Barbados Tourism Authority, here’s your chance. It’s minus 40 Celsius in Alberta!

UPDATED: Canadian Blogger Dan Jurak says he’s not interested in sunny Barbados. Says “every chance” Barbados Free Press “will be sued”

UPDATE #2: Canadian Blogger Dan Jurak says “I certainly could (sue) for you slandering me like this.”

UPDATE #3: Take our poll about whether to de-link Dan Jurak’s blog or not.

Well folks… sometimes ya can’t win for losing. What’s that about “no good deed goes unpunished” ???

We’ve removed the winter photo and the headshot we copied from Dan Jurak’s blog ’cause he wrote to us and said there was “every chance” we’d be sued if we left it up…

“Hi, you’ve posted, not linked my photos without permission. I also shoot for stock photo agencies and these photos are a source of my income. If my agencies come across these photos there is every chance you will be sued. I advise you to remove them and link them with appropriate credit.” Dan Jurack

(Well Dan… we did link to both photos and the story on your blog. Note the link in the original story below.)

Then Dan comes onto Barbados Free Press and leaves a comment saying he’s not interested in sunny Bim.

No problem Dan. You can be sure of one thing: we’ll never bother you again by linking to your blog or mention giving you a free trip anywhere. Have a very Merry Christmas!

THEN Mr. Jurak comes back in a second comment and says “I never sued or threatened to but I certainly could for you slandering me like this.”

Original Story as published (now without the photos)

Poor Dan Jurak lives outside of Edmonton, Canada and writes the Alberta Landscape Photo Blog. This morning his post -40 Celsius on the Alberta Prairie was featured by WordPress. The above photo is from Dan’s article and my my my that does look a bit on the chilly side.

I guess the folks at WordPress felt sorry for Dan too!

Here’s an idea for the Barbados Tourism Authority that could be worth some excellent free publicity: Fly Dan and his family to Barbados for free for a week and put them up at the Hilton.

Heck, it’s not like it would cost hardly anything at all. The government (that’s us, the people) own the Hilton and West Jet flies here and they are based in Alberta. If the PM called up the President of WestJet and asked nicely they would probably fly the Jurak family down here for free. The plane is going anyway and there’s bound to be a few empty seats.

Then pump the story in the Canadian news media…. People of Barbados saw Dan’s -40 Celsius story on a blog, felt sorry for him and fixed his family up with a free trip to the friendly people and warm sun, sand and rum of Barbados. Have some big shots meet the family at the airport. Maybe invite them to a fine Bajan meal at the PM’s place.

And to top it off, Mr. Jurak is an accomplished professional photographer and designer and he’d probably be happy to click away in Barbados and tell everyone about it on his blog, Naturally, the Bajan news media and bloggers would follow his adventures in Barbados. According to the news, the Canadian winter so far has been brutal, so maybe some chilly Canadians would be inspired to visit us for a week or two.

And to include the US market where the winter has also been brutal in the past week, the BTA could probably find an American blogger freezing to death in the American midwest and northeast and repeat the whole process. It could even turn into an annual winter event with freezing Yanks and Canucks trying to attract the sympathy of Bajans for the two free vacations.

How about it, BTA? What do you think… worthwhile idea or not?

If so, you can surely contact Dan through is blog.


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40 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority, here’s your chance. It’s minus 40 Celsius in Alberta!

  1. BFP you jest

    Picking up the phone in an engaged leadership style is completely foreign to self entitled non communicative Barbadian royalty.

    This would require doing something positive and immediate.

    Barbados is long overdue for a leader who understands basic business
    practice and full transparency and accountability.

  2. Good idea, never happen

    I agree with “BFP you jest”. The idea is too good for our royalty. Too simple. Too much chance of success. The temperature is brutal this week but by next week it might soften. BTA couldn’t strike a committee to examine the idea in a month let alone make it happen in a week.

  3. foxeysue

    It is a real shame when you go to a bank to collect your wages fromlast month only to hear , carried these back to who you get it from that is what i witness
    last week as i was in abank inBroad Street and this Chubbies Video Staff come in with these cheques.
    It was not me and i felt real ashamed.

  4. twwifos

    Don’t count on it. That requires people to think different. Better yet would be some sort of contest where the winner would get a free all expenses paid trip for a week or two. That would get some interest. …but like I said….

  5. Green Monkey

    EDMONTON β€” Edmonton’s weather boasted two dubious distinctions Sunday: it was colder here than anywhere else in North America and it marked the coldest Dec. 13 in the city’s history.

    Environment Canada recorded a frigid minus 46.1 C, or minus 58.4 C with the wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport at 5 a.m., said meteorologist Pierre Lessard.

    The old record of minus 36.1 C was set last year.

    “To break a temperature by 10 degrees is very exceptional,” said Lessard.

