BLP political elites stage manage Mia Mottley’s “Leadership Contest”

The newspapers are all afire that Mia Mottley has “demanded” a review of her leadership to quash rumours of a divide in the Barbados Labour Party. (CBC News, Nation news, Barbados Advocate)


Much more than “rumours”…

Golly. I guess Mia and her supporters have been reading Barbados Free Press.

Here’s the results of our now-closed recent poll on Mia Mottley’s leadership…

Some 960 people voted in our poll that asked “Mia Mottley is…”

* “Interim Leader of the BLP, whose legitimacy grows weaker by the day” (580 votes or 62%)

* “Legitimate Leader of the BLP, but not for much longer without a membership vote” (200 votes or 21%)

* “Legitimate Leader of the BLP – No leadership vote necessary! (160 votes or 17%)

Don’t forget, folks… these are ordinary people speaking, not the inner circle of the Barbados Labour Party. As the newspapers take great pains to point out, the leadership of the BLP is not decided by the public membership in a process that is transparent and accountable. The leadership of the BLP is decided in a closed room by a handful of people. (Where Mia’s ranting daddy may or may not be present.)

So let’s take it one step further, shall we?

Here’s our new poll about Mia Mottley’s leadership. Never mind what the newspapers say tomorrow morning, let’s hear what the people say…

POLL RESULTS… (Prior to sabotage by two Mia Mottley supporters who erased their cookies and returned almost 100 times…)

Can the BLP win an election by presenting Mia Mottley as the next Prime Minister?

“Yes, the majority of Bajans would accept Mia Mottley as their Prime Minister” (27%)

“No, the majority of Bajans would not accept Mia Mottley as their Prime Minister” (55%)

“I’m not sure whether Mia Mottley could gather enough votes to be Prime Minister” (18%)

And Finally…

I thought you might be interested in this…

HA! HA! HA!!!  The Nation News titled their article “Mia’s Move” but the URL for the article is listed as “empty-bravado” !!!!!!!!!

Here, look…


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40 responses to “BLP political elites stage manage Mia Mottley’s “Leadership Contest”

  1. Hants

    BFP there is no “contest”. MIA has simply requested a public show of support in the interest of party unity.

    She deserves the full support of the members of her parliamentary group.

    She will continue to be a very good opposition leader.

    Hopefully her desire to serve the people of Barbados will allow her to continue and have a second term as opposition leader.

    This wine I drinking is really good.Nice fruity aroma.Bottle soon done.

  2. Igrance

    Hants tell the people the name of the wine nuh….fink only you want to enjoy a good bottle

  3. Avatar Gurl

    Uhhh…NEWS BREAK!

    Mia has gotten the go-ahead to be leader of the BLP!

    Oh wow…

    What have you to say, BFP? And will Owen form a new party after this, seeing as he wasn’t there?

    News for your “convenience…”

  4. Sargeant

    Why was Arthur not present? Did he have Swine Flu; Headache; Regular Flu; Backache or Bellyache? Seems to me that if this was a confirmation of the “Passing of the Torch” the past holder of the Torch should have been there.

    This only means the questions will linger

  5. huh?


    what it means is that the Parliamentary group is backing Mia. Arthur’s non presence can only be translated one way, that he doesn’t like it but he has not got the votes in the Parliamentary group to change anything.

    The fact that everyone voted indicates that Mia is fully ratified as the leader. Arthur could have been voted for in absentia or people could have refused to vote if he was not present.

    This vote gives Mia a mandate to lead the party, Arthur now can either support her or resign. Given his considerable support in the party they should be able to come to some agreement.

    The only people likely to be upset by this vote are the DLP in that it removes their best weapon against the BLP, the perception that it was divided.

    Your comment about “passing the torch” is misplaced, that would have happened back after the election, all that happened today is the the Parliamentary group confirmed that they want Mia to lead the party. The questions about leadership have been answered.

  6. Hants

    @ huh?

    If there were no divisions and internal problems in the BLP there would be no need for MIA to have a Leadership review.

    The party will remain divided because there are still a substantial number of loyal Arthur supporters.

    King Arthur could rise again. It aint over till the, sorry can’t finish the sentence because BFP is in a banning mood and I have to be a good little DLP supporter and be politically correct.

