Articles about murdered tourist Terry Schwarzfeld disappearing from Canadian News archives

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

I thought you’d like to know the reason why past news articles about Terry Schwarzfeld are being removed from the web by Canwest. Ask yourself ‘How much was Barbados Tourism spending with Canwest before the incident? How much is Barbados spending on advertising with Canwest now?’ “

… received as an anonymous email from a BFP reader based in Canada.

“I’m trying to find out if a court date has been set for Curtis Foster, the man accused of killing Canadian Terry Schwarzfeld. I have had no luck getting through to Attorney General’s office. Have you heard anything? Any idea if a trial date has been set? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

… email to BFP from a Canadian reader.

Ottawa Citizen Barbados

Making Terry Schwarzfeld Disappear

We hadn’t noticed until we received the anonymous email from Canada, but a Google search shows the truth – many of the Canadian news articles about murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld have been removed from the internet by Canadian news media outlets.

Included in the list of “missing” is the March 8, 2009 Ottawa Citizen article by Bruce Ward Bajan Media Ignores Attack On Women. Online site only outlet to speak out for Schwarzfeld.

Hey, like we always knew… “Money talks”

Tourist Murder


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31 responses to “Articles about murdered tourist Terry Schwarzfeld disappearing from Canadian News archives

  1. James

    Ensuring that the murder of Terry Schwarzfeld is dealt with properly by Barbados authorities is one thing. Criticising the BTA for trying to play down a murder in a key tourist market is plain silly. It’s not like we have a problem with too many tourists at the moment and I’d support anything that any organisation can do to minimise the damage caused by this sort of event. In an ideal world, the authorities would deal with this rapidly and effectively, the event would be seen to be resolved by foreign media and would go away. The reality is that in the absence of clear action, damage limitation is the only thing that anyone responsible could and should do. I don’t think that you’re serving Barbados well by continually highlighting the case. I’m sure you’ll disagree but them’s the breaks.

  2. date: Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 12:07 PM
    subject: an ottawa citizen question….


    My name’s Andrew Duffy; I’m a reporter with the Ottawa Citizen in Canada. I’m trying to find out what’s going on in the case of Curtis Joel Foster, the Bajan charged in the murder of Canadian Terry Schwarzfeld.

    Have you heard whether a trial date has been set in that case? Or do you know anyone I could contact who might know?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.



  3. coincidence or?

    Canwest use to have many of its companies registered in Barbados.

    Can anyone advise if they still do?

    Why on earth would these matters be removed from the archives of Canadian newspapers?

    Is Terry Schwarzfeld simply a footnote in Canadian history playing second fiddle to Canada’s
    third largest tax treaty country where many Billions of Dollars of Foreign Direct Investment is run through it like some kind of third world “shill” without regard to the level of services and basic institutions Barbados needs to operate a proper functioning democratic country ( ie underpaid and short staffed police )?

    Do Canadian taxpayers and citizens of Barbados deserve better?

  4. Rumboy

    Why would one think that some how the authorities here are trying to make this case disappear. What would be achieved by this. No doubt when the case is finally ready the DPP will begin due process in this matter and Mr Foster will stand trial. There could be mitigating circumstances that have not been made public due to the fact that all the evidence has not been processed. It sometimes can take the Canadian authorities a lot longer to begin their due process.

  5. Rooster

    The biggest story about the murder of Terry Schwarzfeld is that her murder was only the latest in a series of robberies, rapes and violence against tourists at Long Beach that had been going on for at least 2 years and that the Bajan press and authorities covered up.

    This new coverup involving exchanging advertising revenues for taking down stories about crime in Barbados is truly Bajan.

    We don’t worry about what the Bajan brand has become, only about how it looks. Spend more money on police and tourist safety and less on covering up violence against tourists. All these chickens going to come home to roost someday when Barbados can’t buy it’s way out of the news.

  6. passin thru

    Look like Mr. Duffy reporter is getting the brush off from the Attorney Gen’s office if Mr. Duffy lookin on the blogs for info.

    Anybodys know the info wat he want?

  7. Hope Springs Eternal

    Canwest recently filed for and obtained bankruptcy protection

    Could it be that Canwest has now resorted to whoring itself to the highest bidders? Canwest has been accused many times of not upholding the sanctity of the Fourth Estate. I would imagine that advertisers now have the upper hand.

  8. Allamby

    Do a google for ‘Canwest problems’ or ‘Canwest finances’.

    Mighty interesting.

  9. Hants

    Andrew Duffy can contact the Barbados High Commissioner’s office in Ottawa for assistance in getting the information he requires.

    There are hundreds of articles about this in Canadian newspaper archives.

    Barbados is still a great place for Canadians to vacation especially now that the airfare is under $300cad return.

