Barbados Tax Refunds – Where are they?

We don’t have our tax refunds yet. How about you?

Here is a question for our readers: Has anyone received their refund yet, because in three days of asking the question, I haven’t met one person who received their refund.

How about you?



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54 responses to “Barbados Tax Refunds – Where are they?

  1. solonaris

    Well apparently the much talked about “fatted calf” is a carcass at this moment and the only way Barbadians can get their tax returns is if the Govt has money but this Govt has effectively squandered the billions of dollars that were left by the “former administration” on the non-essential things, e.g.
    $20 Million – CLICO > $19.9 Million – Barbados Turf Club > $6 Million – Constituency Councils.

    This Govt for the “poor black man” could not however, could not write off the debt of the Barbados Water Authority so imposed a 60% increase on Barbadians – pensioners and single parents included.

    3 years til election – Heaven Help Us.

  2. Mebspek

    got mine since July 24. So did a lot of my friends.

  3. A-Fish

    I made a late application sometime August and still this is November and I’m still waiting the letter from Inland & Revenue.

  4. solonaris

    Well I have a lot of friends who according to alphabetical order, should have received theirs “ever since” too but hitherto have not.

    I am very concerned about the “change” that I am seeing in my homeland, my country, Barbados.

  5. reality check

    “but this Govt has effectively squandered the billions of dollars that were left by the “former administration” on the non-essential things, e.g.
    $20 Million – CLICO > $19.9 Million – Barbados Turf Club > $6 Million – Constituency Councils.”

    Excuse me?

    This administration has just been picking up the mispent pieces of hundreds of millions of dollars of unaccounted and untendered waste of the previous administration.

    Add at least one zero for all the BLP projects that have laid our treasury bare.

    The DLP are mere amateurs compared to the professional “tiefing” and incompetence of the BLP.

  6. solonaris

    It is interesting ‘Reality Check’ that you have gone down that same narrow and wandering road of stating and I quote: “…hundreds of millions of unaccounted and un tendered waste…” but hitherto have not provided one piece of evidence to justify this propagandist filth!

  7. Bajeabroad

    Look man, don’t blame the DLP for wastage, they now get there. They aint had a thing to do with GEMS, CWC fiasco, VECO etc!! that was wastage! I dont blame them for that, I DO blame them for having absolutely NO PLAN!!!!! for running this country!!…..David does not have a clue even now!!!!!…..Mr Excuse and Blame still riding that horse, even though the election long gone!!….man look!!! give we the people confidence in the ideas you will institute to get Bim back on track nuh!!!…stop bluffing and blaming, and putting bullfrog Hartley to distract the nation!!!….who you going to blame next when we lose it all and devalue the dollar…the Guyanese!!

  8. solonaris

    ‘Bajeabroad’ first of all, the “GEMS” project that has be beaten like dead horse by the DLP has been extremely beneficial to the Barbados economy but that success has been overshadowed by the propaganda of the DLP. As it relates to CWC, there is no where in hell that you could plan an event like that and have a definite number of persons who are going to attend; lets use a layman example, if you plan a party and sell tickets, there is no guarantee that all the persons who bought tickets are going to show up and that is exactly what happened.

    The former Govt, as was stated in the Central Bank Economic Stats of Sept, 2008 left a total of $2.2 billion in foreign reserves, I tell you sadly that due to the policies, or lack thereof, of the DLP the reserves have dropped to a mere $1 billion in a mere 22 months.

    The DLP has a history of not managing this country’s economy well and they are trapped in the Barrow era.

  9. Sargeant

    Well Barrack still gotta get paid, 70 million and rising, next stop 100 million

  10. solonaris

    When people are laid off from work they do not go on a shopping spree, this economic crisis could be seen as such but this Govt is spending as though these are years of plenty and the people in Barbados are suffering; I know some personally.

  11. Hartley Henry


    The name just suits you… are on a SOLO journey of your own.

    Before you cry too loud reflect on the wastage your BLP hoodlums engaged in .

    But too bad for you the real details are yet to come to light…..soon from now you will be ashamed to be a BEE !