  7. Hants

    Seem like BFP was correct. “Stage managed” was indeed a suitable title.

    Nation titled this “Queen Bee”

    “Regarding Arthur’s absence, Mottley said “everyone has noticed. We’ve made the decision and that’s all I’ll say at this stage”.

    While sources said it was a 6-2 victory for the former Deputy Prime Minister, she would not disclose the actual vote among the eight MPs – Gline Clarke, Ronald Toppin, Rawle Eastmond, Cynthia Forde, William Duguid, George Payne, Mottley herself and Deputy Opposition Leader Dale Marshall.

    Marshall told the media that “after a full and frank discussion, the parliamentary group has reaffirmed its support of Mottley as political leader and Leader of the Opposition”, and that she would lead the BLP into the next general election, constitutionally due in 2013″

  8. Wayne

    The BLP will have to look hard at it’s current process for electing the Political Leaders. The DLP did away with that approach.

    The DLP did away with the approach that saw the parliamentary group dictating to the entire political party membership on who should be the Leader. This is far from over.

    I think Arthur will should wait until after the General election of 2013 to advocate for a change in the Laws of the Party.

    It has never been right for the too few to determine hook line and sinker, who will lead this country.

    Listen to Mottley telling us the path that she would use to become the Leader of the BLP and hopefully the prime minister. She doesn’t need the general party membership nor the vast majority of Barbados electors to achieve her goal, and this is what is glaringly wrong with our system.

    If as Mia Mottley correctly states, that the parliamentary team of the ruling political party chooses the Prime Minister and Leader of the country, and that a single constituentcy must validate this choice by first nominating this person to be their representative to parliament, why are we being encouraged to view this election and to make a choice of whom to give our vote too on the opinion of who is best suited to lead the country? WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NO SAY IN THIS BY WAY OF OUR VOTE. WE CAN ONLY VOTE FOR A REPRESENTATIVE NOT A LEADER.

  9. Clearly Bajan

    It is generally hard to be an opposition leader when u r thirsty for power. And even worse when you may have tasted it already.

    I personally think Mia is the legitimate leader of the party and also that the party could do without Arthur cloudying up the issue.

    However, based on their past power hungry attitude I think it will do the Bees well to pout in the Opposition for a little while.

  10. Izzmee

    It is ALMOST amusing. The “controversy” over Mia is being stirred up by one Hartley Henry who is staunchly a part of the Dees. Henry is well aware of how that party deals with leadership issues. Didn’t David abandon the leadership of the Dees “to devote more time to his law practice, etc”, which was really saying he did not want to lead the party into another election and lose – again. That would have been bye bye for his position.
    So the powers that be organised it for Clydie to get the role as “leader” and gave David time to regroup. When it was appropriate David came back to oust Clydie in a ‘no contest’ as had been arranged. At least that is how it appeared to me. So there is nothing new in all of this. OSA is not going to form a new party, he knows that has no chance. Mia has to go ahead with what she has.

  11. Wayne

    It will be interesting to see if the BLP rank and file, will do like those in the DLP and seek to have a say in the process.

  12. Hants

    Breaking news.

    King Arthur is holding court.

    Owen Arthur is speaking to journalist and David Ellis says it will be broadcast on VOB in about 10 minutes.

  13. DMC

    Boy what a change. I think that this vote makes the leadership problems more glaring. Imaging the entire Barbados knows that Arthur is challenging for the leadership and yet he is absent from the meeting.

    check this
    Mottley :Duguid, Payne, Marshall, Forde Eastmond

    arthur : Toppin Clarke

  14. Hants

    Owing Seymore Arthur is absolutely amazing. He has just given the BLP an opportunity to rebuild the party.

    He just alluded to issues of character and demeanor in couched language that suggest that MIA has a problem,
    a very serious problem of acceptance within the party and among the barbadian public.

    I don’t know what his motivation is but he was absolutely brilliant in shaking the party to the core.

    I am betting that there will be an “invigorated” Barbados Labour Party with a new leader before the next election and it wont be MIA.

    A political master has dealt another blow to the “political class”.

  15. Hants

    Listen to VOB at 3 oclock to hear the Arthur press conference.

    Remember to tape it.

    I like this part.

    MIA has no leadership problem with Owing but she has a problem with leadership.

    This was an awesome over bowled by Owen Arthur.

