Owen Arthur as skillful an assassin as we’ve ever seen

Mottley BLP Leader Ae

(Alternate cartoon caption: The party has spoken!)

BLP Elder Statesman publicly assassinates current party leader

We listened to the Voice of Barbados re-broadcast tonight and within five minutes we realised that Mia Mottley is now walking dead. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur slid the stiletto into Mia Mottley’s political heart so quietly and so smoothly that his victim probably has no idea that she has been mortally wounded.

And there is no doubt that Miss Mottley is mortally wounded, politically speaking. The only question is, how long will it take her to bleed out?

Owen Arthur spent an hour talking to reporters on Tuesday morning, arguing that Mottley lacked judgment in delivering an ultimatum to the BLP inner circle and forcing a leadership loyalty vote as she did on Monday. Mr. Arthur is correct. With three of the nine sitting MPs effectively voicing their non-confidence in Mottley the result of the “vote” gave public credibility to the rumours of chaos within the Barbados Labour Party.

Mr. Arthur has obviously decided that the best way forward for the BLP is to lance the leadership boil now, rather than have it continue to fester for another year or so.

At the crux of the matter is Arthur’s contention that Mottley does not enjoy the widespread popularity and support throughout our society that is needed to lead the BLP to victory in the next election. Owen Arthur is correct, and we at BFP can’t see Mia Mottley being able to repair that deficiency. Not in a year, not in two or three years and maybe not in five years.

The big question for the Barbados Labour Party: What now?

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49 responses to “Owen Arthur as skillful an assassin as we’ve ever seen

  1. Original no name

    Owen totally screwed up Mia today. He said it plainly…if Mia is to lead this country she has to change her sexual preference. I believe Owen is saying to her that if there is no change he will have to replace her as political leader.

  2. Peter Wickham

    I don’t understand… what is her sexual preference and how can it be changed?

  3. Hants

    @ Peter Wick ham,

    famous quote, “the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation”.

    I say every person can choose whether they want to eat bacon or a hot dog and it is nobody business but their own.

  4. Makaveli

    If she is a lesbian, it is unlikely that preference will change. Long and short, it’s appearances and perception that count, she doesn’t have to change her preference to change perception.

  5. Time Will Tell

    Owen is de man!

    Mia sexual preference, or not, should not be a topic for discussion at any level……. Please do not reduce this debate to ones sexuality. Internally, they are real concerns that surround Mia’s judgments. She has failed at building a true coalition and has exercised poor qualities that must be addressed. Even within her constituency, she has loss favor among them. She has also chosen to isolate and ostracize the past leader. Mia has build her own gallous, now she must swing on it……..I’m Back………

  6. BFP

    Whether Mottley is or is not a lesbian, there is a public perception that she has a deep voice and is lacking in the feminine persona that is required for a woman to be accepted in politics or business in Barbados at this moment in time.

    Frankly, I (Cliverton) don’t believe that sexual orientation should matter in politics, but the reality is that here and now in Barbados, it does.

    It is interesting though that for so many people sexual orientation becomes a litmus test that allows them to reject a politician (or a person) without considering other far more important qualities we should be looking at. Like integrity. Honesty. A sense of duty and patriotism.

    I don’t support Mottley because she was a major part of the most corrupt government this country has ever seen – and she views herself as a political elite and above ordinary folk. I don’t care who she sleeps with, and I don’t care if she prefers a dress or pants.

  7. Hants

    @ Makaveli

    Be careful. Cliverton is on desk duty. Yuh shouldn’t use the word ending “ian” when casting aspersians about the party of the first party.

    Learn from Owen how to say something without saying something about the same thing everybody saying.

    Blogs are fun sometimes.

  8. Hants

    Cliverton I will now have a glass of wine in your honor.

    Well written comment above.

  9. Makaveli

    If she is, matters little to me, if people think so, it effects her politically, and Owen can exploit that to good effect. You don’t lead two of the largest majorities in parliament by coincidence or fluke.

    ABLE SIN there chew on that.

  10. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    I think it is proper to discuss the matter of sexual orientation generally in Bajan politics and specifically in this case because Owen Arthur opened up the door. What I have prohibited at BFP (at least on my watch) is allowing people to simply throw nasty words around.

