Barbados students forge special bond with imprisoned Chinese pastor – through footballs made in slave labour camps

Government Minister Patrick Todd and students of Westbury School accept gifts from China's Ambassador: Footballs made in China's Laogai slave camps.

Government Minister Patrick Todd and students of Westbury School accept gifts from Ambassador Qiang Wei: Footballs made in China's Laogai slave camps.

The lead in the Barbados Advocate story China’s Gift to Barbados is “Christmas came early for students of Westbury Primary and Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary yesterday morning, when they received gifts of basketballs, footballs, volleyballs and pencil cases compliments The People’s Republic of China in a ceremony at Westbury school.”

The reference to Christmas is particularly relevant considering that one of the products of China’s vast slave camp system for Christians and other politically unreliable people is… Footballs!

Pastor Cai Zhuohua - 3 years in a slave labour camp for possessing bibles.Meet Pastor Cai Zhuohua, who spent the last three years in a slave labour camp making official footballs for the 2008 Olympics. His crime? Unauthorized possession of bibles.

It is outrageous that of this country named Barbados continues to fawn over the Chinese Communists for a few trinkets here and there. Basketballs. Computers. Uniforms for our Coast Guard. Footballs.

Here’s what I would ask of you: Every time you see your children playing with Chinese-supplied sports equipment, I want you to think about how ironic it is that we, as the descendants of slaves, so easily and warmly accept gifts from the country that still maintains the world’s largest slave camp system.

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8 responses to “Barbados students forge special bond with imprisoned Chinese pastor – through footballs made in slave labour camps

  1. Johnny Postle @

    Do we really want to encourage the Chinese to our shores when they are so highly racist against black people? Are we selling our souls for just a few pieces of silver? Do we not have the ingenuity to create our own industry or are we going to just lay back and conjure up continuously that we are a small island, with no natural resources, no vast expenses of land mass; and that because our thinking is so confine to our small size we have to remain dependent. Where is our independence.

  2. Mugaffy Allamby

    I gine got tuh write a calypso…

    ‘Sell it’

    One morning I wake up, to a new leadership
    I expecking tings to improve
    Instead I still hearing the same old refrain, same old quip,

    Sell IT

    Over in Sin James, on de waterside
    new big condo miniums,
    And I cyant even stop, there is only highway, no road to ride

    Sell IT

    Down in Bridgetown, where de hawkers make a dollar
    De author ities, running them along
    I wonder why they did not expect, that de poor people would hollar

    Sell IT

    Down in Sin Lawrence, I only see hotels
    I know that tourism is important but
    the way tings going, we all going be living in motels

    Sell IT

    Up by Lamberts, all the countryway
    I see them building large houses and pretty golf courses
    But de poor people aint got no say

    Sell IT

    Where is our land and fields, dat was our very own
    I wonder what our forebears would say
    After all the seeds they have sown

    Our country being lost to we
    Is there no authority that can see
    This wayward action, is going to put us all in Jenkins al…ready.

  3. oh come on

    chinese as a nationality hate black ppl?

  4. Kammie

    I have some great chinese friends and have had friends who have visited china and where amazed at the reception. Persons came up to him and and would touch his skin as they would have never seen a black man. China as a country stiffles free speech and does not tolerate opposition. Money before health is some manufacturers motto. But the Nigerians are some of the biggest fraudsters on the African Continent.


    What a load of rubbish. If the Chinese got balls tah gi’ way, well they are welcome. Which country is it again that allows for the detaining of people indefinitely without trial? How short or convenient our memories can be…!

  6. Jailsa Mayers

    Hello, my name is Jalisa Mayers . I am on of the children who was chosen to acept china gift . Me and a boy called la-dondre were picked to acept westbury gifts from china.

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