Did Owen Arthur just relaunch his leadership campaign?

“Mia thought that by pre-empting and forcing an early vote she would cut Mr. Arthur off at the knees. But in fact she gave him the perfect platform to relaunch his leadership campaign, undermine her credibility and leadership qualities and defend the integrity of his party all at the same time. Master stroke.”

… a friend tells Dennis Jones at Living in Barbados Blog


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  1. BFP

    Hello friends:

    We’re a little slow today because we were very naughty last night. At least I think it was last night that Marcus finally showed up with Mr. Gin and Mrs. Rum.

    Water. Need to drink more water. Lots of water.

    Anyone seen Clive around? He’s supposed to put up his Mexico article like he promised.



    I saw Clive in the Boat Yard this morning around 2.30AM. I axed him about the article but he said he couldn’t remember if it was about Mexico or Venezuela…..

  3. Crusoe

    If your goodly gentleman has got lost investigating a story on Mexico, maybe he became embroiled or embedded in something doing so, them lasses do have a certain flavor.

    On the other hand, one should be careful investigating a story on such as Mexico, that is a scary place with some scary people.

  4. Avatar Girl

    Wunna Halloween drunkards! Wait…

    I arrived home at 6 this morning, so…

    OK, go about your business then!

  5. littleboy

    My best wishes to Rawle Eastmond. Hope he has a speedy recovery. However, he must step down for his own good.
    Neither Mia nor Owen really care about his health. They only care about winning a seat, so he must look after himself. Even so, the DLP seem to be on good ground in St James North. The prospective BLP candidates have been savaging one another so badly that Rawle had to declare himself the “compromise candidate” to bring about peace. The BLP is a fractured party!

  6. BFP

    Hey Fly Trap

    That who I think it is? We still haven’t seen him. Was he with the big girl when you saw him?

  7. Clearly Bajan


    Nice to know everyone at home had a good party this weekend. Wish I was there 😦

    However, I am curious WHY the Blooggers keep pushing the Mia and Owen Leadership ‘battle’ issue?

    I log on, read the papers, sneak a peek in here and I honestly can’t say that the opinions are the same. I’m getting the vibe that the bloggers are creating a sentiment that isn’t there.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t it time to just let this die a natural death?

  8. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Clearly Bajan, interesting observation. When I read the views of Albert Brandford and Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford or the Editorials in the local papers over the weekend, these were not the opinions of bloggers that were being expressed on the pages of the newspapers. In fact, the bloggers have not written much new since midweek, but the printed papers have had commentary every day, including telling us what people are writing online.

  9. Hants

    @ Dennis Jones

    I have noticed that a lot of people are commenting on the Nation website which has become live a blog.

    The Nation online is a defacto blog since the public are free to comment on all the news stories.

  10. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Hants, the Nation is a bit odd as it has a section online dedicated to its ‘blogs’ but they have been ‘COMING SOON’ or have some very old entries. I’m not really sure what to think about the online commentaries on the news articles, other than it’s good to have openings for interaction with the reading public other than the letters columns.

  11. Clearly Bajan

    @Dennis Jones.

    If you are considering Albert Branford, and Erskine Sandiford, then why not Hartley Henry’s entire 1 page extract on the issue?

    I maintain, this issue does not seem driven by fact, but moreso by the opinions of the opinionated few (which includes some of the blogs).

  12. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Clearly Bajan, I did not include Mr. Henry because he is a blogger (ie writes articles on blogs and often comments on blogs), albeit under his own and a variety of other names. I put forward the views expressed by persons whom I did not think were participating on the blogs (I stand to be corrected there), even having been very critical of blogs.

    There is a ‘battle’: read Mr. Arthur’s comments. Whether it will be engaged or not, one cannot say. Miss Mottley says she will not engage him, but that is not to say that battle lines have not been drawn. They have been, and clearly so. What the real issues are may be difficult to agree on, in part because much of the commentary has been coded or simple innuendo.

    There are plenty of facts out there, and having opinions about them is quite normal. Every fact has its interpretation, and we should not hope to make everyone agree on them.

  13. Hants

    @ Clearly Bajan

    Owing stated that “Mia has a problem with Leadership” and acceptance by some Barbadians including members of the BLP.
    He is a former Leader of the Government and their BLP party.

    There is a problem within the BLP and a serious rift between Owen and MIA.

    It should concern the Barbadian public including bloggers as long as the BLP is a political party in Barbados.

  14. Sargeant


    I did not include Mr. Henry because he is a blogger (ie writes articles on blogs and often comments on blogs), albeit under his own and a variety of other names.
    Are you privy to information that we don’t know? Harley Henry’s column is reproduced on BU and I’ve seen comments under the name “Hartley Henry” on BU. There is some speculation that he writes under other names but I didn’t know it was proven. Could you apprise us of these other names?

  15. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Sargeant, I was not really going to go beyond the name and person as commonly known, ie Hartley Henry: that alone satisfied me in defining ‘blogger’. The use of other names involves some conjecture over the repetition of certain posts on BU under one name cited as a HH pseudonym that then appear on BFP with the same or other pseudonym. If you read carefully you can also spot a certain pattern of the ‘first footers’ on some blog posts.

    There’s no real proof either way, though, except by the person him/herself giving that. IP addresses etc don’t prove personage.

    It does not really bother me if someone has the time or inclination to go through those hoops. My own views are not swayed by names but more by substance or lack of it.

  16. Checkit-out

    I thought this article on power and its effect on “leaders” might be of some interest