    Which is also a caution to those people who might be tempted to go back to their old habits just because the topic was raised on this thread. (Not you Hants – we all know who I’m talking to.)

  11. Makaveli

    Censorship is selection pressure for creativity, I’ve written on this before…only guarantees the most virulent ideas survive , then thrive. What is in a word anyway?

  12. Time Will Tell

    BFP Said
    October 28, 2009 at 4:19 am

    Whether Mottley is or is not a lesbian, there is a public perception that she has a deep voice and is lacking in the feminine persona that is required for a woman to be accepted in politics or business in Barbados at this moment in time.
    Nonsense, pure nonsense BFP!……….

    Mia possesses the same characteristics as some of the world’s greatest female leaders.
    E.g. Indira Gandhi, Eugenia Charles, Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meïr to name a few, all perceived as masculine with deep voices…………………………………………….. Most importantly you failed to acknowledge that Billie Miller carried the same stigma for many years, however, the Bajan public is very respectful and proud of her and her contribution to our political theater, and could careless about her sexual preference. You are attempting to speak for the larger population, which is purely speculative………I said I was back! Lol. Time Will Tell.

  13. Love

    It was only a matter of time before Owen…..bit back Mia Mottley.

    The real fireworks is going to explode shortly……when Owen reveal the contents of the DVD shot at a private home….it’s going to be MAMA MIA !

    The gloves are off MIA !

  14. Gay PM?

    Its already been done in Iceland. Except, that PM had no reluctance to say who and what she was.


    Its hard to think of a more immoral and more corrupt politician than Owen Arthur ( maybe Robert Mugabe? ) and the very thought of his still being involved in the political process in Barbados is really quite frightening. Get ready for another President for Life if Barbadians are that stupid.

    The problem with Mia is that she was part of that BLP team and thinks she is entitled to be crowned without changing her ways

  15. nala

    Arthur is truly a peasant. The elders were right, for in fact one can not take the gutter out of the man. On reflection, the people were right to change for he obviously has some strange views of power.
    What makes him the morality judge, a man who led this country while screwing all around, declaring new children on every occasion.
    A great leader knows when to step back, he is a disappointment. Sad day for him Mia will survive for she has kept her head high and be true to the party.

  16. Observer

    While Mottley’s sexual preference may be an issue I think this pales into comparison to other baggage that she is carrying. Anyone heard TCs calypso Who is Kim? Unfortunately for Mottley there is a lot of biting controversy surrounding her life.

  17. Micah

    When Owen Arthur says there is nothing that he can do to change a perception in the BLP and the wider Barbadian society that he is the better leader as compared to Mia Mottley, he is not being fully honest. Actively supporting and bolstering her leadership, and being seen to do so, would go a long way in swaying the minds and hearts of those who feel he should be leading the BLP into accepting Mia Mottley if that is what he believed. This Press conference, and his absence from the Parliamentary caucas meeting and vote regarding her leadership, clearly point out that he is not in her corner, and is essentially waiting for her party to oust her so he can slip in under the pretext of being “forced” to take over leadership for the benefit of the party. Mia Mottley may or may not be qualified to lead the BLP or Barbados, but Mr. Arthur is really being quite disingenuous here.

  18. Wishing In Vain

    Today saw the complete domination of Arthurism Versus Mottleyism and the Arthurism deliver a most fatal blow to a political windbag in Mottley.

    Arthur has condemmed her to the garbage heap of political has beens in one fell swoop.

    Owing only mouthed the thoughts of many of us but the difference here is that it came from within the belly of the BLP it came from a hardcore member in Owing See Thru Arthur.

    He was brutal in his calculated and measured attack at the core of the problem that is Mr Mottley.

    He hid nothing, he wasted no time in laying her bare and said to the Nation that Barbadians have issues with her for her manner and her style of leadership but more importantly he addressed her lesbianism in no uncertain terms and laid that out as a prime source of the cause of the dislike of Mottley for the post of Leader Of The Opposition, just guess if the post of Leader Of The Opposition can create such negative vibes, do you think that she would ever get considered for the post of Prime Minister??

    Not the most remote chance in hell that the public would consider her for such a position.

