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Dear Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, this article is for you.

Why is it not appropriate for the Commissioner of Police of Anguilla on his retirement to be appointed Magistrate of Anguilla?

It is unfortunate that I have to ask this question.  The answer should be obvious to all.  The answer is that such an appointment will tend to undermine public confidence in the administration of justice, and to bring the judiciary into contempt.  Just in case there is one single person out there who does not  see the point immediately, let me try my best to explain why this is so.

First of all, every police case brought in the Magistrate’s Court is brought in the name of the Commissioner of Police.  The Magistrate’s Court deals with 95% of the criminal cases brought to court in any country.  The trial of crime in Anguilla is for all practical purposes synonymous with the Magistrate’s Court.  If I get a summons, it will be titled “Commissioner of Police versus Don Mitchell”.  Then, every single investigation of a crime is conducted under the direction of the Commissioner of Police.  He is the head of the police force.

In addition to the obvious conflicts of interest and questions of bias raised, there is the fundamental question of the separation of powers.  At least since the time of the Duc de Montesquieu, the principle of separation of powers has been an intrinsic foundation of the rule of law.  Ask any first year law student.

… article continues at Corruption-free Anguilla

David Simmons got he-self re-virginated to become Chief Justice Barbados

And there you have it, Chief Justice SIR David Simmons,

Ask any first year law student why it was unethical for you as the former Attorney General and Acting Prime Minister of Barbados to accept an appointment as Chief Justice. It was a fundamental question of the separation of powers.

You knew that your appointment to Chief Justice undermined public confidence in the administration of justice, and brought the judiciary into contempt, but you wanted the honour and the job so bad that you took it. And Owen Arthur wanted influence over the courts of Barbados so bad that he appointed an old friend (one of the three mice) as Chief Justice.

Ask any first year law student, SIR.

Further Reading

Let’s Hope Our Next Barbados Chief Justice Isn’t A Political Hack Like SIR David Simmons


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AccessOne Barbados – Scotia Bank Barbados article removed upon request

Upon request of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.’s lawyer, Satcha S-C. S. Kissoo, Barbados Free Press removed an article written by Keith J. Walker, Founder/Chairman of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.

Mr. Walker: If you want the article re-published, just say so.


Editor, Barbados Free Press

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Happy Birthday Barbados

A Happy Birthday Barbados

After some forty three years
Hoorays and celebrative cheers
Alternate Governments with a changing head
Proletariats and aristocrats who were peacefully led
Proudly we can rise before other nations to stand and say
Yes we thrived independently and we are better off today
Bajans rehearse your chorus and strike up your song
In plenty sing, and in time of need when this fair land was young
Rejoice my brothers and sisters it’s a festive day
There’s much delight past and present that in a big way
Has made life in the island a paradise
Days of novel wonders and nights just as nice
An area symbolized by the flag with blue sea, golden sands and blue sky
You can go to interesting attractions that catch the eye
Beautiful people and places, with scrumptious things to eat
An anthem that’s with emphatic pride sung by even the man in the street
Refrains in Calypsos for national concerns and social commentary
Bajans’ greatness reflected in our Pride and Industry
And recently all the world celebrated our son and daughter too
Doing their best in entertaining and on their World Athletics debut
Our Island presents many chances for the success of all of us
So in appreciation I want to extend the wish for A Happy Birthday Barbados !




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What’s a lost million to a Barbados government worker?


What would almost ONE million Dollars be doing in an ESCHEATED ‘checking’ account (# 01283012) under the name of the Ministry of Finance Poverty Alleviation Grant?

See page 46a Sunday Sun 29th November 2009 where the Barbados National Bank Inc, lists a number of unclaimed or dormant accounts.

Would this not have been picked up by the Auditor General and is there no actual use for this poverty alleviation grant?

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The DLP’s choice for BLP Leader: Mia Mottley

Party, party, party!

We confess we have been having such a good time this weekend that the promised article on breathalyzers is not complete. Marcus was confined to babysitting while the girls watched Serena whump Wozniacki at Tennis pon de Rock. Robert is helping a friend move and I, Cliverton, have been well, busy. 🙂

George is being cranky somewhere, no doubt.

I swear to the Lord I don’t know why my old girlfriends never turned me in for BFP, but they never did.