  12. solonaris

    I see that Hatley Henry or some one impersonating the inept humanoid has finally crawled from out of the carcass of the DLP’s “fatted calf.” It is quite interesting that you said that “real details are yet to come to light…,” Mr. Henry, the people of Barbados are still waiting on the “details” of the “sordid mess” of Hardwood Housing, after making cackling like a hen on the platform, I thought the goodly Prime Minister would have brought the “details” of the “sordid mess” to the public.

    Further to that, why is it that in this 21st Century, the Prime Minister finds it so hard to identify the former Ministers who have “accounts overseas.”

    I believe that people of Barbados will be waiting for these “details” like they have been waiting on the 100 day promises – it has been 679 days.

  13. Got mine at start of Oct – only after hollering very hard and writing series of nasty articles, ranting on FaceBook and Twitter

  14. bp

    Got mine in July after filing online in March. Basically, I filed a month early and got my return a month late.

  15. Visus

    This Government should have made those responsible for the wastage, pay for that wastage. They haven’t, and now it has come back to bite them in the a**, and it will continue to occur.

  16. Sundowner

    We both filed on time, my husbands came through in August mine arrive 2 weeks ago. My two colleagues at work haven’t received theirs, despite being filed before the deadline.

  17. X

    I only received part of my refund – Inland Revenue decided that my bonus conversion to mutual funds was somehow ineligible as a deduction. Although I do not remember the law changing in this respect.

    I filed my objection and hope for resolution some time in the next 10 years. It is remarkable how inept these Government cretins can be!

  18. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘GEMS’ – ‘has been extremely beneficial to the Barbados economy’

    You have to be joking!

    So ‘beneficial’ that the taxpayer cannot see their audited accounts since 2001!

    And what part did their predatory pricing play in the closure of over 30 hotels?

    No other major Caribbean tourism destination has seen the closure of so many hotels during the 14 years of the BLP administration.

  19. Rumboy

    Worried as this has never happened before. I feel that there is more and we are yet to discover it. One question I would like to ask, can I wait and pay me land tax after I receive my refund.

  20. Thewhiterabbit

    The name of the game is living within your means. The hardcore D’s out there want to blast the B’s for squandering money “back then” and the hardcore B’s want to blast the D’s for squandering now. All forget that there is a relationship between what comes into the treasury and what goes out. B’s spent a lot, but they also had a lot coming in, good times and all. D’s now spending just as rapidly, but not so much coming in, so Mr. Harding on us now for sure! Perhaps when the treasury input is low the output has to be reduced accordingly. Discretionary spending needs to be reduced to maintain essential core services. Sorry D’s, it seems to be your fate to be in office when times are hard. You need to act accordingly.

  21. huh?

    well the PM told the news media that there “was no cash flow crisis” and then went on to describe what is essentially a cash flow crunch. No cash flow crisis but we have cut back.

  22. Hants

    Once again Bajans expecting miracles.

    The rest of the world is still mired in recession and there will be no wild and crazy American borrowing and spending to lead us into recovery.

    Barbados is still a big rock in the sea with 280,000 people and no natural resources.

    There is no economic boom in sight so we will have to change our spending habits.

    I certainly had to change mine big time.

  23. dismanhey


    A tax refund is not a miracle, and so is a VAT refund. The government expects you to comply with the law and as such we the citizens expect the government to honor its legal requirements, as so instituted by them.
    If then, the government cannot honor those obligations then we, the citizens who put them there , expect at the very least, an explanation that is above the usual trivial political verbage that can resonate with our intellect not our patriotism. When the minister and his wife ,( as pointed on this blog) heads off to Russia to hear about the costs of car accidents then i have huge problem of a party hack telling me that i must bear up because of a world recession

  24. Hants


    I was speaking in general terms with regards to the worldwide recession.

    Don’t spend your tax refund. You may need it later.

  25. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Most people I know got theirs pretty early. Lots of people got theirs in July and August. Long and short of it is

    If you file on paper then your return was at the back of the line simply because it then has to be entered into the system and the staff process the returns in the order in which they appear on the system.

    If you had third party info to be supplied and they were tardy doing it then your return would be delayed.
    if you haven’t gotten your return as yet and you filed on time then you are entitled to interest.

  26. Hartley Henry or is it?

    The last 2 years is the first time taxpayers got back their money on time.

    Some persons who filed during income year 2006 are yet to receive their monies.