    It also now begs the question which one will bow out and which one will stay, an interesting question when one considers that the swords are fully drawn and no quarter will be given, surely the two will not be likely to sit on the BLP’s side of the bench together with smiles for each other.

    Realistically in my view Mottley must now think of her role in the BLP this is a set back of a major size to her entitlement outlook and lead up in the hope of becoming PM one day down the line, this is a massive spanner in the works for her EGO.

    I would say with this recent vote very clearly in her mind, where with her threat to censor all those who rebelled against her, yet still two had the balls to vote against her under those conditions, it is fair to assume her overthrow as Leader of the Opposition is an event waiting to happen.

    These two opposing voters from the parliamentary group had the balls to stand up and say enough is enough Mottley, you are destroying the party, and they should be in line for the post of leader and deputy leader in a reinstated BLP Opposition bench, she has been shot down and is now fluttering hopelessly on the ground infront of nine Arthurism waiting to take charge.

    I must confess no love for Mottley and less for Owing and I am not the least bit concerned or worried for them nor the BLP but I must also confess that today’s attack of Mottley by Owing was the truth waiting to exhale and it would go down in my books as politcal warfare expounded without a weapon of terror but merely with the use of words.

    Who’s move next Mottley is it you or is it over to you Owen?

    Who’s ever it maybe it will be the last blow that may kill the old cow. MOOOOOOtley.

  19. Wishing In Vain

    Owing has been clear in his disgust in the quality of Mottley this has been clear for all to see recently as per this year when for the first time ever in Parliament we had two differing replies to one budget give by the Hon Prime Minister Mr David Thompson QC one was attempted to be delivered by Mottley the other was the corrected version delived by Owing, you remember the sit down and shut up Mottley exchange in parliament this showed a clear divide between the two in thought and logic.

    Owing has said in more ways than one and in more places than one that Mottley is an idiot and is doing bear foolishness and needs to be removed, with this in his mind he went after her thru the back door, I am going to unseat you but it will not really be me but my shadow that will do so.

    Mottley has known and has felt his pressure being brought to bear on her not only by Owen but all the members of Parliament hence her desire to select those loyal to her as candidates for the next election, it would not surprise me in the least to see Holder and Thompson removed from Senate by a reinstated Owing See Thru Arthur as these are her last two remaing all out supporters, as we saw in the Lower House her support is wobbly to say the least.

  20. cat eyes

    I have no brief for Mottley. She behaves too much like a big breed dog barking outside a paling. But what Owen Arthur did was spiteful. Plain and simple. How can a man who never owned his children until it was politically convenient judge anyone on moral grounds?? How can anyone who claims to love his country and party do what he did yesterday? Could he not have sat Mia down and told her all that he chose to tell Barbados in a Press Conference. It was a deliberate, calculated act of spite. And to what end? If he is indeed disinterested in coming back as leader, why interfere with Mottley. Let her run the route. But no, he had to publicly humiliate her in the most vicious of ways. But what goes around comes around.They did their part to destroy the DLP and Owen said he would do all in his power to see that the DLP never governed in Barbados again. And they are governing. He is the self appointed diviner of oracles. LOL. Lets see if his vicious tongue can match Mia. (Mia’s).

  21. Wayne

    Is anyone surprise about the national perceptions the public of Barbados has about her? Since school days people had their views about her, and several incidents since then have only led to convincing more people about these perceptions. Her refusal to address any of the issues surrounding her further led to them being solidified in the national conscience.

    It was said by a reporter that Owen Arthur giveth and he taketh away. Owen Arthur gave us Mia Mottley the potential successor and leader. He saved her when the public had tried and convicted her over the homosexual debate, remember his call for Barbadians to cease and settle and to leave Mia alone? It is only fair that he be given the responsible for removing this person from around our necks.

    BTW during the Homo debate MacFingall at a calypso tent said something like the following.

    “The driver of a big up ask de Boss how was your day, and de Boss responded “I just wanted to be Frank”

    The crowd roared with laughter. Now how could MacFingall get such a response for such a general comment if the audiance did not know of what situation and of whom he spoke?

    People get real, who Mia is has been known for much of her life. This is not of Arthur doing.