OK, here is the question we discussed last night at the north tree with the mattress underneath it. (Yes, a tree with a mattress underneath – now we can’t go back but it’s ok we don’t want to anymore. The local girls know where I mean an I’ll post a photo later.)

Anyway, here is the question:

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

We took a vote at the party last night and it was unanimous. Not one dissenter.

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

Mia Mottley.


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Lies of Omission: Barbados Advocate article IDB “$400 Million Boost” doesn’t once mention word “Loan” !!!!


Oh Gawd, this is freaking hilarious!

The #1 government mouthpiece, The Barbados Advocate, does an entire article about the recent Inter-American Development Bank loan of US$200 million to Barbados and doesn’t once mention that it is a loan to be repaid. A loan that plunges the country further in debt.

Listen friends: I’m not debating whether we need it, should have taken it, whether it will be accounted for or properly spent…

I’m talking about the freaking Barbados News Media going through all sorts of linguistic athletics to avoid mentioning that this is debt.

Read the Barbados Advocate article. This is FREE MONEY, maybe grants. That’s the impression.

Freaking liars.

Go to The Barbados Advocate and read it online (link here)

But in case they remove the article like they usually do when they are caught, here it is in full.

Freaking liars!!!! Continue reading


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Wildbirds Conservation or Politics? US$30 million investment at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary ignored – Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge declared “first” such project in Barbados

“BirdLife International has created Barbados’ first shorebird refuge at an abandoned shooting swamp at Woodbourne, close to the village of Packers. Woodbourne is a four hectare swamp on the flank of the St. Philip Shooting Swamps Important Bird Area (IBA), at which hunting and maintenance ceased in October 2004. Two former hunters were instrumental in securing the lease and financing the initial restoration of Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge. Restoration work started in May and the swamp was ready for the 2009 southbound, autumn migration.”

… from the Birdlife International press release ‘No-shooting’ shorebird refuge established in Barbados

Funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service established Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge in Barbados

To be fair…

To be fair, Birdlife International does a stellar job internationally and in Barbados – and its own publication on Barbados’ important bird areas gives proper coverage to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (Birdlife International publication available in PDF download here).

BUT… to classify their Woodbourne project as the first such effort does a great disservice to the hundreds of Bajans who created the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the tens of thousands who came out to support the sanctuary prior to its closing by owner Peter Allard over the failure of the Barbados Government to adhere to our own laws and protect the natural environment at Graeme Hall. It seems that money and development win every time over the rights of Bajans to enjoy what is left our country.

Ian Bourne has the rest of the story at The Bajan Reporter…

“A complaint filed by the Canadian owner of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, an eco-tourist facility in Barbados, alleges that the Government of Barbados has violated its international obligations by refusing to enforce its environmental laws, thereby allowing increased pollution and land development to damage the Sanctuary.”

… from the Bajan Report story Canadian Alleges Treaty Violations by Barbados


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Barbados Jazz Festival: We’ll take tickets for Smokey Robinson, Robin Thicke, Arturo Tappin, Marisa Lindsay

January 11th – 17th, 2010

Smokey Robinson. There is a name to take you waaaaay back before most of us at BFP uttered our first squeaks.

Motown. The Temptations. Black music going mainstream and then taking over the airways everywhere for a few years. A reverse British-Invasion in the UK. Riots in Detroit and Watts by people who had been held down too long as the handmaids for those who had and kept the money. You could put in ten years on the assembly line at General Electric in New Jersey, but if you wanted to do $500 on the never-never towards a new Chevrolet in 1963 you had better have been white.

Aretha Franklin. Pretty. Beautiful voice. Powerful. Sexy in a wholesome sort of way like Tracy Chapman is now. Not adhering to that international model look that all the big female singers have now. Aretha made it on message, energy and singing talent. No nipple rings or barbed wire necessary.

I’m almost frightened to look up Smokey Robinson’s age on Wikipedia so I won’t. I don’t care if they have to wheel him out on stage with an IV drip and an oxygen tank at his side, I’m going. (Hey… just kidding about that. The online reviews of his concerts are 100% positive and the guy is still dancing around stage in full leather tight pants surrounded by sweet young things. Whatever he’s eating, I’ll have some!)

Smokey Robinson was VP and #2 at Motown when the music was part of the big social changes and instrumental in the growth black consciousness. I don’t know what to expect of his current performance, but I’m going and nothing can stop me.

