Night of the Living Dead in Barbados?

Dawn-of-the-DeadReynzill Scantlebury claims he woke up in the morgue of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being declared dead. Not a common experience, fur sure – but not entirely unknown in any country even in recent times.

The QEH originally said “we had no such patient” but later said, “oops, yeah, Scantlebury was admitted.” or some such words.

Then they said that some person with a name “almost” like Scantlebury did die! The Nation newspaper said…

“In that article, Best said the hospital did not have a Reynzill Scantlebury on record, but did have a record of another man who had died, also a Scantlebury, whose first name was close to his and who had Lorenzo as a middle name.” (QEH: Escape from morgue ‘unlikely’)

Yesterday the Queen Elizabeth Hospital took the press on a tour to say could not have happened.

The QEH staff talked about video surveillance of the morgue, but not one of the press asked to see the video tape or for a copy. The press were told that no persons “dressed in white” work in the morgue as Mr. Scantlebury claims.

But the press missed one point – the Barbados Advocate article claims that “Only authorised persons with electronic keys can enter or exit the morgue.”

Hmmmmmm… Are they saying that there is no fire exit from the morgue? That if the power goes off the people are trapped inside without recourse?

Whether Mr. Scantlebury was declared dead or whether he was smoking something he shouldn’t have – it would be nice if Barbados reporters started asking some questions instead of ingesting and regurgitating whatever garbage is tossed their way.

For the full story see Keltruth Blog’s story “Dead” Man Escapes from Morgue?


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  1. .20

    Most electronic locking systems deactivate in the case of a fire alarm.

  2. BFP

    Hey .20

    Fur sure the electronic locking system deactivate during a fire alarm, but wat is the situation with THIS installation? Did any reporter look inside to see if there is a button to get out or a electronic card reader?

    In all the IT labs and installations I’ve been in, it’s card to get in and button to get out. What is it at QEH?

    Like I said, the reporters eat whatever sh*t is shoveled into their mouths. They leave their brains at de door.


    They got uh lotta dead people walking around that ‘en get bury yet….

  4. Johnny Postle @

    Why do we even bother our heads to highlight the obvious “jobbie” reporting by so callled reporters. The QEH says virtually impossible. Well then I have lived in Europe for many years and to determine if something is full proof, workable or subject to faults you simply test it. By trial and error, the QEH guru’s should have placed a real living body in one those drawers to see if it truly is vitually impossible to exit from them.

    Also determination should have been made on if all storage drawers are of the same size or not and if all are in working order relative to temperature regulation.

    Pertaining to the CCTV cameras, come on people, we all know that footage can be sabotage and doctored, so that one does not stand up one bit.

    There are many little pockets of confliction in the stories of Scantlebury and the QEH. The QEH more than Scantlebury are perpetrating inconsistencies that cast reasonable doubt relative to their disclosure of this matter. There disclosures cannot help but make you feel suspicious and wonder if they are really telling the truth. Whereas Scantlebury should have been able to provide more graphic detail to his purports of waking up in drawer of the morgue. I mean how long was he in there; is it possible to be breathe in such a place and base on the length should he have not died from hypothermia?

    It is difficult to believe both sides of this story but Scantlebury obviously knows that something was not right when he awoke in an environment that did not constitute a hospital emergency room nor ward. What ever is that he has perceived it left him feeling cold just as this situation is playing out to be a ” Cold Case.”

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  7. Thewhiterabbit

    I cannot see why any of the living dead issue is deemed to be an issue at all, it is really just so normal for Wonderland. Here there is no such thing as taking responsibility for ones actions. Somehow election to parliament imparts omnicience (as well as omnipotence) while getting that government job (civil service) endows one with failure-proof insight. Has any member of parliament or the civil service ever been seen to stand up and say “Gosh, well, yes, I (or we) messed up, but we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again”? One reason that local media reporters don’t report more news is that it gets boring after a while having to cover all the perfect performances, and it is definitely stultifying to cover all the local “excellence”. The late Fred Goddard once said that three words would sink Barbados. Those words are “It will do”. That was one smart, ominiscient man!


    I know someone … a well qualified someone … who was asked by the Nation to review ‘performances’ at Frank C Hall and other places. A couple of years ago he ‘reviewed’ a performance by some visiting ‘performers’ and gave them thumbs down. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE … the reviwer was roundly criticized … and that was the end of his ‘reviewing contract’ with the Nation.

    Figure it out… we live in a perfect society where everything is empyrean, flawless and superlative. So all reviews, comments, opinions … and suchlike can only be paradisiacal.

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  10. maxine

    I do not care what slight discrepancies there were in Mr. Scantlebury’s account: whether doors faced forward or backward, whether there are usually electronic locks and virtual truths, and people usually wearing white. He was a man who had had one or many seizures and can be excused for having part of his memory a little off. Mr. Scantlebury – I believe you and so do others. People with power choose which truth to speak and with their friends and acquaintances – hide what they have to hide. Mr. Scantlebury’s position on the lower eschelons of Barbados’ or any other society’s ladder means that he will be made to sound crazy (rather than ill), while the people who are truly sick in the head will go all out to lie. I do believe he was also threatened.

  11. Mr. Scantlebury I believe you. Why has the QEH not shown the recorded video tapes of what transpired in the morgue for the two days before your story and up until you sounded your alarm?

    Mr. Scantlebury, lie low, the Cosmic will bring out the truth. You must understand that you are a “nobody” and your report will be analysed in such a manner as to make you appear to the public to be “mad”. This kind of situation occurs when you are rated as “low classed”. Even if you were educated and such had occurred, as long as you did not descend from a renowned family lineage, you would still be regarded as “mad”.