goes live. Can the author one of Barbados’ most popular blogs find commercial success with a news website?

For the last three years former CBC news anchor Ian Bourne’s blog The Bajan Reporter has been one of Barbados’ most popular internet destinations. Ian’s in-depth coverage of local events the oldstream Bajan media ignores has earned him thousands of regular visitors a day.

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Now Ian is trying to take his work into the mainstream with the launch of an expanded news site and web magazine:

It looks like will retain the personal coverage of local events that made Ian’s blog so popular, but will also cover the larger events in Barbados and selected news from around the world from a Bajan perspective.

Will Ian be able to expand his readership and successfully monetize his website with juicy advertising contracts from prime brands? If anyone can do it, he can! (Hey… isn’t that Nike we hear knocking? Maybe they will cut back on Tiger’s endorsements and transfer the advertising revenues to Mr. Bourne!) 🙂

Good luck Ian!

Check out

Side issue: Ian… whatcha gonna do with your old blog? Should we take down the link to your blog and put up only the website on our sidebar? Let us know old friend.


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10 responses to “ goes live. Can the author one of Barbados’ most popular blogs find commercial success with a news website?

  1. I’m leaving the old site there until Further notice, if you look carefully at the old Blogger site I have the new site listed all over the Banner and Front Page so folk will know what to do.

    I call my new site a Web-Magazine

  2. Last Laugh

    I wish you the best of luck Ian. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Great looking site with lots of info.
    How about HTML version for many of us with slooooow dial up service.
    Unfortunately it takes tooooooo loooong to open the initial website and any of the articles of interest

  4. As ad revenues start flowing, I even want to have a WAP version

  5. Um, BFP, keep my listing spot, but put in new link – the old blog stays as reference point for previous entries uploaded to new site

  6. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Ian Bourne, a fabulous looking site; really inspirational. A few questions, I could not see how to leave comments on the site. I would like to link this on my blog: is it better to do that with a new link or leave the current blog link? May I ask who is providing content, and if I could offer material?

    Good luck.

  7. Comments are very easy? A blank box is at the base of each story! It is probably best to use the new link, but content is all me from since 2006-12-23 to present. I welcome material from new contributors. airbourne at bajanreporter dot com

  8. Gear Box

    Ian Bournes site popular? Getting ahead of ourselves


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  10. I agree, guys, time to change that old link – my site is WordPress not Blogger