    Bouncers,beamers and an inswinging yorker.

  16. Sargeant

    I think Owen is still smarting over the way he was removed as Leader. In many democracies when the ruling party is defeated at the polls the Leader is given time to reflect and make his decision .Why the rush to remove him? They had a minimum of five years in Opposition. In Arthur’s circumstances it seems he was given the bum rush out the door before he was ready. It appears like those stories of a Coup d’etat led by the Mottley family are true.

    Now the cat is among the pigeons



    I have said so already and I am not political although I have been called all sorts of political names —-but that is how people are in Barbados.

    In my opinion, Owen is the sweetest most lovable Prime Minister, Barbados ever had. I feel pure love for the man . He is a true blooded man. Along with former Prime Minister Sandiford who was his predecessor, Owen is one of the most manly men to have led Barbados as Prime Minister. Former Prime Minister Lloyd Erskine Sandiford and Owen Seymour Arthur are real men.- more real than some others whose antics and wrists make them appear a little questionable to me at least.

  18. Wayne

    Do I understand Bajan politics or what? Core to all issue in both parties is Leadership. Who and how it is decided. Parliamentarians alone should not choose the Leader of the country. The largest number of persons should get to do so in a real democracy. Next step is to get both parties to the point of allowing the general Assemblies to pick the political leader, with the parliamentary group ratifying that choice to satisfy the constitutional requirement of awarding the PM-ship to the parliamentarian who commands the most loyalty amongst his fellow members. Right now, the two processes are not coalescing as Mia said back in 2007 that they should. What we have is a process of the few dictating to the majority. The final stop however is to have a popularly elected Leader of the Country.

    As it stands now with Owen and as it was with Thompson the majority membership of the political parties cannot get their wish because of a process and few individuals. Ultimately the Barbadian electors will have to suffer the burden of someone they absolutely do not want as their leader as the only alternative. This is not democracy

  19. Hants

    MIA should give up her ambitions to be Prime Minister of Barbados especially after what Owen Arthur said today.

    He confirmed what most of us think.

    Barbados is not a liberal thinking society and is not ready to accept MIA as Prime Minister.

    A lotta long talk from Owen but we understand what he meant but could not say.

    De people still love de fella from St.Peter who work hard to rise up and become PM.He is one uh we.

  20. Hants

    BFP I hope you are preparing a New post about the Mia Owen debacle.

  21. Wayne

    The only person in the BLP that understood Owen’s appeal to Barbadians and the change his leadership brought to Barbados (voting party to get a particular leader) Is Liz Thompson. However it seems that she may have forgotten her views on Owens appeal in the 1999 and 2004 elections. Those two victories were undoubtedly a confirmation of Barbadian Electors voting for Owen via the limitations of voting party at the contituency level. I cannot see how Barbadians will all of a sudden go to the polls in 2013 and vote for a particular representative not mindfull of party or the leader of the party. This they will do, and Mia cannot fear well in such a situation. Any loyalty she has in parliament and in her constituency she has purchased, and therefore electors in wider Barbados has no connection to her. Owen’s national appeal is via his charisma, none of which Mia has.

  22. Sargeant

    Who needs a comedy club? Politics in Barbados is so much fun and after listening to Owen today I thought I’d dedicate this song by Ukulele playing Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo “Ole Iz”. The song is “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

    Incidentally the portion of the video shot with people in the sea was at the scattering of his ashes into the Pacific.

  23. Sargeant

    I meant dedicate this song to Mia

  24. Hants

    What did Owen mean by this
    “some aspects of what Ms. Mottley symbolises”

    I just heard it on the 4.30 news on VOB.

    I would like him to tell the public what these aspects are?

  25. Zzzzz

    Do you recall when Sir Henry passed to Owen. That was classy. Owen hadn’t proved himself as yet but he was given the support he needed to develop into a Barbadian Leader. Mia needs that support now. Owen and his posse must stop the kicking and screaming and go stately into the night.


    KISSMYA now because it is time to kiss up

  27. Hants

    @ Zzzzz

    The women in the BLP will rally around MIA.

    She will get a lot of sympathy after the licks (political) she got from Arthur today.

    There appears to be a lot more to this story than we are hearing.

    Arthur should have been in the position of elder statesman guiding MIA in her quest for Prime Ministership.