  22. Checkit-out

    Cat Eyes

    I totally agree with you.

  23. Love

    It amazing how BFP for over 18 months sat on the sidelines and watched this BLP saga unfold…….from the day of the big fight at Roebuck Street where the police were called in.

    But now that the DEMS are in power they harassing David Thompson about ITAL…..when all the information is there to show that ITAL legislation is being addressed.



    BFP says,

    Dear Love…

    What a liar you are, Mr. H. (Yes… we know who you are)

    You are well aware of our March 11, 2008 article Who is in Charge of the Barbados Labour Party? and many other articles since. You even commented upon them.

    Goodbye again, Mr. H.

  24. BFP

    Dear Love…

    What a liar you are, Mr. H. (Yes… we know who you are)

    You are well aware of our March 11, 2008 article Who is in Charge of the Barbados Labour Party? and many other articles since. You even commented upon them.

    Goodbye again, Mr. H.

  25. yatinkiteasy

    I`m glad the speech was printed in the press, since Owen was so incoherent, mumbling, speaking in a hurry, that I could hardly understand what he was saying….perhaps he had ” a few” before the press conference?

  26. Ryan

    It look like im in total disagreement with alot of people here,you all dont believe ones private life has anything to do with politics or who leads a country ?A leader decide for a whole country, on things moral,ethical ,financial and Spiritual,in countries that consist of rich and poor,different religions(muslims,christians Rastas ,witnesses etc) ,different races and so on.So of course ,who u r,what u believe in and what you represent got alot to do with it.How many people would vote for the honourable leader David Thompsom if he was a rasta or it was alledge he was gay,so these things do matter,as a christian i would not vote for anyone i know is gay or may want to impose gay law or beliefs on me,does anyone remember that under the B L P they were proposing to legalize homosexuality.I think we should take a leaf out of the U S A system where,you should be married,you and your husband or wife should be as one family unit,because in my opinion,if you cant run a marriage or a family (housewhole) it is highly unlikely you will be able to effectively run a country.Just my input folks

  27. Hants

    @ Love

    Why you attacking BFP?

    Now I live in Canada and I din near bout nuh fight between Owing and MIA at de BLP headquarters wid police an ting an you vex wid BFP.

    Dem mussee en hear ny dah.

    See I did know evah long time sence dat de two uh dem tuh much alike to get along wid duh one nuddah.

    Anyway one uh dum gine resign from politics just now. truss me.

  28. Moburt

    Who the hell is Owen Arthur to be judging anybody? He is the one who started the vicious rumour about Mia Mottley biting somebody in the first place after the poll showed he had lost ground to her. And big men and women believe this nonsense.

    Think people! (not you WIV we know your agenda is to destroy Mia) The English magazine that libeled Mia with this story went all bout this island trying to verify it in order to present a truth defense. In the end they failed and ended up paying though their nose.

    They could not verify an Owen Arthur spiteful rumour. And if you doubt he is spiteful you had the evidence yesterday.

    Like Cat Eyes said, a man who sired two children while he was married to his first wife and denied them until it was politically expedient could now be coming to tell me who or what is acceptable behaviour? He even went so far as to tell Beverley that his police driver was the father of his youngest child.

    I, Moburt, could believe anything he has to say about anybody.

    I have zero respect for the man. He might be a good economist, but he is pond scum as a man and a father.

    He needs to grow a pair and come out and say that he wants to lead the Labour Party again and escape from his fantasy that people are clamouring for him.

    Why is it that so many Bajans voted him out? Not because he did not do a good job. They were fed up with his arrogance. His cussing out people who could not respond. And yes his tiefing.

    And Cliverton you need to shed your naivety about the power of Cabinet members to control or censure a corrupt Prime Minister. If we follow your lead then we should not re-elect anyone who served in Owen Arthur’s Cabinet. I suppose all the honest ones could have resigned but where would that have left us as a country? With only dishonest politicians? Get real BFP life nor politics work like that.

  29. Baje Iceman

    You know,I have to wonder sometimes if people listen to the message before crucifying the messenger.

    Yes I would agree that Owen probably was out of place to have that press conference but there are mitigating circumstances some of which we may not be fully aware.

    But let’s look at some of the things he said.

