Barbados Prime Minister reconsiders Rihanna as “Youth & Cultural Ambassador”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you about Rihanna, Mr. Prime Minister!

If David Thompson isn’t regretting his very-political decision to appoint Rihanna as our Youth and Cultural Ambassador, then there’s something wrong with David.

Rihanna doesn’t represent my culture and I sure as anything don’t want her representing or influencing my children.

We’re going to continue putting the Prime Minister’s head on Rihanna every time she doesn’t represent Barbados, like in the current issue of GQ. (HEY… Mister Prime Minister… nice tits!)

Meanwhile the lyrics to Rihanna’s latest little ditty “Hard” say she’s not exactly in love with folks like us either…

“I’ma rock this shit like fashion, as in
goin’ til they say stop
And my runway never looked so clear
But the hottest bitch in heels right here…

…Where dem bloggers at
Where dem bloggers at
Where they at, where they at, where they at?”

excerpts from “Hard” by Rihanna

Mr. Prime Minister: You made this mess. Watcha gonna do ’bout it?

* “Whereas the Government and the people of Barbados truly acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Robyn Rihanna Fenty;

* “And whereas such an accomplishment has brought significant honour and deserving recognition not only to Rihanna but also to her beloved country and has elevated Barbados to the forefront of the entertainment world;

* “And whereas this phenomenal success has come at so tender an age evoking invaluable inspiration and motivation to youth everywhere;

* “And whereas all Barbados stands proud in the face of this honour and gives full support to Rihanna on her continuing path;

“Be it now proclaimed in Bridgetown, Barbados . . .that the Government of Barbados designates Robyn Rihanna Fenty an honorary Youth
 and Cultural Ambassador of this country.”


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26 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister reconsiders Rihanna as “Youth & Cultural Ambassador”

  1. Sweet!

    Thompy looks lovely in his all-together. Love the open shorts Prime Minister. Sexy.

  2. Hants

    BFP it was a good idea to make her a youth ambassador at the time and I certainly didn’t expect her to emulate “Madonna”.

    While her “nudity” is considered tame in North America and Europe Bajans don’t like the “explict” except at cropover.

    Rihanna is not a little Bajan girl anymore. She is an International superstar whose sponsors want sexy and outrageous.

    More cosmetics and clothing deals coming her way. Sex sells except in Barbados.(hah!)

  3. JQ

    Thanks BFP. In a toss up between BFP and GQ, I know which one I gine read now.
    Seriously, we Bajans must get a grip on what’s important. In Rihanna’s case the bestowing of the title was more political opportunity than anything else. Rihanna don’t need it. Never did. She’s got more doors open to her than anyone else in or from Barbados. And she is probably more respected. So, eat your hearts out politicians!
    Barbadians who have a problem with the woman, the artist, the potential should either get on board or get out of the way. The world awaits.
    Tek bek wunna ambassadorship. It will be one less burden for Rihanna and one more lesson in betrayal.

  4. reality check

    The PM never looked so good.

    A shave would be in order to go with his new body.

  5. 101

    I don’t get what the problem is. Aren’t her breasts covered? The photo is not exactly explicit! Certainly no more explicit than the bikini laden lasses who frolick on beaches every day.

  6. Markus

    I don’t see what the problem is. The photos isn’t explicit – and certainly more tame than many of the bikini laden lasses who frolick on our beaches daily.

  7. oh come on

    jq rihanna is free to do what the hell she wants but she doesnt deserve ambassadorship, hey i like tits jus like the next guy but is this what you want representing your country? im no old fogie but still im for retracting the ambassador title so she is free to do what she wants.

  8. oh come on

    i cant wait for the sextape to drop btw

  9. Sundowner

    I see no problem with this shot at all, whats all the fuss? she’s an International star & she still promotes Barbados.

  10. JQ

    @ oh come on – I agree with you. However, what I am saying is that I don’t think Rihanna went begging for the ambassadorship nor do I think she will miss it if it is revoked.
    I believe it’s the politicians who jumped on the opportunity to associate themselves with her. So she does not owe them anything. Now, the move to revoke it is just as opportunistic.

  11. Darian

    When Rhianna was given the title of Youth Ambassador it was based on her image at the time. Since then her image has changed entirely. The only solution might be to take away the title and just let Rhianna carry on with whatever she seems to be doing or saying lately.

    Just take the title back. Petition the PM to just take it back. Move on

    Btw, I don’t agree with what she has been doing or saying lately. She seem to have have landed in the “big country” and have lost her common sense.

    Some years ago Rhianna crossed the road with her belly exposed and some people in Barbados lost their minds. After her recent antics some the people must be dropping dead.

