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Barbados PM breaks ground on billion dollar project – No conflict of interest rules apply!

Freedom of Information Request #2009-3

To: Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson

Dear Prime Minister,

Under the Freedom of Information legislation of Barbados, I demand to know how many current and former politicians and members of their immediate families have an interest in any way in the Port Ferdinand marina project in St. Peter that you broke ground for last Friday morning. This also includes politicians and their family members participating as sub-contractors, suppliers and “consultants” on the project. (Barbados Advocate article about the groundbreaking link here)

I enclose the required fee and expect to receive copies of the requested records within 100 days as per the FOI law that you promised to have in place two years ago.

Yours truly,

A Bajan citizen empowered by the Freedom of Information Act of Barbados (To be enacted in 2017 by the Barbados Integrity Party government)

Why do we need conflict of interest rules for Government Officials? I thought you’d never ask!

Government officials use the law to expropriate privately held land for “the public good” – a few years later the land is sold to private interests and a Minister of Government ends up living on expropriated land. Barbados has no conflict of interest or integrity laws to prevent such abuse. It is actually legal for government officials to expropriate private land and then sell it to friends, relatives or even themselves! (Nice trick, yes? See Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke – House and Mercedes On Expropriated Land)


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