    Ask the great Owen Arthur & Mia Mottley what happened then !

    CWC 2007 was around the corner…!

    This has nothing to do with DLP or David Thompson “fatted calf” speech as suggested by those BLP pariahs on this site…….!

    David Thompson will ensure everyone get their due rewards…the man is a CHAMPION !

  27. CV

    @ Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    I am assuming you work for the IRD. If you were a normal citizen like myself you would know whether you filed on paper or online made no difference.

    My GF got back her return in July (filed paper), I have a friend who is still awaiting her return(filed online) and I know countless others who filed online and are still waiting like me who filed on paper.

    No one wants to hear any bull about cash strapped. We as citizens paid our taxes (as brek as it left us) and as such expect our returns.
    I keep hearing we are due interest for our late returns yet I can’t find any documentation regarding such!

    1 question “Bad Man Saying Nuttin”, the online system was purported to have been a faster method to the paper filing. With that said it would be safe to assume that ONLINE tax returns should have been received faster this yr since online filing was introduced, which would further suggest that MANUAL filers should have received their returns FASTER than last yr since a % of the population used the super duper fast and highly successful online system.


  28. CV

    Bad Man Saying Nuttin, would you call the new online system a success or would you call it a colossal failure…..
    Maybe an EPIC failure?

  29. GawBlinYuh

    Can someone at IRD tell me if the people that wrote the new fancy online program were paid in full or are they waiting as well?

    I can’t go to Licensing authority and say I have $200 today or my household is cash strapped and I have to cut back but need to get to work but BLA would be paid….It is a nonsense excuse.

    Is the commissioner of IRD in Iraq? They are very quiet on this whole situation, where is the PRO? When in July/August they were tooting there horn HARD about this GREAT ONLINE SYSTEM which could only be used with firefox.

  30. CV

    @ GawBlinYuh, so what your indeed saying is, the online system, that the IRD was trying to push people to use, could only be used initially with a browser which 25% of the population over the WORLD uses? Say it aint so!
    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to make it initially Internet Explorer Compatible? (64% market share)

    Maybe this is why so many people had issues getting on to the system in the first place to file, here I was thinking it was just bad programming.

  31. Solonaris

    I find it very interesting how the Political Advisor to the Prime Minister has time to be on a blog responding to what people are saying, I wonder how much money he is being paid for such. Hartley Henry has shown that outside of Political Science he has nothing of substance to offer this country or the region for that matter. Further to that, after the CLICO fiasco, Barbadians should not believe a word that comes out of David Thompson’s mouth.

    After telling Barbadians through even the Opposition Leader’s no confidence motion that CLICO was stable, he came in his Budget and said it was in trouble but placed it so far to the end of the budget that people had lost interest after he basically regurgitated everything out of the Economic Review of the Central Bank of Barbados.

    We have a clueless Prime Minister and inept sidekicks like Hartley Henry who are basic political opportunists.

  32. CV


    Who say anything about spending it. Just want it to decide what I will do with it.

  33. No Cents in de Change

    Got mine late July, filied online in late March.

  34. Sundowner

    We filed ours at the Tax office as the passwords were not accepted, the clerk in the Tax office couldn’t get the passwords to work work either!! eventually it was done. A lot of people had trouble with the online service. It really doesn’t seem to have mattered whether you filed online/on paper/ early or late they’re all over the place. Real mess this year.

  35. Rumboy

    To Hartley Henry –
    I have filed income tax returns for many years like all of us here and have never before had to wait as long as this, never. Something is amiss, I feel it.

  36. iWatchya

    Granted it was a real mess. Whenever you impliment a new system, there will be problems…
    BUT, where is my interest?? Do I have to apply for it now?

  37. iWatchya

    Or is it going to behave like the VAT department, which does not pay interest on millions owed to the people of BIM?

  38. Mathilde

    Got mine last week, and Im near the end of the alphabet. Have a friend with last name B who got his this week.
    not sure what order its going in…

  39. GawBlinYuh

    Al Barrack get his?

  40. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    @ CV
    I would describe it as a work in progress. Obviously it was not efficient this year because of the kinks that happen when running out new software or systems. this is normal in IT . What I would say is that it probably was unwise to cold switch over to the new system. I would have run both systems parallel and made the switch a year later.