    Under Mia Mottley there are leadership issues and concerns within the BLP. Have we forgotten the DLP example of Clyde Mascoll. Mr. Mascoll was never seen as a legitimate leader of the DLP. Even when he was elected at a party conference,those of us looking on never felt that he was going to last. As a matter of fact, we wondered what was going to be the next shoe to drop since it looked as though (for a short while) that Mr. Thompson was ”dun wid that”. Rumours started to fly about internal power struggles within the DLP. They eventually lost a bye-election miserably and then eventually a General Election. The pattern has clearly been set for Ms. Mottley! Ms. Mottley was never elected by the party, she “assumed” a leadership position for which she did not have legitimacy to hold. Further, she did not seek to legitimacise that position but instead made mistakes and mis-steps. Leadership is a key element needed to take charge of the reigns of a political party. It cannot be assumed.

    Next issue he dealt with was perception issues about Ms. Mottley. There are a myriad of issues which surround Ms. Mottley which do not do her public image any good. It might have been better if Ms Mottley had dealt with those issues before assuming the role of leader of the party. When those issues would have be dealt with, she could have started to may her way back to the lead of the party. I can think of two examples of this in recent times. The first is the said Owen Arthur who lived under the shadow of Tom Adams for many years and then under Bree St.John and Sir Henry Forde before his ascension to the leadership position of the BLP. The second is our present Prime Minister who stepped aside, worked on his image with his Families First program among other things. Both of these men played a serious political card that was devastating to their predecessors in political leadership roles in their respective political parties.

    The apparent distancing of Mr. Mottley from her predecessor,in my opinion, is also a faux pax on her part. This should never have happened and created a recipe for disaster. The likes of which we are presently seeing unfold before our eyes. This, I believe,did not do her image any good. The perception that she will discard of key people within her party organisation as easily as she tried to do with the former prime minister was a serious indictment on her. She seemed to want the public to believe that she was firmly in control of the party. Did anyone notice that Mr. Arthur had to issue a few public utterances and the spotlight was back on him! Can we imagine if Ms. Mottley had kept him close. The spotlight would have been shining on her at the same time!
    Lastly, Mr. Arthur touched the fact that a leader has to be “skillful” in the use of power. We can all agree on this point but can we say that Ms. Mottley has demonstrated this skill?

    Remember don’t shoot the messenger (at least, before he delivers the message)! We should all try and imbibe what Mr. Arthur was trying to say, even if he said it in an inappropriate manner.

    Come on people, Barbadians are known to intelligent people. Let’s demonstrate that proof through our power of analysis.

  30. ac

    it is sad when aformer prime minister owen arthur has to resort to such dirty tricks .what here is important is not her sexual preference but whether she can do an outstanding job of leadership in running the country.
    personnally ihave several names for him the one that fits him best is ‘dirty dog’

  31. Last Laugh

    Hmmmm i wonder who is responsible for waking love aka Mr H from hibernation. Guess the DLP ran out of things for you to do or is this your day job??? You don’t even have the intelligence to change your writing style. Pathetic!!!

  32. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Moburt you spreading unsubstantiated rumours about a partially substantiated rumour; How ironic is that? Barbados is a small place and nurses at the QEH confirm that somebody was in there suffering with the alleged injuries. It was all de buzz at de QEH. It is true that that does not confirm the identity of the person who inflicted those wounds but if I call de police and tell them that I see Moburt shoot he good good friend Foolburt at such and such a place and they go there and find foolburt shot, who do you think they are going to arrest?

  33. Hants

    Next item for discussion.

    Who is going to make the next move.

    Is Owen going to resign his seat and focus on writing and speaking engagements?

    Is Mia going to resign?

  34. Johnny Postle @

    I really do not want to offer a comment about this Mia -Owen thing, but I will say this: any right thinking Barbadian who understands the comments that has inflicted some damage on the image and credibility of this potential leader, can only make you think what type of revenge Owen Seymour Arthur would mete to simple folk.

    When one considers that such a blow was dealt to a member of his own famous (or infamous) 14 year BLP team (a feat that is indeed historical) and the fact that he endorsed Mia Motley as his Deputy Prime Minister, it leaves me to deduce that the mentality of this leader is one of revenge and callousness. Owen’s public announcement in his subliminal overtones was out of place, belittling and insulting.