    My feeling is that she rejected his overtures and offers to help her.

    Starcom VOB broadcast the entire Owen Arthur press conference from 3pm to 4pm today.

    Every hour they have rebroadcast excerpts from the interview that are very damaging to MIA.

    Owen nor Starcom can be sued for inuendo so the damage is done. Bajans are hearing that which could not be said.

  28. Hants

    BFP listen to VOB at 10pm tonight. They are rebroadcasting the Arthur press conference.

  29. BFP

    Yes, we’re all set up Hants. I heard part of it at work but couldn’t listen to the whole thing. Customers kept getting in the way! 🙂


  30. Political Observer

    As a Bajan with a long time interest in the politics (not political parties) of my country I have to say that while the DLP supporters like Hants may take comfort in Owen Arthur’s press conference today, it is the first time in my memory that a former leader of any political party has chosen to publicly criticize his successor.

    Even Sir Lloyd, with the very bitter taste of some of his own members voting for a No Confidence motion against him, never publicly criticized David Thompson or his leadership of the DLP.

    Some thing is amiss here and despite Owen Arthur’s protestations that he does not want to return as leader of the BLP, I for one don’t believe him.

    I have been keeping my ears to the ground and my eyes wide open. I notice that since leaving office he rarely attends Parliament (except to sign in) and in fact has only spoken five times since taking up residence on the Opposition benches.

    I understand that he has only attended one meeting of his Party’s Parliamentary group and that contrary to Hants’ speculation that Miss Mottley has refused his help, that he has not offered any. Given his state of mind today, I tend to believe that if his help was rebuffed that he would have made that public too. These are not the actions of a man who is supporting the Party that was so good to him or its current leader.

    For a former Prime Minister of fourteen years standing to engage in the behaviour he displayed to day is most disappointing.

    I was totally turned of at how many times today he said I did this or I did that. It is clearly all about him.

    I am beginning to wonder if he took his medication today. One of the known side effects of diabetes is irrational behaviour and I have rarely seen a more irrational behaviour in public life than the one I witnessed by Owen Arthur today.

    What a great pity! Up until now I thought he was a fine man and an excellent Prime Minister.

  31. Crusoe

    Hants at 4:01pm says it accurately.

    From the synopsis, the message that Owen sends is fairly clear.

    He is not interested in being leader again, but he does not support Mia.

    If he supported Mia he would have attended the conference and voted, for her.

    If he supported Mia, IF he issued a statement at all, it would have run something congratulating Mia on winning and saying that he supported her wholeheartedly, very short and to the point.

    Referring to her having a problem with convincing the public that she could be leader of the country, he basically indicated that he doubted her ability to become PM, to wit, to lead the country.

    Taking it that way, he supports an alternate leader.

    This is fully in line with his attempts pre-last election to put Mascoll into place, as a deputy.

    Carrying this yet further, it indicates that there will be a further challenge ‘in the fullness of time’, by another, who will be supported by Arthur and a number of others.

    From Mia’s viewpoint, it is clear that she has to find suitable and new candidates for some ridings, to come with a ‘Mia-led’ party, with candidates whom she ‘expects’ to be loyal to her.

    She can do it, she can bring a strong candidate slate to the next election, but she has to start now and she has to be vocal and stand strong and with conviction on a variety of issues.

    A lot can happen in two/ three years. My bet is elections will be 2012.

    Thompson will hold them as early as he can, without being ridiculous, to take advantage of a weakened Opposition.

  32. Wayne

    Lammie Graig once said, “the reason we don’t have a viable third political party is due to the difficulty of getting mass support and membership to sustain it”. I agree with him. If this is true, how does Mia Mottley expect to lead the BLP without mass support amongst its rank and file. Mottley knows that there is no real love for her outside of her constituency. Could she hope that Barbadian electors would go to the polls fully and singularly focus on the individual BLP candidate for their respective areas, and not focus of or be aware of her waiting in the wings to become the Leader of all Barbadians? Owen Arthur’s popularity and winning ways for the which the BLP was awarded 14 years of power will lay waste to this approach. There is no way for her to escape the glare of the people, a people who by in large have a negative view and perception of her.

  33. Hants

    @ Political Observer

    I don’t take comfort in what happens with the BLP.

