GBL Blog: Thompson brought no legal action against corrupt individuals… Why?

“Every day I check my one stop shop site for world (read ‘american’) news, huffington post, and I see something to indicate that as f*cked up as America is, and as IGNORANT as it’s citizens are, they do have one thing going for them.

Elected officials are held accountable for shit.”

The Good, The Bad & The LOL blog fires a broadside at David Thompson and the DLP for their phony election-only “commitment to integrity”.

Well done, GBL!


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12 responses to “GBL Blog: Thompson brought no legal action against corrupt individuals… Why?

  1. oh come on

    barbados needs a 3rd party

    BLP fail
    DLP fail

    we need new ideas and not new promises.

    DLP’s trial period has expired, i will vote for neither next election cuz i believe both parties are corrupt in their own merit

  2. Johnny Postle

    I do not think the DLP or BLP have failed. IT is the people who have failed to see these parties for what they really are. And what are they? Smoke screens for grabbling riches.

  3. Hence the reason why Caribbean governments don’t respect the Caribbean Court Of “Justice”.

    Everybody knows everybody, and hence no justice on those with money and power.

    We therefore have to go to the colonial master, because chances of justice being served, is more likely.

  4. ac

    what good is athird party if no is holding the politicians accountable,Until the media does it job searching for thetruth and giving it to thepeople corruption at all levels would continue.

  5. No Cents in de Change

    Barbados Free Press fought hard to get “Dem” in power even banned the bloggers who were opposing them and thompy.. when we posted it just disappeared. Well you get what you paid for. The poor mist become rich, and they waited for 14 years for that.

    Thanks again BFP

  6. No Cents in de Change

    The poor MUST become rich …

  7. Johnny Postle

    You cannot blame BFP for supporting the DLP. I believe that nearly everyone in Barbados were fed up (except those on the gravy train) with the last administration; hence the people voted for change.

    With Thompson vocalizing corruption charges at the last administration and providing, in some instances, evidence to prove such was happening, many believed ( or was duped) into thinking that this current administration would bring the promise changed they proclamated so vehemenently. It is only now, after many months of nothing (relative to ITAL and holding those in the last administration accountable for what was alleged against them), that a feeling of betrayal and trickery is the thinking of many people, with exceptions of course.

    This obviously is working in the favour of the BLP who are not wasting any time pointing out the failures and showing Barbados that the ‘squeaky clean’ DLP administration is not as squeaky clean as they claim to be. Be that as it may, both administrations are found wanting and losing the respect of the people at a very rapid pace. Why, because both are busy pointing out failures, alleging corruptive activity and doing very little to assist the masses in the these hard economic times. The battle is obvious and the causes of these administrations are clear to see – it is all about power, prestige, fame and fortune.

    These administrations have provided opportunity for the average bajan to think that the interest of the BLP and DLP and their politics, is about getting and not necessarily representing the interest of the people.

  8. art

    Inferring that both parties are unable to do anything more than pilfer from the mass kitty. It could be true. If it wasn’t why wouldn’t an honest politician expose and destroy an adversary once and for all?

    Due to the fact that each and every one has secrets and skeletons in their past, not to mention the ones coming in the future?

    Well at least they got theirs . And this possibly being the case we can logically expect these promised legislations to be filed in neverland files.

    …but then the election dog bite in a couple of years. Will this become an issue once again? Will it bring a watery gruel of the (once promised in 100 days now promised early next year) legislation?

  9. oh come on

    never again will i be so gullible

    during the first year when everyone was spreading doom and gloom i was one of them that gave the DLP a fighting chance, “give them time, its only been X amount of days” i said. now the expiration date is gone and what i been looking for has not come to pass. i am man enuff to admit i was gullible but i still believe in a fair chance to prove yourself. i gave them ample time and dem let me down. i will be voting independent in the next election (neither D or B will get my X)

  10. Robbing the poor to feed the rich.
    Being a small supplier it is not easy to understand why after getting the contract for 500k, supplying the materials, borrowing the money to pay for the supplies that the Government would then write the lender and stop payment on my 175,000.00 dollar check. Barbados Beyond My Imagination. The Health Minster says his board acted in good faith, I wonder if that is faith in God or faith that they will not get caught steeling.


    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Contract Default
    Mr. Mark Grannum
    Advantage Enterprise

    2 Streats Road
    Clapham, St. Michael, Barbados.
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    Martindale’s Road
    St. Michael.

    Good Day,
    I bring this to your immediate attention that while performing my contract to supply uniforms I was informed verbally that the QEH has terminated my contact by Mr. Gunderson and the check which was issued by Enterprise Growth Fund was issued a stop payment as they were also informed that the QEH has terminated the contract.

    This is extremely damaging to my small business reputation as you have instructed not only the EGF, Central Bank and the Attorney General to process payments under this contract and on the day the check is written you terminate the contract, now putting us in a very undesirable light with any future contracts or business development. Had you not wanted to pay your invoice you could have simply stated so in your letter dated December 6,2012.

    This is in violation of section 15 your existing contract that states any disputes between the parties to this contact would be referred to a single arbitrator. This action also violates section 6:1: A, B and C: of said contract that parties require thirty days (30) prior notice in writing and continues that none of the conditions under section A,B or C is existing which would validate any immediate termination.

    Advantage has acted with due diligence and is on schedule for the delivery of materials and goods. I would expect you to now issue a replacement check in the amount of One Hundred and Seventy Six Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars and Seventeen Cents from your account, as I did from my account, for your outstanding invoice so we can continue with our work. Hopefully Jah would excises mercy on you that you would not let your office act in such a predatory manner and those responsible for such an act that his angles would not pursue them to bring them to ruin.

    Furthermore this now serves as notice that there exists a dispute under this agreement which QEH is party to and should a check for certified fund not be forthcoming we would now seek to enter arbitration to resolve this matter as per section 5: of the singed agreement.

  11. LOOK

    @ ac

    What good is a third party if politicians are not held accountable. It’s a wonderful life in Barbados. Corrupt politicians, lawyers and government officials are not persecuted or convicted.

    Both the BLP and DLP are disappointing. Both the BLP and DLP are accountable for CLICO but the BLP, only the BLP is accountable for all of the following: Massive land theft, the Arch Cot, Britton Hill deaths and Al Barack; all embarrasses Barbados.