Barbados Jazz Festival website


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Happy Friday: Dubai State Corporation defaults on interest payments, Barbados borrows another couple of hundred million US$

Fire Sale on Dubai Condos!

Real estate developments are collapsing and the markets are shivering as Dubai World announced yesterday that it is unable to meet interest payments. British Banks immediately lost almost 14 billion pounds in value on fears they are exposed by their Dubai investments. (Times Online article Dubai in deep water)

“No worries, quite manageable” said the unnamed Brit government officials.

Sure. No problem at all.

That’s why all that construction equipment is sitting silent on Dubai’s famous palm-shaped artificial islands.

Meanwhile in Barbados it’s considered good news when the International Development Bank decides to let us go into even more debt – which may not be such a bad thing because it means that the big boys still believe we’re good for it. Somehow I don’t think that Dubai will receive the instant loan approvals like they used to. (Nation News: Barbados gets US$200 million IDB loan)

This will pass folks. All we have to do is work hard, be frugal and help friends and family when necessary.

But ya know? I’m trying to remember all the fun and benefits we had when we blew hundreds of millions on Mia and Arthur’s Cricket World Cup.

I can’t remember much about Cricket World Cup now, but I’m sure it was worth every penny.

Wasn’t it?


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Gordon Brown’s Tourism Tax creating havoc

‘Airlines have cancelled more routes out of London than any other city in Europe as a direct result of the British government’s Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax, according to figures released by insurers.’

‘Industry insiders are worried it could add to the 76 routes already cancelled since March last year.’

According to Ryanair’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, ‘Gordon Brown’s tourism tax will see Britain lose over 10 million passengers, 10,000 airport jobs and more than UK Pounds 2.5 billion in tourism spend in the UK this year alone’.

He further pointed out that Belgium, Holland, Greece and Spain had already scrapped the tax.

Barbados and the Caribbean will suffer perhaps more than any other
destination and region due to the clearly unfair zoning bands which levies a higher tax on London/Barbados flights than London/San Francisco or other cities on the US pacific coast.

It is difficult to fathom why a clearly unpopular Government on the eve of a General Election would want to alienate tens of thousands of voters that will lose their jobs directly and possible hundreds of thousands indirectly.

Initially presented as an environment tax, it quite obviously is a stealth tax with blatantly discriminating distance bands and the fact that the tax will not payable by often older, less fuel efficient freight aircraft and private jets that could largely afford the extra cost.

Adrian Loveridge
26th November 2009

Further Reading…

Britain ‘s Air Passenger Duty tax: A disaster for the Caribbean

Britannia may no longer rule the waves but its imposition of the November 1 Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax has sent shock waves across the Atlantic that will wash up on Caribbean shores with a devastating effect on the Caribbean tourism industry.

In spite of massive lobbying from home and abroad and objections from airlines, tour operators and tourism organizations including the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the British government went ahead with its plan to impose the allegedly “green” and controversial Airport Passenger Duty (APD) aimed at taxing aviation’s “carbon emissions.”

CTO secretary general Hugh Riley called the air passenger tax ” illogical and one that will damage tourism to the Caribbean.”

Meanwhile, British Airways, which is greatly increasing service to the region this winter, has denounced what it calls “these huge tax hikes,” warning “it was bad news for holiday makers and completely unjustified.”

read the full article at ETN eTurboNews


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Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends

The Culture We Need

Thanksgiving brings families near
Hustling to be together to share
Embraces and meals but mostly
Coming together to express freely
Uttermost thanks to God above
Lots of thanks with lots of love
This example should be copied by other countries
USA set a standard that should get lots of facsimiles
Reproductions of people who every year
Eagerly rush home cause their family will be there
With gifts they will show up, with prayers and wishes
Every pumpkin pudding, baked turkey and the casserole dishes
Nations will be well served to take a bite from this plate
Every country willing to imitate
Emulate the family first attitude and harmonious living
Do this and the whole world can be celebrating this Thanksgiving



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Barbados law requires 4 week response for new radio station approval – 74 weeks later, Paradise FM still waits

How to chase away business from Barbados

The Barbados government talks a good line about wanting to assist investors and business people. They talk a good line about the wonders of doing business in paradise.

And then there’s the reality…

Mr Terry Bent – Having finally calmed down from speaking to the Secretary of the Broadcasting Authority yesterday, I can now give you the latest update on our progress, or lack thereof.