    With regards to the choice of Firefox browser as the one to use. Firefox is the technically superior browser. The only reason Internet Explorer is more popular is because Windows is the Operating software for most computers sold and Internet explorer is bundled with the computer. Most ppl who experiment prefer firefox by far. Most ppl who know anything about computers prefer firefox. And it should be noted that the IRD system works with Internet Explorer 8 because that is technically more up to date. You cannot expect persons designing complex software in 2009 to dumb it down so it is compatible with old browsers. and browsers are free so all people had to do was to download firefox or IE8. 10 minutes of effort

  41. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    and I don’t work for IRD, can’t represent them, can’t speak for them.

  42. Ruby Murray

    I tried electronic filing but did not work at the time and filed paper before the deadline. Now Nov 26, 2009 and still waiting for the refund!

  43. Not yet

    Just to add my info.. if you are still couting… hubby filed his online before the deadline..(I haven’t filed as I haven’t worked in a few years) .. and we are still waiting.

  44. Mobert

    Does not take a rockey scientist to figure out that the Gov’t is maximising cashflow to pay down loans.

    Increased road taxes, slower payment on refunds, increased land taxes, increased fuel prices last year.

    They are being strict with the cashflow, understandly so.

    But, you should get refunds, by law.

  45. CV

    @ Bad Man Saying Nuttin, most people who know anything about computers knows they are tons of computer illiterate people in this country who are not willing to accept change, so something as simple as allowing the system to work properly with IE6 and 7 would be a step in the right direction. Most people will work with what they have…and since IE comes on all PC’s…..I think I need not continue.

    However, my issue is not with the browser, yes all systems will have kinks. My issues are:

    1. Where is my tax return?why haven’t I got it?
    2. Months ago it is said the system was fast and efficient, now the PM is saying they are some challenges…what challenges pre tel?

  46. Candyman

    IE6 is leading the browser, what brand of idiot designs a program that works with a browser that has little market share…

    Linux is good as well, did the IRD design their program on Linux.

    Anyways de ppl late, I want to know bout getting interest

  47. Avatar Girl


  48. Baje Iceman

    Filed since May 2009 and haven’t seen a cent yet and I have bills to pay with that money. The ironic thing is that they are still deducting nearly what they owe me as PAYE every month and i don’t have a choice to say well I am not going to pay you this month cause I have a cash flow problem!

  49. WTF!

    Tried to file online, but was unable to do so due to a fault with the online form.
    Filed the paper version in May.
    According to the online service, my refund has been approved since November 9th.
    Still awaiting my refund cheque.

  50. CV

    @ WTF,
    Please tell me your kidding. Mine is due this week according to my online status. I hope I’m not waiting in vain!

  51. blingesha

    anybodee see today’s papuh about tax refunds dem say them cumming in a timely manner

  52. Luc

    We’d all be better off accepting that all government institutions tend to waste large amounts of tax money (with any party in power). This is almost inevitable as a consequence of the fact that it is not the individual decision maker’s money; it is other peoples money. And remember people gain recognition not only by actual value for money results but by the total size of the budget they manage i.e. the total amount of money they are authorised to spend.
    Raising taxes is the simplest way for them to compensate for this.
    Elect governments with vision and with plans to reduce taxes. Remember, some of the most successful islands don’t even have income tax at all.

  53. what the hell

    i am sorry to hear about the persons who to date have not received their income tax returns….i got mine back but quite frankly it is not a lot…..what i dont dont understand is why do people budget for income tax returns..i mean seriously…its like bonus payments in december for christmas….i mean u made it true a whole year yes it may be a struggle for some….but amounts such as income tax is deducted before you receive you net pay so technically you don’t “feel it” until you look on your pay slip and see the actual amout so why budget for it… I think it comes back down to people especially us bajans living higher than our means…things like income tax returns and bonus payments should act as a “plus” to our usual income….what happens when you get your income tax return and it is gone within the next couple of days or week teh most..what happens to teh next month??????????????

  54. Anonymous

    5 years later, a new “streamlined” authority, and same story.
    Businesses are expected to pay their VAT and Corporation Tax on time.
    Individuals are expected to pay Income tax, Land Tax, Solid Waste Tax, Road Tax on time.
    Government unable or unwilling to do the same.