    I am not one who favours Mia as leader of the opposition. She possess an inherent bombastic disposition and seem not able to hide her obvious hunger for power. It seems, unfortunately, that Mia does not yet understand that these traits easily cast doubts in peoples mind about where her real interests truly lie. And in the minds of bajans you can easily lose face if you are pompous and arrogant.

    However, Owen does not have a halo around his head and has been alleged to have dabble in quite a few perversions of his own.

    It would be in the best interest of all politicians, season or aspiring, to recognize that Barbadians are not yet that sympathetic to certain alternative lifestyles that are subjected to high criticisms. Owen’s indiscretion, relative to his marriage and the affair, is not seen in the same light as Mia’s same sex preference. As a result, Owen has seemingly escape this redicule (to alot more extent than Mia) because society some how tolerates adultery and infidelity more than it do homosexuality and other “non popular” perversions. Mia must realise this and seek to do some self introspection if she wants to gain favour with the people. This is no time for arrogance and articulation but a time for a demeanour of virtue couple with a show of humility and grace. Mia you would do well to heed to simple advice.

  35. Hants

    Mia has the qualifications and the political experience to be Prime Minister.

    However it is clear to me that she does not have the Leadership skills, strength and personality to take control of the BLP and weed out the dissidents.

    There will be no “all hands on deck” for her.
    It will be more like “Mutiny on the booty”.

    There are more licks to come.

  36. Wayne

    This cannot end well. They are regular party members who are gearing up to rally for their man Arthur. The leadership council of the party has been at odds with the general membership for a very long time. Arthur’s ascension to the leadership role was done to appease the regular membership, but there was a lot of bitterness for this within the councils and with many of the Stalwarts like Lammie Craig. Arthur delivered and the BLP benefitted. The regular membership is not done with Arthur yet and apparently, Barbadians think he has more to offer. The BLP cannot win any election with a leader picked on assume class and pedigree, and with someone like Mia Mottley they have fallen dangerously short of that goal. If she remains the Leader of the BLP into the next election her entire life will be made public for all to see what kind of leader they are about choose. It will not be pretty.

  37. Wayne

    Who makes “qualifications” prerequisite to be Prime Minister??????

  38. Sargeant

    Live by the sword……. Now the vindictive side of Owen emerges for all to see.

    To those BLP members and supporters who are now lachrymose and wringing their hands in anxious contemplation, didn’t you see this coming? After all you had plenty of warning, when Owen used the floor of the House to publicly pillory ordinary citizens who were not members of that august chamber knowing full well that he enjoyed its protection; where were the “senior members” now being called upon to bring some stability to the situation? I have no doubt that some of you including those “senior members” enjoyed those sunny days with extreme exuberance as he laid into individuals like Irene Sandiford -Garner. They would have shared many back slaps, cheers and shouts of “Look wah Owen do tuh she”, Now that the shoe is on the other foot we hear mutterings about “loss of respect” and disappointment.

    Isn’t Schadenfreude a wonderful thing?


  39. Wishing In Vain

    BFP says

    Wishing in Vain…

    You are vicious, and you have repeatedly crossed the line that divides reasonable discussion from pure filth and garbage.

    We warned you. You didn’t listen.

    You’re banned again.

  40. Hants

    Is WIV really banned again?

    I was hoping he would deal with this new Allardd lawsuit but I guess I will have to go to BU.

    Well I got to be careful because if I say what I really want to say about Allardd suing the Government of Barbados I would get banned from BFP.

  41. Sargeant


    You posted the link to the letter to Thompy and said you would comment later, why you think you gwine get banned if you comment? Is it the language or do you think Allard=BFP?

    Enquiring minds want to know

  42. Hants

    @ Sargeant,

    I do not know or care whether there is a link between BFP and Allard.

    As man, those of us who have lived both in Barbados (27 years) and Canada (32 years)
    will have views that can be different from some others.

    I want to continue to use this blog to use my partisan views to defend the DLP.

    Allard and his lawsuit will be dealt with by the government so I will not risk getting banned over this “issue”.

    Besides the BLP Owen Mia catastrophe is more fun because BFP wrote.