  10. Hants

    BFP your heading on this post is stretching the truth at best and an unmitigated falsification of veracity.

    google Terry Schwarzfeld Canwest.

    The ottawacitizen is a canwest global company.

  11. yatinkiteasy

    So what is the situation…is the accused in jail , pending trial? If so , how long will he be deprived of his freedom…Is he not entitled under Barbados Law to a “speedy trial”…Has he undergone any mental tests to see if he is a madman…surely his family and the public deserve the truth.

  12. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    We invite you to click through some of the search results on Google, and you will find that they lead to dead ends in many cases – indicating that the stories have been very recently removed. For instance, the Ottawa Citizen article “Hundreds Mourn Terry Schwarzfeld” returned in your “Terry Schwarzfeld Canwest” search leads to a blank page. The story has been removed although the Google link to the page index remains. Must be a coincidence. Similarly, many of the earlier stories criticising the response of the Bajan authorities and providing details of the previous offenses have been removed from the Ottawa Citizen. Lastly, please put Terry’s name into the article search at the Ottawa Citizen and tell us how many of the several dozen stories originally published by that paper are returned.

    Hants, we didn’t create this story out of thin air or stumble across it. Someone who knows what is up brought it to our attention. Check a little deeper and follow the links and let us know what you find. We’re happy to have more discussion on this or retract any story if circumstances warrant.

    Please let us know what you find.


    Also it is a Canadian reporter that is coming to the blogs out of frustration in dealing with the Bajan authorities. You’d think by now we’d learn to have a single point of contract for media and family on such a huge story. If we had that we wouldn’t now be having a Canadian reporter asking for a status report on the bloody internet!

  13. Hope Springs Eternal

    Hants, once again, doing his best imitation of a brick……..

  14. Hants

    BFP you always talk about investigative journalism is in Barbados.

    A Canadian reporter can go to the Barbados High Commission or counsulate office in Canada and request information.
    He can also contact the mainstream media in Barbados. If they don’t help he can get on a WestJet plane for $300 from Toronto and fly to Barbados and dig up the information.

    Or he can wait until the trial starts in April 2010.

    BFP if Canwest chose to pull some of the stories because they want Barbados advertising dollars that is a CANADIAN company decision.
    Maybe they really need the money.

    Canwest Successfully Obtains Court Order for Creditor Protection

    (winnipeg – October, 6, 2009) Canwest Global Communications Corp (“Canwest” or the “Company”) announced that further to its news release issued earlier today, the Company, Canwest Media Inc, Canwest Television Limited Partnership (including Global Television, MovieTime, DejaView and Fox Sports World), The National Post Company and certain subsidiaries (the “CMI Entities”), have voluntarily entered into, and successfully obtained an Order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial Division) commencing proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”).

  15. maybe Hartley Henry, maybe not

    Rawle Eastmond has just tendered his resignation.

    The country have to wait to see if Mia Mottley accepts it.

    Owen Arthur has advised….that she should.

    More information as it comes to hand.

  16. Hants

    May God bless the soul of Terry Schwarzfeld and I hope her murderer is sentenced to Life in prison.

    There is no death penalty in Canada so life in prison is reasonable in this case.

  17. Hants

    BFP you always manage to present Barbados in an negative light. That is your right as you live there.

    The Barbados you write about does not reflect my personal experiences in Barbados.

    When I go to Barbados I enjoy every day.Too bad the recession has made me reduce my visits this year.

    I will continue to prepare for the day I can return to BARBADOS FOREVER and your continued rants and ravings will not stop me.
    I hope the DLP is still in power when I return.

    I gine an see if I can ketch a Rainbow trout. Uh ketch 4 salmon and 1 brown trout las month.
    Fishin does help ease de pain uh not being in Barbados ketchin bonitos,barracuda and cavallys.

    Uh gone.

  18. Maybe now that there is going to be a bye-election in St. James North we may get some attention to the environmental disaster and beach situation in Road View/Mullins. Not holding our breath but will not be listening to any politician who fails to address the issue truthfully.

  19. reality check

    Save Mullins Bay

    “Not holding our breath but will not be listening to any politician who fails to address the issue truthfully.”

    Since all we have gotten is broken promises from both parties, doesn’t this mean you should be running one of your own independent candidates who you know will fight for saving the beach.

    Do you really believe that a promise from the DLP or BLP is anything more than an empty bag of wind just to grab power?

  20. The Oracle

    Whether or not the above poster who started this tangent is in fact Hartley Henry, a rumour was already making its way around the constituency that Austin Husbands (DLP & Vice Chair BTA) was heard to exclaim after news of Rawle Eastmond’s recent illness: “Now the seat is mine!” Whereas that may just be the gin and tonic talking again, any race in St. James North at this time is going to be very, very close and every single vote will count. As a bare minimum, people in Road View and Mullins should insist that every single beachfront property in the area be properly protected with boulders or gabion baskets.