Paradise FM Ltd filled in a 9 page form in July 2008. In May 2009 we were finally interviewed for 45 minutes. Now, over 6 months later, they apparently want us to answer further questions, which they decided upon 2 weeks ago , but have not yet sent to us!

I pointed out that the Law states it should take 4 weeks from receipt of application to making a decision (including the interview) and was told they had changed the law. I asked for a copy and was told it had not been approved yet, so I said “So it has not been changed yet” and was told it had in their eyes! I asked what the new timescale was, but they could not answer!!! (Because they have not changed it yet)

…read the full story at The Bajan Reporter Paradise FM has been waiting

Why Aren’t We Surprised?

Hmmmm…. maybe Mr. Bent didn’t hire the right “consultant” before putting in his application. You know how important it is to have the right “consultant” to “advise” on new business ventures in Barbados. “Consultants” make the process go smoother…

Unless the public steps in like with Matthew Kerins and his waterpark adventure. According to Mr. Kerins, he paid some 2 million dollars in “consultant fees” and then Prime Minister Owen Arthur met with Kerins and gave his blessing for the Caribbean Splash water park on the Graeme Hall watershed.

The public had other ideas though and Mr. Kerins lost his “consultant fees”. A word to the wise about “consultant fees” in Barbados!


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Barbados Tax Refunds – Where are they?

We don’t have our tax refunds yet. How about you?

Here is a question for our readers: Has anyone received their refund yet, because in three days of asking the question, I haven’t met one person who received their refund.

How about you?


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Policing Barbados: Stupid, Short-Sighted Choices Made By Successive DLP/BLP Governments

This excerpt is taken from our December 9, 2006 piece Crimes Against Tourists – Caribbean Governments Can’t Hush Up Victims Any Longer.

Here we are three years later (and after two years of DLP government), and as far as we’re concerned nothing has changed. Our government continues to dangerously underfund the Royal Barbados Police Force and underpay our police personnel. Read the excerpt, and then if you have time read the full article.

Then you’ll see that nothing has changed under the Democratic Labour Party government of David Thompson. Same old, same old ’bout hey.

Think “Tourist Safety – Security” and then compare Jamaica with Barbados. No contest. Barbados is a very safe country. Even our few “bad” areas aren’t really so bad. Jamaica has some of the most beautiful natural sights in the world – in truth, even prettier than Barbados – but many tourists won’t set foot on the island because, as they see it, Jamaica is just not worth the risk…

We in Barbados shouldn’t forget about that when the issue of policing comes up. The Royal Barbados Police Force should be the highest paid, best trained and best equipped policing organization in the Caribbean. The police are the true guardians and promoters of the most important segment of our economy. If the tourists don’t feel safe in Barbados, you can kiss goodbye to about 80% of our gross national revenue…

Stupid, Short-Sighted Choices Made By Owen Arthur’s (& David Thompson’s) Government

IF the Owen Arthur and the other BLP leaders had been intelligent, they would have made policing and crime control a priority for the last 12 years that they formed the Government. Those idiots don’t recognize that public safety and rule of law is the very foundation upon which everything else is built.

That the Barbados Government has not made policing a priority is there for all to see – over 100 officers short, policing services curtailed, “wages” that are an insult, experienced officers leaving for other organizations or getting out of law enforcement altogether and a deteriorating level of confidence in the ability of the police to deal with increasingly violent crimes.

Many of our officers even lack a proper uniform and cannot afford to purchase decent uniform kit even if they wanted to.

The Owen Arthur Government has been more concerned about controlling the perception of crime in Barbados than about controlling crime itself. As a result, our Royal Barbados Police Force is understaffed, under-trained and under-equipped.

Our police force is quickly becoming a third-rate banana republic organization that pays so poorly it is unable to attract anywhere near enough qualified recruits.

All Bajans and especially whoever forms the next government had better start paying attention to how vital policing is to our tourist-based economy… because if we don’t, those chickens are going to come home to roost.

BFP Photo by Shona: Accra Beach


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Dominica Freedom Party alleges corruption, cash payments for Government appointments: Asks why Hartley Henry paid $50,000

Alleges political corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash payment

Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party, alleges corruption, wants Hartley Henry to account for cash.

Golly folks, did I miss this story in the Barbados news media?

