Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends

The Culture We Need

Thanksgiving brings families near
Hustling to be together to share
Embraces and meals but mostly
Coming together to express freely
Uttermost thanks to God above
Lots of thanks with lots of love
This example should be copied by other countries
USA set a standard that should get lots of facsimiles
Reproductions of people who every year
Eagerly rush home cause their family will be there
With gifts they will show up, with prayers and wishes
Every pumpkin pudding, baked turkey and the casserole dishes
Nations will be well served to take a bite from this plate
Every country willing to imitate
Emulate the family first attitude and harmonious living
Do this and the whole world can be celebrating this Thanksgiving


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One response to “Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day

    How magnificent is the Lord Almighty
    And forgiving His glory
    Padre Nuestros en Los Cieolos above
    Praises we give you with our undying love
    Your hand has guided us yet another year
    Today with families we gather and share
    Hours of joy over a specially prepared meal
    And give thanks for all the things we feel
    No worries will overcome us today
    Kneeling together and to you, pray
    Sorrows we forget as you descend
    Give us your blessings and our problems mend
    It’s great Lord to give you thanks for family
    Very great for friends, our jobs, health and opportunity
    I know Lord some will gave you thanks for their Governments
    National Organizations, Churches and resolved arguments
    God our thanks is as varied as you have made us all
    Diverse as the snow flakes on the winter snowfall
    And still one thing is possible, where ever we may stay
    You God make it possible to have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!