Nation reporters implement Barbados Free Press suggestions – return to hospital morgue

Friends, it looks like some reporters from The Nation newspaper read BFP’s article Night of the Living Dead in Barbados?

They returned to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital morgue and discovered that the original information they received from the hospital authorities was, how do you say? Oh yeah… bullship.

It turns out that the “high security electronic door” to the morgue needs a special card to get into the morgue, but any escaping corpses only need press a button to exit. Contrary to what the hospital authorities said at the press conference, escaping corpses don’t need an access card to leave.

Just like we said when we criticized the Barbados news reporters for failing to think.

Glad to see that Barbados Free Press could be of assistance to the junior cub reporters at the Nation News!

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7 responses to “Nation reporters implement Barbados Free Press suggestions – return to hospital morgue

  1. Johnny Postle @

    Now the reporters should determine if the CCTV cameras are working and if they where, were they turned off that night. They also need to check the sizes of the storage drawers and also find out if all are the same size and working properly. And lastly, simply put someone, or even Scantlebury back in one of the drawers so as prove the QEH theory that exiting one of these drawers is highly improbable.

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  3. Hants

    If this was Hants or Ian Bourne telling this story most uh wanna Bajans wud believe it..

    A poor car washer with a speech impediment from a stroke ? Nah.

    While it is possible that this gentleman is not recalling the event correctly, we should be concerned that there were no records immediately available for a person who was treated at hospital for a seizure and a person has had a stroke.

    BFP beg Georgie Porgie to come back an give his point of view. He lef we an gone pon BU an he doan comment hey atall atall.

  4. Checkit-out

    One question I find interesting was in today’s Nation. it was purportedly by a nurse at QEH and , since I forget the exact words, was something to the effect of;

    “Do the authorities know that sometimes we send bodies from the wards in adult pampers? (and perhaps labelled with toe tags)

  5. Probably Not Hartley Henry

    Hey folks , I had a chat with Mr. Scantlebury this afternoon…….he said he is not aware of the events the Nation News printed.

    Hmm……leaves many to wonder if the Nation News is behind this story !

    Good job Scantlebury….thanks for that information.

  6. Living in Barbados

    @Probably Not Hartley Henry, I presume the conversation was with the ‘living dead’ Mr. Scantlebury, not the dead and buried one. Did you ask him about the picture of him holding the adult diaper and wearing pyjamas that appeared in the Nation?

  7. e grandison

    is it so difficult to see that the real thing here is that a doctor pronounced a man dead and that man is still with us.i am familiar with the trays in the morgue . they are on rollers and designed to open with minimal effort. they slide out they slant down to facilitae the easy removal of bodies. that would also assist a living man to get off the tray. what bucket is saying is not impossible and highly probable. let the hospital present the books for a forensic analysist. lets see the records. and lets see if there has been any tampering