Barbados Free Press launches banner trial

For the next little while you’ll notice our “Please visit our friends at…” banner at the top of the website. We’ll be rotating a different banner in this spot each day. Sometimes we’ll feature a website or blog we like, and sometimes we’ll feature a local business. Just click on the banner and you’ll be taken to the featured website in a newly opened page on your browser.

None of the websites we feature are paying us or are under any obligation to feature a link to Barbados Free Press. We know from past experience that a single link or photo can send many hundreds of our readers a day to another website and we’d like to help out where we can.

If you’d like to have your website featured in our banner rotation, or even have us post an advertisement, drop us an email at barbadosfreepress (at)

And… if we’ve featured your website in our banner rotation and you’d rather we didn’t, that’s alright too. Just let us know. No offense will be taken because we know how difficult it can sometimes be to do business and manage the politics on this little rock.


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3 responses to “Barbados Free Press launches banner trial

  1. Hants

    Well done BFP.

  2. reality check

    There are a whole host of well run businesses, social causes and charities that are worthy of support BFP provided they have their act together.

    Congratulations on helping Barbadians reach out to these groups.

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