Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Muslim terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar!” during mass murder at Fort Hood.

Muslim Terror Suspect

US Army Major was on Homeland Security Panel advising President Obama

Nidal Hasan, the US Army major who went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, yelled “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great!) as he opened fire on his army colleagues. Earlier that day he handed out new Korans to neighbours. (Associated Press: Neighbor: Fort Hood suspect emptied his apartment.)

Oh yes, it might be of interest that Hasan was also on the Homeland Security Policy Institute’s presidential transition task force in 2008.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and friends. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to those good people around the world who happen to be Muslims. I read one estimate that only three percent of Muslims can be considered “Jihadists” in the terrorist sense of the word. Another estimate I read by a member of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia said (I think) seven percent.

So let’s use the three percent of a billion Muslims… that makes about 30 million or so of the world’s Muslims as potential hosts for the deadly virus called Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

At the low end of the scale.



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8 responses to “Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Muslim terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar!” during mass murder at Fort Hood.

  1. Sargeant

    BFP how does one go from being a participant in an independent think tank that was not officially affiliated with the White House to being “ on Homeland Security Panel advising President Obama”? Do you have any idea how many “think tanks” there are in Washington? I read somewhere that there are over 1000 . Not to worry, there is report of another mass shooting by an unhappy former employee of a company in Orlando today, look forward to some tenuous connection to Obama, well here it is the shooter is described as male..


    Sargeant you better be careful wid those kinds of comments on this blog. You looking tah get “reeled in”.. Hah

  3. ninemikemike

    I seems that the terrorists have ‘sleepers’ everywhere – in the Afghan police, and now in the world’s largest military base.

    Some heads must roll if a quarter of the anecdotal evidence about this islamic nutter was true. I sure as shooting (sorry) wouldn’t want any dressing-gown wearing , koran-wielding suspects in MY man’s army – would any of you?

    Obama’s first job is to keep his country safe – and just like the idiot Brown in Britain, he is a signal failure at that, amongst many other things. In Britain 3,500 immigrants from Afghanistan have been admitted in the past year, so it is beyond certain there will be some ‘sleeping’ terrorists amongst their number.

    Obama would be the only POTUS able to purge the US military of the muslims liable to be infected with the deadly ‘instant jihad syndrome’, as any white POTUS would be instantly accused of racism. Will he have the cojones? You must be joking – this is a one term lame duck if ever I saw one.

  4. Hants

    This event will dramatically change the US military.

    Muslims will no longer want to enlist and those already in the army will find it intolerable.

  5. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Well, if the estimates are true, some 3% or better of Muslims in the US armed forces are jihadists. I think that number is low as jihadists are infiltrating the US military, law enforcement and political branches as shown by the report done by those two reporters who went to work for C.A.I.R. and wrote “The Muslim Mafia”

  6. maggie

    Why will it “dramatically change” the US military. There are more than enough Christians out there taking out people one by one. i don’t see the Pope or Archbishops or any of their leaders constantly apologizing and don’t see any changes – dramatic or otherwise – in the way business as usual is done. Timothy McVeigh was NOT a muslim, a “sleeper” or anything other than a white HOMEGROWN terrorist and I saw no changes in the way WHITE people were exclusively scrutinized. We need to stop talking as foolish as Americans sometime sound.

  7. Hants

    @ maggie,

    You can believe what you like.

    Muslims in the US armed forces will be viewed as threats to the security of the USA.

    Christains are not on the streets of New York preaching “death to the infidels”.
    That is what I have seen “radical”Muslims do with my own eyes.
    They are preaching “death to the unbelievers”.

  8. DontBlameEveryone

    It’s funny how people use stats to deamonize people. Also funny how no one relates this to Black/White racism in any way. Do you not see the same old cycle occuring? Did we forget all the racism that occured against Asians and Russians during those conflicts. What next? Are we going to start calling people commies and sending them to camps!? I bet some people wouldnt say a single word if that happened to Muslims today. Oh wait, it’s already happening 😦

    I suggest you watch a documentary called “A Class Divieded”