  12. Laughing

    This is not a political statement. But think people. This is one of the world’s greatest stars…current edition. If Barbados had not embraced her then…well we may have been paying worse now with the negative press. Let’s keep the fact that tourism has slumped in a major way in the back of our minds.
    Rich people who come to our shores and have keep our tourism alive for countless years are no saints. Actually it is because Barbadians are tolerant compared to Jamaicans that we get the happy throng of rich gay stars with their wild orgy parties. Remember Tiger came here to get married? After all these years and thinking Tiger was a saint we see he has lived up to his animalistic name…LOL. I dont condone it but every man is free to live his own life. We simply have to ensure that the children we raise have the right standards and the right morals to balance the world’s debauchery….but I digress.
    Make no mistake I am pretty sure the current government cringes everytime this poor misguided girl parades her breakfast in the public eye, but think about it, think big, think macro:
    Do we want to publicly alienate one of the biggest international stars?
    Do we want to alienate the darling of the domestic violence opponents?
    Do we want to say to the world we frown on the antics of the rich and famous?
    Notice that Rihanna went to Paris and other fashion shows in belly out, bubby out, _ _ _ _ _ out clothes. But when she had to appear on morning TV and talk shows to talk about the Chris Brown saga, she went dressed as close to a choir girl as she could get.
    Trust me Thompy needs to hold strain on this one!

  13. BFP

    Hi Laughing,

    Your pragmatic approach is most laudable. I suppose we really should dress all our women as Rihanna clones because that is what the world now believes is our culture. After all, she is our cultural and youth ambassador.

    Then to improve our foreign currency reserves I think we should legalize prostitution. Not only would that provide much needed increases in tourism, it would expand the employment opportunities for our daughters.

    Yes, Laughing, you’re right. Nothing else matters except the cash!

  14. Hants

    BFP how about Allison Hinds as a cultural ambassador?

    Allison is more representative of we Wuk up an big bumper culture.
    Strong Bajan woman. Roll it!

  15. Did Thompson Complain?

    BFP. You changed the photo of the PM as Rihanna. you removed the “GQ” logo and the little photo of Rihanna and you put that explanation about “fair use” in.

    Tell us the truth: did Prime Minister Thompson complain? Is that why you changed the photo? Did you have to change it? I noticed that for a time the photo disappeared.


    A friend.

  16. Analyzer

    Bajans should be proud that this gorgeous woman’s navel string buried heh!

  17. b

    Yeah though I dont neccessarily agree that Rihana was dissing bdos in those lyrics but making it known that she is going to continue to be herself and does what she feels like a long as her career is on the up and up, I agree thats shes a terrible choice for an ambassador but at the end of the day no one is perfect and even someone who might seem more suitable is hiding some dark secret as well, cuz look a ttiger SQUEAKY CLEAN. nothing has this ma done, but he just is a sex addict in disguise and now the secret is out he is suffereing to rass, and might never play golf ever again as long as he lives, so heay cut the girl some slack. I just want to make another ocmment when RIhannas nude pics first leaked Chris Brown`s goons called her a west indian slut and made claims that she has the ambition to model for playboy and all of these pics are making me think that she seriously said so, and its only a matter of time before she is in playboy, and also
    rihanna has every right to do what she wants with her body and money cu some of yall self righteoues hypocrites got children that are WAY worse than Rihanna could ever be,so who cares at the en of the day!

  18. mez

    non issue

    Go Rihanna

    and I love that you still have your Bajan accent…
    Love you girl!

  19. Nevermind Kurt

    BFP, did Thompson complain about the photo? Is that why you changed it and put the legal notice on it?

  20. Old Combermerian

    If the powers that be had done a little research before granting her the title of “Ambassador”, they would have seen the type of person she was before her makeover in 2005.

    I can’t say that I care how she chooses to lead her life. However, I do care if the people involved in handing out Ambassadorships didn’t apply the same due diligence to Rihanna’s case as they would have done for any other potential representative of our nation.

    Given the workings of the Barbados government, I guess this is just par for the course.

  21. spiceness

    I am an unapologetic feminist. I think Rihanna remains relevant as a youth and cultural ambassador for Barbados, and if you don’t want her, we in Grenada will have her! Some of you go distraught and all puritanical and moralistic and the hint of *breasts* when in actual fact, morals and ambassadorhood have nothing to do with her artistry (and yes it is artistry!). She is a female entrepeneur, who made it to the top in spite of humble beginnings. What’s not to emulate about that? My only request is that she does a soca but culturally, she fits in right in with youth whose references are not only soca and dancehall but who identify with international music types- house, rnb, hip hop, much more than you guys writing this ever could. We entire Caribbean culture is a callalloo so the longer you sit down and think Red Plastic Bag is what your culture is, the longer you suffer your illusions.

    I love Rihanna. I won’t be taking my kit off in a magazine or on the street (and neither would my kids because I would teach them the difference between reality and art) but at the end of the day I am glad she is not a drug addicted, alcoholic Hollywood mama with a bad reputation. I celebrate my Caribbean sister.

    Peace outx

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  24. Pat Hunte-Cusack

    Youth and cultural ambassador?! You must be makin’ joke!!! How low can you go?