British Airways strike for Christmas. Union votes 92% in favour.

Virgin adds seats while British Airways tries for Injunction

Can Virgin and the other European airlines and charter companies pick up the slack or are we in big trouble pon de rock?

A few sources…

Message from British Airways

BBC: British Airways cabin crew prepares for strike

Bloomberg: BA strike spurs Virgin to add US seats

Market Watch: BA goes for injunction


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3 responses to “British Airways strike for Christmas. Union votes 92% in favour.

  1. Donald Duck, Esq

    all like now the government should be getting virgin to put on more flights to barbados before virgin’s excess capacity gets used up elsehwere. I hope the government has some thinkers among its lot or is this too much to expect!!!

  2. Donald Duck, Esq

    British Airways WINS court bid to stop cabin crew’s 12-day Christmas strike

    Read more:

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    I hope the BTA and the ministry are still exploring contingency plans to introduce other carriers to the UK barbados route and to persuading existing carriers to increase their capacity on the route.