    There is no need for me to be concerned with what are clearly serious problems in the BLP party.

    As a born and bred Barbadian I am truly pleased to observe that democracy is alive and well in my home and native land.

  34. Avatar Girl

    To be quite honest, I don’t know whether Mia can lead the country either…

    Considering the absolute mess she had with her Ministerial duties…especially after that Glendairy catastrophe…

    Hmmm…i say put HAMMIE LA up on there! He is OF THE PEOPLE! And medical ganja IS a great idea! It isn’t as if most of the people don’t use it anyway. Even LEGAL drugs are dangerous!

    Yeah, I’d vote for Hamilton Lashley! ROCK ON!

  35. Crusoe

    To be quite blunt, while I personally take the view that it is one’s abilities to govern appropriately that count as to leadership quality, the statement by Mr.Arthur was not just a question as to the ‘mass support’, but follows a line of thought held by a number of very influential persons, in the political arena.

    She may be up against something more than she anticipates.

  36. Crusoe

    Avatar Girl,

    Have you been imbibing of the stuff???????

  37. Sargeant

    I was following the comments by “Political Observer” when in my opinion the writer’s attempt at objectivity went out the window after I read the following “Given his state of mind today” which was followed by “I am beginning to wonder if he took his medication today”.

    I view those statements as an attempt to influence the readers into believing that Owen is unpredictable and somewhat deranged. I listened to the Press Conference; I will make up my mind on his lucidity and mental health. I prefer that you leave the diagnosis to the medical professionals.

    For someone who claims not to be overtly political you seem to be very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the BLP. Your ear must be very close to someone’s mouth that you know about his non attendance of the group’s Parliamentary meetings and whether or not he has offered the BLP any help.

    We look forward to more of the “ears to the ground and eyes open” reports.

  38. J

    Hants wrote “Barbados is not a liberal thinking society and is not ready to accept MIA as Prime Minister.”

    My argument is that even while Barbadians are not liberal by words, they are liberal by actions, and it maybe that contrary to what Owen Arthur said today ““some aspects of what Ms. Mottley symbolises” most Barbadians may not have any trouble with “some aspects of what Ms. Mottley symbolizes”

    In fact many of us, perhaps most of us are deeply troubled by politicians who make multiple children in multiple houses outside of their marriage. Because everyday we see the social trouble and the harm caused to so many children are forced to get by without their fathers in the house.

  39. Hants

    @ J

    “multiple children in multiple houses outside of their marriage”.

    Unfortunately that is part of Barbadian culture and is accepted even in law. “nuh big ting”
    Equal rights for outside children.

    However, homosexuality is still (imho wrongly)considered deviant behaviour by the majority of Barbadians.

    The success of Mia Mottley will depend on if she grows into a charismatic leader as time goes by.
    Her image to the people of Barbados must follow that of previous Prime Ministers.

  40. The Pious one

    The Nationnews paper sees it mandate to stop short of nothing to promote Mia Molttley’s image and foist her lifestyle on some Barbadians.

    Latest case in point : The Sunday Sun editorial of 27th June 2010.

    Australia just received its first female Prime Minister…Ms. Julia Gillard. The Sunday Sun editorial of 27th June 2010 goes on to EMPHASISE the following :

    1. That she is childless and unmarried !

    2. She is in a long term relationship with a HAIRDRESSER (without specifying the gender of the hairdresser) !

    3. Then goes on to end the editorial by stating that the women in Barbadian politics should not be viewed NEGATIVELY if found to be similarly described in points 1 & 2 above.

    Most Barbadians certainly have no qualms if their female politicians chose to be childless and unmarried. So #1 above is out of the way.

    I Believe, some Barbadians CERTAINLY have qualms if this long term partner happens to be of the same SEX.

    Mia Mottley never revealed publicly if there is a long term partner in her life……and I agree with those who will state that she does not need to do so !

    Here comes the TRICKY part however…… most Barbadians agree with former PM Owen Arthur that Mia Mottley needs to clear up her image for Barbadians !

    So the # 2 above still hangs in the balance.

    If Barbadians take a second look at the Sunday Sun Editorial of 27 June 2010 and read the news links below……would the Editorial writers /editors at the Nationnnews now admit to us….that Ms. Gillard’s HAIRDRESSER partner is indeed…….a MAN ?