Chinese-equipped Cuban Secret Police beat Award Winning Global Voices bloggers


“I was arrested along with Orlando L. Pardo and Claudia Cadelo they carried us off sicilian style. Knocks. We were left lying in a corner.”

Cuban blogger Yoaní Sánchez (wikipedia link) in an SMS text message to Spanish blogger Rosa Jiménez Cano, who works at the Spanish news daily El País


Photo: Three Men Who Excuse Murder & Oppression of Cubans

Translation of the account posted by Yoaní on her blog

Near 23rd Street, just at the Avenida de los Presidentes roundabout, we saw a black car, made in China, pull up with three heavily built strangers. ‘Yoani, get in the car,’ one told me while grabbing me forcefully by the wrist. The other two surrounded Claudia Cadelo, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, and a friend who was accompanying us to the march against violence.

The ironies of life, it was an evening filled with punches, shouts and obscenities on what should have passed as a day of peace and harmony. The same ‘aggressors’ called for a patrol car which took my other two companions, Orlando and I were condemned to the car with yellow plates, the terrifying world of lawlessness and the impunity of Armageddon.

I refused to get into the bright Geely-made car and we demanded they show us identification or a warrant to take us. Of course they didn’t show us any papers to prove the legitimacy of our arrest. The curious crowded around and I shouted, ‘Help, these men want to kidnap us,’ but they stopped those who wanted to intervene with a shout that revealed the whole ideological background of the operation, ‘Don’t mess with it, these are counterrevolutionaries.’

In the face of our verbal resistance they made a phone call and said to someone who must have been the boss, ‘What do we do? They don’t want to get in the car.’ I imagine the answer from the other side was unequivocal, because then came a flurry of punches and pushes, they got me with my head down and tried to push me into the car. I held onto the door… blows to my knuckles… I managed to take a paper one of them had in his pocket and put it in my mouth. Another flurry of punches so I would return the document to them…


We were left aching, lying in a street in Timba, a woman approached, ‘What has happened?’… ‘A kidnapping,’ I managed to say. We cried in each others arms in the middle of the sidewalk, thinking about Teo, for God’s sake how am I going to explain all these bruises. How am I going to tell him that we live in a country where this can happen, how will I look at him and tell him that his mother, for writing a blog and putting her opinions in kilobytes, has been beaten up on a public street. How to describe the despotic faces of those who forced us into that car, their enjoyment that I could see as they beat us, their lifting my skirt as they dragged me half naked to the car.

Full story at Global Voices – Cuba: Yoani Sanchez & Other Bloggers Seized

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19 responses to “Chinese-equipped Cuban Secret Police beat Award Winning Global Voices bloggers

  1. Rumboy

    It seems that as soon a pressure is turned on again with regards to Posada Carilles immediately stories such as the above start to emerge. Once more the dilution of factual information regarding Cuba is released by those wicked people in Washington. Obama should have stripped the CIA of it’s top echelon that have been in there since the end of the cold war. Personally I thought that they would all be dead by now.

  2. dnodog

    what poor use of photoshop.
    Democracy must come from within, the cuban people insted of running away from cuba have to stand and fight. Yes some will die in the process, but heavy is the price of freedom. I do not support castro, but i do not believe that outside forces can truly change a regime. If that was so the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would have long ended.
    While I feel sorry for the oppressed in cuba, I believe that the people have failed themselves by not overthrowing the regime if they wanted change. A great man once told me that people get the government they allow to govern them.
    If I have offended anyone.. frankly I don’t care.

  3. Hants

    BFP if you are going to use photoshop to create a fake picture at least do a good job.

    Change the tie or the colour of the jacket.

  4. Donald Duck, Esq

    Always remember that the current PM’s head can never fit on the former PM’s shoulders!!!

  5. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Geezzz. You never complained about our lousy PhotoShop skills before. Maybe Clive was sober when he did it. That could be the problem.

  6. reality check

    “A great man once told me that people get the government they allow to govern them.”