I must have missed it.

I’m sure the Barbados media, especially the Barbados Advocate and the CBC, would have been all over the story that the right hand advisor to the Prime Minister of Barbados is being called out in Dominica to account for a July 9, 2009 payment to him for $50,000.

Nope. Can’t see the story anywhere.

I guess there must be some mistake with the Barbados news media, so let’s help them out…

Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson & top political strategist Henry Hartley

“We in the Dominica Freedom Party know Hartley Henry of Barbados to be an advisor of the Dominica Labour Party and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt. His responsibilities include identifying and purchasing all political paraphernalia for the Dominica Labour Party election campaign to include the use of the media and IT.

We have been further advised that Hartley Henry has been appointed by the Prime Minister to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica. We would like the PM to indicate to us in no uncertain terms in what capacity was Hartley Henry made to act for and on behalf of the people of Dominica.

The question must be answered by Prime Minister Skerritt because we know that  a payment of US$50,000.00 was made by this Honorary Consul to Mr. Hartley Henry who is an Advisor to the Dominica Labour Party and its leader, Roosevelt Skerritt. And what was this payment for?

This payment was made on July 2nd 2009 and transferred to Mr Hartley Henry.

Is it true that such payments are being made in exchange for diplomatic and/or consular appointments? Is it also done for Hartley Henry to raise money for the Dominica Labour Party’s campaign?

Based on the evidence available to the Dominica Freedom Party, it appears that consular appointments are being made by the Labour Party Government in exchange for cash payments to the Labour Party and its surrogates. This cash for appointments questions the integrity of the manner in which consular appointments are made.”

Statement by Judith Pestaina, Dominica Freedom Party (Read the entire statement here)


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Barbados Human Rights Policy at the UN: Stay silent as despots violate basic human rights – because they might give us money.

Barbados voted for child execution

Barbados Supports Child Execution

The headline is for true folks.

Previously we told you about our country’s votes at the UN to preserve the death penalty for children and our refusal to censure Iran for torture, floggings, amputations, discrimination & violence against Iranian women.

Nope, it doesn’t sound pretty – but that’s the simple truth. Check it out at other sources if you don’t believe us.

You see, Barbados doesn’t believe in voting for any human rights resolution that is “country specific”. While North Korea drives bulldozers over people as a method of execution, and while China kidnaps pregnant women off the streets, holds them down and aborts their babies, and while Iran executes 16 year old girls for having sex (the man only got whipped because unlawful sex is always a woman’s fault in Iran)…

… our representative at the United Nations says “No problem here”. It was explained it to the press this way:

“Based on its principles and its consistent position, Barbados would abstain from all country-specific resolutions. But its position should not be misconstrued as inattention to human rights issues. It was gravely concerned by patterns of abuse and urged all States to engage constructively in addressing such issues.”

You can read the entire report yourself and then decide whether or not our country should be empowering despots. While you’re at it, see if you can figure out exactly what “principles” Barbados seems to be upholding.

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Reported: Barbados Ambassador Rihanna says “quite normal” in Barbados for women to be naked in front of strange men

CONTROVERSY: Bravo Magazine is sticking to its story that Rihanna’s interview was reported fair and square. As much as we can make out, the editor claims the interview was recorded with her knowledge. Others say that “sources close” to Rihanna state that the interview was not fairly reported.

Nothing official released by Rihanna’s publicists though. That will be the real test unless the recordings show up for all to hear.

The “Russian Roulette” singer admits: “To be honest, I’m even hotter at home, because I’m always naked there. I’m from Barbados, that’s quite normal there. My pool boy saw me naked five times already.”

…Barbados Ambassador for Culture & Youth allegedly explains to the world media how we do things here in Bim

Mr. Prime Minister: If Rihanna did say these things, it’s about time for the annual review of all “ambassador” appointments, don’t you think?


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Crime Statistics for Barbados M.I.A. or freely available?

Good day,

I have been a visitor to your island for some time now.  Recently, I have had some friends come to visit me and they are now interested in moving here.  They have asked me to find out about the crime rate and trends on the island to help them decide where they should like to live.

I have searched all over the internet and have even asked a couple of different police officers for crime statistics on the island.

To date, I have been unsuccessful.  After reading your article regarding the Police Commissioners press conference earlier this week, I wondered if perhaps you had access to this information??

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.




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