    Those Edmontonians must be thanking their lucky stars for global warming, because if it didn’t exist they would be even colder than they are today. πŸ™‚

  6. reality check

    the last comment of DOGGG BFP needs to have its last sentence deleted for bad taste and irrelevance.

    Bad Doggy

  7. BFP

    Hi RC

    Thanks for pointing that kind of trash out. When we see it we don’t delete the phrase, we delete the entire comment and ban the IP right away. Same old same old people been do it for years doan ya know.

  8. Don’t feel sorry for me. I love the difference in seasons we have. -40 Celsius is by no means normal. Given the choice of a snowy Christmas or a tropical one, hands down no contest. Give me snow. πŸ™‚
    All the best from Alberta

  9. Let Jurak freeze

    “All the best from Alberta” ????? and not one word of appreciation for the offer or not say one nice thing about Barbados?????

    Freeze in the dark Canadian. You insulted everybody in Barbados.

  10. passin thru

    Ok I can understand the request to take down the winter scene, but his personal photo too along with insulting Barbados? I thought canucks had more social skills. Wat a d**kwad!

  11. RLL


    WordPress published your photo this morning on their “Freshly Pressed” compilation and linked to your blog. Are you going to threaten to sue WordPress too?


  12. 148

    BFP remove the link to his blog. He doesn’t deserve the hits you will send him.

  13. BFP

    We’ve removed the photos 148. I don’t think we need to remove the link.


  14. Hants

    BFP did you learn anything for this?

    Trhere is one born every day…eh!

    I have a better idea. How about a trip to Barbados for Hants.

    Instead I have to stay up here in the cold and suffer while wanna enjoying Christmas.

    Unlike that Alberta person I would be so grateful that I would spend the whole of 2010 promoting Barbados even more.

    Anyway doan mine dah fella. Most Canucks would be more gracious in their response.leh he stan dey and freeze his ash off.

  15. 148

    There must be thousands of Canadian bloggers who would have said something nice about Barbados and the offer. Ok it was only a suggestion from a Barbados blog but Mr. Jurak’s response is what I’d expect from some recluse living in a cabin in the woods. Mr. Jurak has some personality issues fuh sur.

    BFP you get how many visitors a year? Two million something like that as I remember? Get rid of the link to the Jurak blog. Keep the article up but if people want to see his blog let them search for it on google or something. Don’t give a person like that the benefit of your traffic.

  16. RLL

    I agree 100% Give the free trip to Hants! He’s freezing too.

  17. West Side Davie

    Dan Jerk need he a lesson in manners.

  18. West Side Davie

    Careful BFP. Dan Jerk’s photo shows on the comments. LOOK OUT HE GO SUE YOU FOR IT!

  19. It is still COLD in the western regions of Canada. Most people I talk to would love to get away to enjoy some nice warm weather. I have been able to convince a couple of people to go to Barbados.
    Here is what I was told ” You know more and have better information on Barbados than the Travel Agent”

    Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Florida, Arizona, California, Vegas, no problem.

    Who’s been sleeping on the job?

  20. reality check

    stock photo pays you almost nothing.

    Dan should be greatful to get the free advertising to his site and a great photo.

    Whats the point of having a blog if you aren’t inviting particpation.

    His first no thanks comment was fine but threatening to sue?

    Maybe Dan needs to defrost!

  21. westcoastcanada

    Dan must be crazy to turn down a free week in Barbados!!! its snowing like crazy here in BC and I would LOVE to come to bim TOMORROW! I worked on the new prison for almost 2 years and love the island! I encourage all snowbound Canadians to hop a Westjet flight to Barbados…you won’t be disappointed. Seasons Greetings to Richard,Winston,Shondell,Shernell,Nichel,Rosann,the food lady and all the other fine people who worked on the prison project.

  22. click click off on

    How do you spell “LOSER” in Canadian?

    A = Dan Jurak

  23. Pixelization visible

    Why does this man Jurak have a blog? For publicity for his photos, but he doesn’t want anyone to post his photos, only link to them and say “there is a nice photo here”. He hasn’t a clue.

    BFP should disconnect the link to his blog, the ungrateful Alberta jerk should be left without a hit.

    BFP please remove the link to his blog. Do it now!

  24. Too cold in Winterpig (that's Winnipeg Canada)

    Reality Check says “Whats the point of having a blog if you aren’t inviting participation.”

    I agree with Reality Check.

    Reality Check says “His first no thanks comment was fine but threatening to sue?”

    I disagree that his first comment was was fine. He basically told Barbados to p’off. Not a nice word about the offer. I agree with those who said he has no manners and some issues. Millions of Canadians would love to come to Barbados and I am one.

  25. Hope Springs Eternal

    Canada is an enormously vast country made up of many different regional people. Canadians in British Columbia are just about as different as can be than Canadians in Nova Scotia or Quebec. Let us us not take a broad sweeping brush and paint all Canadians as one and the same. It is said that Albertans are more like Americans than Canadians. They follow and admire the American way of life on many important issues including a gun in every home. This is one reason why I have no desire to visit Alberta.

