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Boxing Day in Barbados: 5 Cruise Ships, 10,000 visitors – How many shops & restaurants will be open?

Time for us to put up or shut up, folks.

TEN THOUSAND CRUISE SHIP VISITORS (cbc report) will dock on Saturday, December 26th and another five or six thousand will arrive on Sunday, December 27th.

At the end of the weekend, what will those FIFTEEN THOUSAND VISITORS have to say about Barbados?

Will they rave about the welcome from the locals? Will they talk about the smiles from the taxi drivers and restaurant staff?

Or, as happened one weekend not so many months ago, will these visitors talk about deserted streets, closed shops, insufficient taxis and nothing to do because everyone stayed home on a holiday?

Will you open your shop? Will you go to work or call in sick to your employer?

Will you smile and be pleasant to our visitors, or will you be that sullen pouting little bi*ch who gave some visiting friends of ours such a verbal slap in the face at Cave Shepherd last year?

Friends, it’s time for a little fear to kick into place in Barbados. We HAVE to make the tourists happy. We don’t have anything else to fall back on so we’d better get it into our heads that there are lots of pleasant little islands ’bout hey that would love to have those ships dock in the few days following Christmas.

Shona’s shop will be open and she’ll be working some long hours.

How about you?


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