Full Court Press by DLP at Barbados Free Press

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

Is it just me or are you being very tolerant of Hartley Henry/Wishing in Vain/Love/A Mottley Group being multiple posts that all read the same?

Yours truly,

A friend.”

Mottley Barbados

DLP government operatives attempted to post comments under multiple identities - contrary to BFP's rules.

Dear “A Friend”

Thanks for your email alerting us to the DLP operative(s) at Barbados Free Press who are operating under multiple identities. As our long time readers know, multiple identities are contrary to the rules of BFP as outlined in our Blog Policies and, as per our published policy, result in ALL posts being erased.

We are always amused when BLP or DLP operatives attempt to take over the reader discussions at BFP by using multiple identities. Sometimes we at the editor’s desk don’t cotton on to the abuse until a reader points it out to us. That’s just the way it happens when we’re busy writing or dealing with our own lives. (Hey… I have a wife and childrens doan ya know!)

So…. thanks to “A Friend” for pointing out what is now obvious once we’re alerted where to look.

Penalty: ALL “A Mottley Group” posts are now being erased from Barbados Free Press.

Hey… nice try DLP (or David Thompson or Hartley Henry or whoever you are!)

Take that, sucka!


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10 responses to “Full Court Press by DLP at Barbados Free Press

  1. reality check

    There is never any doubt when a blogger comes on whether they are BLP, DLP, ITAL free press, or specific issue, oriented.

    The Mottley Group gives us some good material sometimes although no doubt slanted.

    Maybe they need to find one or more literate persons ( a difficult task indeed ) who can speak on their behalf as seperate identities and spokespersons with their own handles.

    In the meantime I wish the two party affiliate representatives would start talking about the things they promised and some action points instead of defending doing nothing and slamming the other party.

    As a real novel idea, maybe the leaders, as public figures, could post as themselves and take the heat.

    Thats what they get paid for.

  2. BFP

    Hi RC

    What our readers are not seeing is that The Mottley Group often tries to post DOZENS of similar comments throughout the blog – cutting and pasting to make them somewhat different so the computers don’t pick it up.

    Further, they/he/she continually attempts to to say that various BLP Members of Parliament are either gay or pedophiles. Frankly, we’ve had enough.

    They will return under a different name and the game will begin again, but that is the nature of the internet.

  3. cat eyes

    I hardly think a prime minister has the time for you.

  4. Oh My

    Cat eyes, Owen Arthur never had time for the blogs. 🙂

  5. Hants

    BFP are you really banning A Mottlee Group for posting under multiple names or are you afraid of being sued for using the word less be an ism.

    A mottlee group was so much like royal rumble sylly G.

    Oh well. I had better be on my best behavior from now on.
    No drinking while blogging. No cellphone while driving. No more mekkin sport pun BFP….till tomorrah.

  6. Moburt

    Hahahahahaaaaa! This is so funny. If Wishing In Vain and the Mottley Group are one and the same blogger why not ban both in accordance with your rules.

    Po’ Hartley it must be hard work making up all those stories trying to destroy Miss Mottley and making his boss look like a man of substance.

  7. huh?

    Just evidence of how scared the DLP is of a united BLP.

    Mia’s leadership has been confirmed by the Paliamentary group. Whatever will Hartley come up with now? Perhaps the goverment might actually have to do something productive.

    Otherwise we can expect more of them continuing to….

    ….Raise gas prices
    ….Raise Unemployment
    ….Raise all kinds of taxes
    ….Pay for the highway twice
    ….Continue to dither on the QEH issue
    ….Derail projects aimed at making traffic flow more smoothly (not just the flyovers but the traffic management project as well)
    ….Try to blame the BLP for their non performance
    ….Continue to dodge their election promises of FOI

    I could go on

    and on

    and on…..

  8. Hants

    @ huh? aka BLP propaganda machine.

    Fortunately Barbados has satellite TV and the internet and Bajans are not stupid.

    The DLP are managing the economy very well during the worst world recession since the great depression.

    Then there is the almost a billion dollars in debt left by the BLP.

    The Barbados economy cannot improve until the rest of the world’s major economies are in full recovery.

    Barbados is still a country on planet Earth.

  9. A Mottley Group

    I post on BU under Wishing In Vain and on this site as a mottley group I was not aware that that was considered multi posting, I do not or do I post under thjose other names my friend only one a mottley group, your system does not allow wiv posting here hence the mottley group, I must apologise for what ever I am supposed to have done to confuse you but I only ever use A mottley group on this site as it worked.

  10. BFP

    Hello “A Mottley Group” & Wishing in Vain.

    You were banned months ago here because you insisted upon bringing the sexual orientation of certain politicians into question at every opportunity even when it wasn’t an issue or true – as well as for several other reasons that I can’t think of right now because I may have had a nip ‘o gin. Oh ya… you also posted under multiple identities and had phony conversations with yourself to forward your position.

    Plus, we were convinced you were more than one person operating what was effectively a DLP political campaign on the web. Look up the word “astro turfing” and you’ll see your own group photo.

    That said, an apology goes a long way ’bout hey, so here’s what we’ll do.

    We’ve removed the block on “Wishing in Vain”. Use that name and we’ll test you out.

    Obey the rules, OK?