  26. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    It’s worth thinking about why you would want to or need to subsidise people to travel to ‘Paradise’. ‘Here’s an idea for the Barbados Tourism Authority that could be worth some excellent free publicity: Fly Dan and his family to Barbados for free for a week and put them up at the Hilton.’ begs the question ‘Why him?’, and those Bajans who might have relatives freezing in Calgary or Ottawa or Buffalo or anywhere else would look as say “Why not one of us?”. Subsidized travel has been the base of local tourism and the logic is that if you do not pay the people to come they will not, or will go where they are getting a better subsidy.

    What then of those ‘deserving’ persons who do not suffer ‘bad’ weather, but may live somewhere with horrible humidity, or drought, or pestilence, or war, or a just fed up in their jobs in Grazettes….?

    Sorry to go on, but paying foreigners out of local money to come and enjoy themselves always has a funky taste.

  27. Maybe you should tell the whole story. I never threatened to sue. I said the agencies I shoot for would claim damages if my photos were used without permission.

    The larger problem is you stole my photos and put them on your website, you didn’t link to them, you stole them from my blog and posted them without permission.

    Geez guys, could you be any more inaccurate in presenting the facts?

    I never sued or threatened to but I certainly could for you slandering me like this.

  28. Too cold in Winterpig (that's Winnipeg Canada)

    Now my fellow Canuck is going to sue you for slander BFP! This guy never learns!

    OK… change the title to be more exact. It’s all about “notice and takedown” meaning change the “threatens to sue BFP” to “Says “every chance (BFP) will be sued”.

    Give him EXACTLY what he desires BFP even though you have evidently posted EXACTLY what he said word for word and there is no slander only the truth of his own words.


  29. Too cold in Winterpig (that's Winnipeg Canada)

    Judging by the quote Jurak, you didn’t say “damages” you said bfp “will be sued”

    Are you a lawyer or something? Splitting hairs and words until the truth is gone is what you are trying to do.

    “Stole” your photo? Did WordPress “steal” your photo when they published it on their featured blogs for the day? That is how BFP found you? Why don’t you sue WordPress for “stealing” your photo and directing others to your blog?

    On behalf of all Canucks in Winnipeg, I apologize for my Western neighbour.

    You know what they say about Alberta, eh?

    “Alberta: where the men are men, and the women are too!” πŸ™‚

  30. Jason

    BFP puts the Prime Minister’s head on Rihanna’s naked body and says “nice tits” and this idiot Canadian thinks BFP is worried about him.

    BFP took down your photo when you asked. What’s the big deal?

    The bigger deal from our perspective in Barbados is you Mr. Jurak are arrogant, superior. You weren’t born in the USA by any chance?

  31. OMG

    Marcus please have a vote for readers to decide to de-link Jurak’s website.

    Why not have a vote?

  32. West Side Davie

    BFP put the vote up and 100% so far say Jerk (sorry, “Jurak”) is as arrogant as an American.

    OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH that hurts! πŸ˜‰

  33. 184

    De-link him. He wrote an article saying if only BFP had asked to feature his photos he would have given permission. I see by several links on his blog that other blogs were allowed to post his photos.

    Maybe Jurak doesn’t like people from southern climates? You KNOW what I mean.

  34. I think BFP should delete the whole post, like he never existed – now I understand why Albertans are joked about 2nd to Newfies

  35. One rotten apple does not spoil the whole bunch!

    @ Too cold in Winterpeg, there is a heat wave coming. It will “balmy” weather -14C. Time to unpack the shorts.

  36. Hants

    BFP I agree with Ian. Delete the whole post, like he never existed.

    nuff said!

  37. West Side Davie

    I saw at Jerak’s blog that others linked to his photo with no problem. It says in an article that he can give permission so his excuse about his agencies suing is pure bullshi*

  38. Bee Beeps de Road Runner

    Honestly I think you’re both wrong. The photos are his and even if BFP plastered his name all over them, he is well within his rights to ask to have them removed, regardless of who used them before.

    He was wrong to make his comment about Barbados. It was unnecessary and petty.

    Now apologise and shake hands, children.

  39. Puzzled

    What comment did he make about Barbados that has everyone upset … from what I can see he said he prefers a snowy Christmas to a tropical one. How is that an insult to Barbados. Guess what – not everyone hates winter or snow or cold. Did you see how gorgeous his photos are? He loves shooting in winter – something about the light and cold. I think you are all imagining a slight that he did not intend. I read some of his blog and was very impressed with him as an photographer. He sounds like a nice person who I think was very badly treated here and deserves an apology.

    How about asking your photographer friends how they feel about this whole unfortunate post BFP.

    These are the posts that make the potential tourists who stumble across your site decide not to bother with Barbados. The thread insulted this guy, his fellow Albertans and Americans.