    “Hi Hants,

    I think it is proper to discuss the matter of sexual orientation generally in Bajan politics and specifically in this case because Owen Arthur opened up the door. What I have prohibited at BFP (at least on my watch) is allowing people to simply throw nasty words around.

  43. BFP

    Hants my friend…

    You can say whateveryouwant here at BFP. WIV did not get banned for Allard or such. He was banned for describing the parts of the body that somebody would lick etc… etc… etc…

    No need for that.

    Say wat you will about Allard. We don’t give a flying F. Truly.

    We are for transparency and truth where ever that take us. Not BLP. Not DLP. just the simple truth.

    Simple truth is that I run out of rum an gin.

    MARCUS WHERE ARE YOU??????????????? YOU LATE!!!!!!!!

  44. BFP

    WIV TALK ABOUT A POLITICIAN. Say the politician lick certain parts of other people.

    This is banned.

    Say what you want about other thing. Doan be so coarse about body parts.


  45. Hants

    Cliverton there is a rumshop or supermarket no more than a kilometre apart in Barbados.

    Get up an go an buy de likka nuh or you cheap and waitin for a freeness from Marcus?

    Enjoy wanna selves.

    Owing probly into de ESAF, Tompy probly havin a brandy an MIA an Mac Fingall probly eatin.

    When I finish dis bajan soup, I got a bottle a wine callin me.

  46. Johnny Postle @

    BFP I am not sure who is WIV nor do I care who he, she or it is. But what interest me about this ban is your mentioned of this blogger’s specific reference to licking body parts. Now I have notice that you have been putting up a few grosteque images that could use a bit of banning as well. Take for instance the one with shite coming up and out of politicians mouths. This current one with Mia’s beheading and a number other transformations that depicts male politicians’ heads on female bodies. Now to you, these images seem to conjure a sense of humour and are quite comical; but to others there are gross, insulting and distasteful. Is it ok for shit to be displayed but to state a specific act that is practice in sex is too explicit?

  47. Sargeant

    Mia if anything is a canny politician. Here is a report from the Sunday Sun after a recent interview

    – She told the SUNDAY SUN in an interview that leadership had to be rooted in certain values which could be inspirational and motivational, or manipulative and divisive.
    She said the latter two were often associated with politicians, but she was attracted to leadership that was anchored in the former
    Now which politician employed manipulation and divisiveness to spectacular success as she implies? Why none other than Owen when he lured all those disaffected DLPites over to the BLP under his “politics of inclusion” platform. She gets to attack Arthur albeit indirectly, my problem with politicians like Mia is that if they feel this way about certain actions why don’t they speak up at the time? As usual Mia is pretending to be the piano player in the brothel who claims not to know what was going on upstatirs.

    Costs Overrun? Not me; Glendairy Prison Fire? You must be joking; Economic slowdown? Blame the other guy; Immigration? We had a better idea, and the list goes on…


  48. GG

    As a concerned Barbadian living abroad, I am shocked at the treatment which Ms. Mia Mottley, a compitent and intelligent leader of the BLP,has received from the former PM and the public. I have known Mia for many yerar, and am confident that she has the ability and interlect to lead the people of Barbados. Owen Arthur, until now, had placed her in a position of leardership. What has suddenly changed? Privilege or not, she is able.
    Mark Twain said: “If you pick up a starving dog and mae him prosperous, he will not bite you. That is the principal difference bewteen a dog and a man.” Think about it!

  49. sad very sad

    Does it make any sense being a leader of anything in Barbados ?-or doing anything for the ungrateful fault finding, disgusting people bout here ???

    Errol Barrow was pilloried as a leader
    Tom Adams was pilloried as a leader-(Gabby even curse he in song -Mr T
    Bree St. John was pilloried as a leader-(Gabby even curse he in song -‘Backraise’
    Lloyd Erskine Sandiford
    Owen Seymour Arthur
    David Thompson
    Mia Mottley
    Sir Garry Sobers
    Desmond Haynes
    Joel Garner
    Albert Padmore
    Collis King
    Dean Harold Crichlow
    Red Plastic Bag
    Bajans does just curse people and dismiss and devalue them dont care how mush they do