Tennis pon de Rock – Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki while Marcus changes nappys at home


This is NOT the photo of Serena that Marcus links to in the article. 🙂

The girls (meaning Shona and friends) have tickets to see tennis giants Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki square off at Tennis pon de Rock on November 28, 2009. Yours truly has been informed that, night shift or not, I WILL be changing the diapers so the ladies can have a day off. I am not allowed to call Auntie Moses even though she won’t be going to the match.

Funny thing is, I told Shona that I’d love to go with her to the match but she won’t hear of it. Says she needs some time off from me and little ones. I don’t think that’s it though. I can’t figure out the reason she doesn’t want me to go to the match. Could it have been that nude magazine cover that Serena recently did for ESPN? I mean, come on honey, it’s only a sports event. Tennis, doan ya know?

Maybe I’ll figure it out later, but meanwhile it looks like I’m in the doghouse for some reason.


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16 responses to “Tennis pon de Rock – Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki while Marcus changes nappys at home

  1. If Martina Kournikova posed nude with all her goodies displayed would they want to ban her and fine her a half mil? I am sure race has NOTHING to do with it, riiiiight! Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe cursed judges worse than she, but Old White Boys Network strikes again, eh? Finally – Marcus, hire a baby sitter, get a disguise and go to the match anyway 😛

  2. BFP

    Ha! Ian, I’ve been told in no uncertain terms.

    It’s so hard to be a good boy sometimes when I get no credit for it.

    About the race question, you know I hate to play that card but I agree with your analysis this time around. Other than the one outburst (for which there is no excuse – we can’t have that happening) Serena has been an angel compared with Mr. McEnroe and dozens other athletes. What’s different? Only that she continues to massacre every white girl she comes up against in a sport that for decades was as white as golf.

  3. Crossroads

    She’s looks hot!

  4. Love What I See

    Wow. Now I have made my decision that I will be buying my tickets for the 28th and 29th… Serena here I come.

  5. Hants

    Soooooo. Wife going to tennis with a bunch of girls to watch 2 girls play.

    Husband not allowed to attend.

    Next possible crisis for husband.

    If Ronaldo comes to Barbados to play exhibition soccer match.
    Wife and bunch of girls go to watch Ronaldo.
    Husband must stay home.

    Marcus you better nip this problem in the bud or you might never get to leave the house.

  6. reality check


    Have you forgotten Arthur Ashe and what an inspiriation and role model he was for all young athletes from around the world as well as African americans?

  7. Hope Springs Eternal

    And what about Yannick Noah? Hot, hot hot………………

  8. Crusoe

    Moves to fine her? Ya gotta be kiddin me?

    After the continuous diatribes of John McEnroe, bringing disrepute to tennis, yuh want to fine her 1/2 mill and strip her position for the Australian Open for what?

    One incident cursing a line judge or posing nude and all nicely baby-oiled?

    Or maybe, much more likely, just being there and hammering all comers?

    It’s all about perception and control!

    Don’t rock their boat, y’know. The whole world is an oyster, as long as you play by ‘the rules’.

    Ya go girl!

    Y’know, some musse regret the day Tiger tek up a club.

  9. I have to agree with reality check.

    Arthur Ashe, Pele, Kirby Puckett, Pinball Clemons
    have been great and still are revered by many.
    It is not the colour that defines you but your personality, sportsmanship character.

  10. Never considered her role model, just yummy to look at and fantastic at tennis – you say nothing about Connors nor McEnroe…

  11. bp

    The discussion is about Serena

  12. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    Several male tennis professionals posed nude a couple of years ago (Robredo in 2007, see, and Verdasco in 2008). Robredo posed nude for the UK version of Cosmospolitan Magazine. The pics were taken to benefit the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign, which raises awareness of, and funds research into, testicular and prostate cancer. I do not recall any mention of fines then or since. I am not sure if the ‘talk’ of fines for Serena are coming from official circles or just some venting.

  13. @ bp: Granted it is on Serena, nevertheless there are precedents, it seems many are implying what is okay in one ‘gender/Race’ is not for the next?

  14. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @bp, if history started and stopped at the last US Open semi finals, it would still be amazing that the girl from Compton was there. But, it did not, so you can look all the way back and put the ‘rant’ and bad behaviour into context. Serena has not done much of which we can be proud. Is that your argument?

    One thing to note: the foot fault call is the only one in tennis that is not capable of being overturned by the chair umpire, and it is not subject to “Hawkeye” electronic review. So, even if it can be proved to be made wrongly, too bad. The general view now with the review system is that it defuses a lot of problems by bringing ‘closure’ or ‘peace of mind’ over controversal calls.


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