Happy Birthday Barbados

A Happy Birthday Barbados

After some forty three years
Hoorays and celebrative cheers
Alternate Governments with a changing head
Proletariats and aristocrats who were peacefully led
Proudly we can rise before other nations to stand and say
Yes we thrived independently and we are better off today
Bajans rehearse your chorus and strike up your song
In plenty sing, and in time of need when this fair land was young
Rejoice my brothers and sisters it’s a festive day
There’s much delight past and present that in a big way
Has made life in the island a paradise
Days of novel wonders and nights just as nice
An area symbolized by the flag with blue sea, golden sands and blue sky
You can go to interesting attractions that catch the eye
Beautiful people and places, with scrumptious things to eat
An anthem that’s with emphatic pride sung by even the man in the street
Refrains in Calypsos for national concerns and social commentary
Bajans’ greatness reflected in our Pride and Industry
And recently all the world celebrated our son and daughter too
Doing their best in entertaining and on their World Athletics debut
Our Island presents many chances for the success of all of us
So in appreciation I want to extend the wish for A Happy Birthday Barbados !


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Barbados

  1. Happy Birthday, MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SOOOOO Beautiful and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! May god bless you and help us overcome OUR problems. Barbados, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. Hants


    Nice poem.