  21. Hope Springs Eternal

    Can we please keep this thread on track? This is not about the erosion of the beach at Road View or anywhere else.
    Hants, how can you possibly compare “your experience” of little 1-2 week vacations to Barbados to actually living there full-time? Until you deal with the daily hassles of a full-time resident you can’t possibly understand so don’t pretend you do. Visiting friends and family, having them feed and entertain you whilst you spends yours days idling on the beach is not LIFE in Barbados. Unless you fight rush hour traffic everyday to drop off your kids to school and get to your job where the enforcement of labour law is virtually non-existant unless it is a unionized position. The boss can buse your tail everyday and fire yuh if you dare to complain and there will be NOTHING you can do about it. Wages are pitiful but the cost of basics is high. Purchasing food will suck up almost 1/3 of your take home pay unless you are prepared to go without some of the many things you take for granted in Canada. See all those personal grooming products like shaving cream, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush? You would have to sit down and see if you could afford those things this month.
    If you are an intelligent person who likes to keep the mind stimulated and educated through constant learning, you will become frustrated. The two local newspapers are pure pap. Reading about 4 little girls performing a dance at their local school, while very sweet, is not news. Reading about a fella that has “interferred” with a cow is solacious crap not news. Books are prohibitively expensive in Barbados and the majority of books available are in the vain of romance novels and other trash that are a desecration of trees. If you do not take steps to nourish your brain in Barbados it will turn to mush.
    Everyday, you will see that democracy in Barbados is a type of fakery perpetrated on the people. True democracy does not exist in Barbados. With money, influence and connections you can even subvert the course of Justice and it is done all the time. Just about anyone can be bought. The amount of corruption and unfairness you will see on a daily basis, will start to rot your soul. You think life in Barbados sweet? Think again.

  22. The Oracle

    Isn’t it disgusting the way how Maria Bradshaw was fawning all over Bjorn Bjerkhamn in The Nation today? Not one word about the destruction of the beach at Road View/Mullins. She even gloried in the destruction of the Dark Hole community as if Bjerkhamn is doing these poor people a big favour by pushing them out of his way across the street in a few little matchboxes passing as “wall houses.” The pillaging of Barbados continues under the watchful eye of the obsequious press. Lord help us!

  23. littleboy

    The Austin Husbands I know would never say that. He and Rawle Eastmond are pesonal friends but political opponents.
    By theway, Austin does drink white rum like he otha friend Owen Affa

  24. The Oracle


    If Austin and Rawle are personal friends, that is a good thing and is as it should be. Heaven knows we need a lot more of that in Barbados politics these days. This may date me a bit, but I was at Sir Kenmore “Doc” Husbands’ (I believe he was a close relative of Austin) house the day Barrow fired Joy Edwards and sent Cammy Tudor to offer Doc (then a B) the Agriculture portfolio. If you saw how Sir Ken and Sir James were laughing and talking and backslapping each other that day, you would swear they were old buddies. I think they were in fact lodge brothers. Only moments before that Doc was still haranguing the Dems from Barrow on down. In any case, I was only reporting what I heard from one of Rawle’s other friends. As to what the good gentlemen drink, all I can say is – I am only a green tea man myself.

  25. “Cove Bay To River Bay -via- Mullins Bay” –

  26. Avatar Girl

    @ Hope Springs Eternal,

    Looka, don’t worry with Hants. Hants just got an opportunity that we ain’t get yet…to get the heck outta Bim! You think he would WANT to come back at this point in time when he mekking good money up in the Great White North? If I had that, I wouldn’t either!

    Hants is just an armchair critic. Let him stay in Barbados for a few years WITHOUT the Canadian Dollar backing him & see what would happen! He would have to move real “smart” to get anywhere ’bout here!

  27. Don Butler

    I am a journalist with the Ottawa Citizen. I am trying to get information about the status of the murder trial of Curtis Foster, accused to killing Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld. Does anyone know where this stands? Has a date been set for trial? Who would know about that?
    Best regards,
    Don Butler

  28. whitebajan

    I see a mna on the swing bridge (that don’t swing) Shouting out HONKEY HONKEY to the white tourist by the waterfront and even jumping at a man and his wife and their BABY and talking about Death to White People and he represents Black people and talking in a n Aquired american accent (probabl;y from Jail) Black Phanter style !!! I flag down a police car that the same said man was talking at too , and I tell dem what he was up to and they didn’t look very interested at all .. COCK ya GUNS ya Hear!!!!!!!!!!

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