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Dear Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons, this article is for you.

Why is it not appropriate for the Commissioner of Police of Anguilla on his retirement to be appointed Magistrate of Anguilla?

It is unfortunate that I have to ask this question.  The answer should be obvious to all.  The answer is that such an appointment will tend to undermine public confidence in the administration of justice, and to bring the judiciary into contempt.  Just in case there is one single person out there who does not  see the point immediately, let me try my best to explain why this is so.

First of all, every police case brought in the Magistrate’s Court is brought in the name of the Commissioner of Police.  The Magistrate’s Court deals with 95% of the criminal cases brought to court in any country.  The trial of crime in Anguilla is for all practical purposes synonymous with the Magistrate’s Court.  If I get a summons, it will be titled “Commissioner of Police versus Don Mitchell”.  Then, every single investigation of a crime is conducted under the direction of the Commissioner of Police.  He is the head of the police force.

In addition to the obvious conflicts of interest and questions of bias raised, there is the fundamental question of the separation of powers.  At least since the time of the Duc de Montesquieu, the principle of separation of powers has been an intrinsic foundation of the rule of law.  Ask any first year law student.

… article continues at Corruption-free Anguilla

David Simmons got he-self re-virginated to become Chief Justice Barbados

And there you have it, Chief Justice SIR David Simmons,

Ask any first year law student why it was unethical for you as the former Attorney General and Acting Prime Minister of Barbados to accept an appointment as Chief Justice. It was a fundamental question of the separation of powers.

You knew that your appointment to Chief Justice undermined public confidence in the administration of justice, and brought the judiciary into contempt, but you wanted the honour and the job so bad that you took it. And Owen Arthur wanted influence over the courts of Barbados so bad that he appointed an old friend (one of the three mice) as Chief Justice.

Ask any first year law student, SIR.

Further Reading

Let’s Hope Our Next Barbados Chief Justice Isn’t A Political Hack Like SIR David Simmons


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AccessOne Barbados – Scotia Bank Barbados article removed upon request

Upon request of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.’s lawyer, Satcha S-C. S. Kissoo, Barbados Free Press removed an article written by Keith J. Walker, Founder/Chairman of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.

Mr. Walker: If you want the article re-published, just say so.


Editor, Barbados Free Press

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Happy Birthday Barbados

A Happy Birthday Barbados

After some forty three years
Hoorays and celebrative cheers
Alternate Governments with a changing head
Proletariats and aristocrats who were peacefully led
Proudly we can rise before other nations to stand and say
Yes we thrived independently and we are better off today
Bajans rehearse your chorus and strike up your song
In plenty sing, and in time of need when this fair land was young
Rejoice my brothers and sisters it’s a festive day
There’s much delight past and present that in a big way
Has made life in the island a paradise
Days of novel wonders and nights just as nice
An area symbolized by the flag with blue sea, golden sands and blue sky
You can go to interesting attractions that catch the eye
Beautiful people and places, with scrumptious things to eat
An anthem that’s with emphatic pride sung by even the man in the street
Refrains in Calypsos for national concerns and social commentary
Bajans’ greatness reflected in our Pride and Industry
And recently all the world celebrated our son and daughter too
Doing their best in entertaining and on their World Athletics debut
Our Island presents many chances for the success of all of us
So in appreciation I want to extend the wish for A Happy Birthday Barbados !




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What’s a lost million to a Barbados government worker?


What would almost ONE million Dollars be doing in an ESCHEATED ‘checking’ account (# 01283012) under the name of the Ministry of Finance Poverty Alleviation Grant?

See page 46a Sunday Sun 29th November 2009 where the Barbados National Bank Inc, lists a number of unclaimed or dormant accounts.

Would this not have been picked up by the Auditor General and is there no actual use for this poverty alleviation grant?

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The DLP’s choice for BLP Leader: Mia Mottley

Party, party, party!

We confess we have been having such a good time this weekend that the promised article on breathalyzers is not complete. Marcus was confined to babysitting while the girls watched Serena whump Wozniacki at Tennis pon de Rock. Robert is helping a friend move and I, Cliverton, have been well, busy. 🙂

George is being cranky somewhere, no doubt.

I swear to the Lord I don’t know why my old girlfriends never turned me in for BFP, but they never did.

OK, here is the question we discussed last night at the north tree with the mattress underneath it. (Yes, a tree with a mattress underneath – now we can’t go back but it’s ok we don’t want to anymore. The local girls know where I mean an I’ll post a photo later.)

Anyway, here is the question:

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

We took a vote at the party last night and it was unanimous. Not one dissenter.

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

Mia Mottley.


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Lies of Omission: Barbados Advocate article IDB “$400 Million Boost” doesn’t once mention word “Loan” !!!!


Oh Gawd, this is freaking hilarious!

The #1 government mouthpiece, The Barbados Advocate, does an entire article about the recent Inter-American Development Bank loan of US$200 million to Barbados and doesn’t once mention that it is a loan to be repaid. A loan that plunges the country further in debt.

Listen friends: I’m not debating whether we need it, should have taken it, whether it will be accounted for or properly spent…

I’m talking about the freaking Barbados News Media going through all sorts of linguistic athletics to avoid mentioning that this is debt.

Read the Barbados Advocate article. This is FREE MONEY, maybe grants. That’s the impression.

Freaking liars.

Go to The Barbados Advocate and read it online (link here)

But in case they remove the article like they usually do when they are caught, here it is in full.

Freaking liars!!!! Continue reading


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Wildbirds Conservation or Politics? US$30 million investment at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary ignored – Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge declared “first” such project in Barbados

“BirdLife International has created Barbados’ first shorebird refuge at an abandoned shooting swamp at Woodbourne, close to the village of Packers. Woodbourne is a four hectare swamp on the flank of the St. Philip Shooting Swamps Important Bird Area (IBA), at which hunting and maintenance ceased in October 2004. Two former hunters were instrumental in securing the lease and financing the initial restoration of Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge. Restoration work started in May and the swamp was ready for the 2009 southbound, autumn migration.”

… from the Birdlife International press release ‘No-shooting’ shorebird refuge established in Barbados

Funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service established Woodbourne Shorebird Refuge in Barbados

To be fair…

To be fair, Birdlife International does a stellar job internationally and in Barbados – and its own publication on Barbados’ important bird areas gives proper coverage to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (Birdlife International publication available in PDF download here).

BUT… to classify their Woodbourne project as the first such effort does a great disservice to the hundreds of Bajans who created the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the tens of thousands who came out to support the sanctuary prior to its closing by owner Peter Allard over the failure of the Barbados Government to adhere to our own laws and protect the natural environment at Graeme Hall. It seems that money and development win every time over the rights of Bajans to enjoy what is left our country.

Ian Bourne has the rest of the story at The Bajan Reporter…

“A complaint filed by the Canadian owner of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, an eco-tourist facility in Barbados, alleges that the Government of Barbados has violated its international obligations by refusing to enforce its environmental laws, thereby allowing increased pollution and land development to damage the Sanctuary.”

… from the Bajan Report story Canadian Alleges Treaty Violations by Barbados


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