. Barrack. We hope we will be proven wrong and that the government and the NHC will cut you a cheque tomorrow.

But we’re not betting on it.

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CONTRACTOR AL BARRACK has declared himself owner of the National Housing Corporation (NHC).

“I own the NHC,” he said angrily yesterday at a Press conference a stone’s throw away from the Government office complex in Warrens, St Michael, the source of a bitter dispute over payment.

Barrack, who won a $34.4 million plus interest judgement against the NHC in 2006, pledged to take over the NHC’s assets to recover the debt which has now accrued to $62 321 268.

“I am going to take their things. That building over there [pointing to the nearby Warrens office complex which sparked the dispute between him and the NHC], and everything NHC has.

“I intend to take every damn thing. I can take their lands, the buildings in Country Road [NHC headquarters], their vehicles, their furniture! I own the NHC right now! I am up to my throat with them. They must understand that the law is for everybody,” the contractor stressed. Continue reading


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Barbados Free Press in Swahili… Really! “Plastiki na Uchafuzi wa Mazingira”

Sometimes the world is very large, and sometimes it’s very small.

Today, it’s tiny because we’ve been getting a gazillion hits (well, ok, approaching a hundred so far) from Africa.

How did that happen?

Easy… Global Voices featured one of our articles in its Swahili edition.

That’s kind of special, don’t you think?

Now if we could only get translated into Italian. I’ve always wanted to see the Sistine Chapel.

Wait… Oh… Well wat da ya know!

“Stiamo avvelenando l’oceano con tonnellate di plastica. Secondo il NOAA [in] il Great Pacific Garbage Patch [in], l’enorme chiazza di rifiuti che gallegga a nord del Pacifico, sarebbe grande due volte il Texas. Barbados Free Press [in] propone di vietare la vendita delle bottiglie d’acqua in plastica per favorire l’uso di contenitori riutilizzabili da riempire alle fontane e agli accessi pubblici di acqua potabile. La situazione √® intollerabile, basta passeggiare lungo qualunque spiaggia delle Barbados per vedere l’enorme quantit√† di rifiuti in plastica sparsi sulla riva.”

Yup, the world gets smaller every day.

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