    You are not kidding.

    When will Barbadians get it?

  7. Len White

    While being appreciative of the notion of freedom of the press, I must protest your caption and photo. The implication that the former and current Prime Ministers of Barbados are somehow excusers or supporters (two very interchangeable words) of oppression and murder is over the top, to put it mildly. I at times find your articles to be in the national interest, however there are times, and this is one, where your resort to hyperbole and worst are detrimental to the nation’s image. Maybe, at times like this, your exercise of journalistic freedom should be tempered by a sense of responsibility.

  8. Hants


    no further comment on the grounds that this is your blog and you can photoshop, Illustrate or Corelate anthing you want.

  9. Hants

    See BFP. wanna gone an upset Len White by Black ballin de PM’s an Barbados.

    Evah body roun de wirl know dat Babadus is a great country wid good people and a good Government an Prime Minista.

    I have to be careful cause I is a born Bajan Canadian citizen and Canada love up Castro too.

  10. oh come on

    maybe i should cancel my mother’s free cataract surgery in cuba and instead get it done in miami and pay out my nose in protest?

    get real.

  11. BFP

    Hi Len

    Actually, it wasn’t Barbados’ support of Cuba that was the worst. Nope… that is a toss up between Barbados’ support of China’s slave camp system and our support for Iran’s execution of minors.

    Yup. In a vote at the UN, our country formally supported Iran’s “right” to hang 15 year old girls for having pre-marital sex.

  12. oh come on

    bfp they have their customs , and the west have ours

    even tho i may not like theirs, at the end of the day it is their system, i bet you some of our customs are frowned upon in asian and arabic countries, does it make ours wrong?

    ppl seem to believe that the world is made up of the USA and then their own address.

    in some countries the punishment for pre marital sex is death, it isnt a new law, that ppl can say dem din know. these laws sometimes are centuries old.

  13. Problems

    South Africa under apartheid rule had their customs and problems too. We cared about injustice then but today we are whores for whatever country gives us money.

  14. oh come on

    i think it is up to the ppl of the country to fight for their freedoms, until then there isnt much outside influences can do.

    a country that has years of history of a custom isnt gonna change in a day, and isnt gonna change just becuz uncle sam tells them to.

    are those of you who criticise and wants barbados to act on these atrocities doing your part? boycott all things china? do you know where your computer components are manufactured? your cellphone? the cup u just took a sip of water from? to expect an entire government to act and you caant is jus unreasonable

  15. Lazy farmer

    You’re right Oh come on. There is no room today for thinking about human rights.

    In Bim we are fortunate that the abolitionists didn’t agree with you though.

  16. oh come on

    this is how i see it lazy farmer

    lets say the islamic law and customs states that adultery is punishable by death, ppl who are born and raised under islam commit adultery, should me or u kick up a stink becuz an adulterer under islamic law is executed? the persons that commited adultery knew the consequences and customs.

    on the flipside many customs christians and westerners have are foreign and wrong in the eyes of islam, should a person of islam teachings bash our way and try to impose on us his way of doing things? what human rights have we breached in the eyes of an islamic person?

  17. oh come on

    also let me ask this, totally hypothetical.

    you grow up in a poor household, you need an expensive procedure done to save your life or the life of a loved one and the government of barbados has a program setup where free the procedures can be carried out in cuba or china. how many of you fundamentalist would turn down the communist cuban or chinese funded treatment and lose your life or your loved one’s life?

  18. Hopr Springs Eternal

    “I have to be careful cause I is a born Bajan Canadian citizen and Canada love up Castro too.”

    Hants, I swear you talk more shite on the internet than anyone I can recall in recent memory. If you mean that Canadians are allowed to travel freely to Cuba and that the Canadian government believes that embargos only hurt innocent Cubans, I hardly see how this means we have a love of Castro. I don’t know what little zone of Canada you live in, except maybe the one inside your head, but I grow tired of your constant posting of misinformation about Canada.

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