Did Barbados smile for the International Space Station cameras?

Astronauts took photos of Barbados on Wednesday

If you had a feeling you were being watched yesterday, your senses were accurate. The International Space Station (ISS) made an orbit exactly above Barbados and the astronauts were clicking away with their Nikon digital cameras. This was a planned event that was announced ahead of time, but we didn’t find out about it until it was over.

One of our friends who loves this sort of thing says that you can see the space station at certain times of the day when it passes overhead. He says that some amateur space watchers have even taken photos of the astronauts while they were working outside of the ISS and he’s trying to find a photo for us. (Which reminds me – that’s another person who knows all about BFP or at least enough to make life difficult. After four years there must be close to a hundred people who could do us in if they wanted to. But so far we’re ok… 🙂 )

Here’s a photo of Barbados taken on a pass a year or two ago. You can check at NASA for the new images when they are posted.

Don’t forget to smile and wave!

Barbados from Space!

Further Reading

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ISS Orbit Status December 16, 2009 – Photographing Barbados


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7 responses to “Did Barbados smile for the International Space Station cameras?

  1. Dennis

    Nice picture of the Space Station going over Barbados
    One thought though – Who took that picture????

  2. AstroBoy

    It’ll be over Barbados again Dec 30 and 31 but it’ll won’t be bright daylight next time according to http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/cities/view.cgi?country=Barbados&region=None&city=Bridgetown

    Interested in what other satellites will be passing over us (that we know about) see http://spaceweather.com/flybys/search_results.php?lat=13.1333&long=-59.6333&offset=-4&country=BB&state=Saint%20Michael&city=Black%20Rock

  3. A.Thought

    How come there are always clouds over Barbados when they take those satellites shots?

    I tried Google Earth but the landscape was hard to see because of the clouds

  4. Hants

    @ A.Thought

    In each version, Google earth shows a shot that was taken once.

    If you can find an old version, there will likely be less cloud cover over the area you are looking.

  5. AstroBoy

    Interestingly, the day before, on Dec 15, there were mostly no cloud in the sky for most of the day. Guess they came a day late. At some time they’ll update the Google Earth with the new shots.

    BTW, if you pay for Google Earth you get better imaging (the more you pay).

  6. Cheryl

    Many satellites pass over Barbados daily be it military,weather,ham or research satellites. Download Satscape if you are interested in seeing the many near us. If you have a scanner radio you may also be able to download weather from them when they are within our area. Check out wefax. I have intercepted many a pass.

  7. A.Thought

    You mean I have to pay for Google Earth?

    I live in Canada and I goolgled Earth my area/neighbourhood and I could see that it was 3-4 yrs old although it was copyrighted 2009. Frankly, many areas seem to have been photographed at a much earlier year.