Ingrid Persaud coming home early from Miami, misses Barbados

“I stared at his disappearing form and tears flowed down my face.

By 7am this morning in the full glare of morning I decided to return to Bim earlier than planned. The household will survive without the new linens, kettle and DS games I should have secured.”

Ingrid Persaud BarbadosFor all our government’s faults, and our legitimate concerns about where this country is heading, Barbados is home.

Sometimes the rock seems so small, sometimes so large – but there’s no place else we’d want to live.

Ingrid is in Miami on a shopping trip but she can’t sleep so she’s coming home early.

A worthy read at her blog Notes from a Small Rock: Lost in Transit

Welcome home, Ingrid!


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3 responses to “Ingrid Persaud coming home early from Miami, misses Barbados


    Poor child, she misses mum. Nobody to make up her bed for her, press her dresses and do lunch and dinner. Boo hoo.

  2. goldenbead

    That was unnecessary Fly Trap.


    Ingrid man come home and stop wasting foreign exchange. That only adds to de problem we got ’bout hey…!