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Full Court Press by DLP at Barbados Free Press

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

Is it just me or are you being very tolerant of Hartley Henry/Wishing in Vain/Love/A Mottley Group being multiple posts that all read the same?

Yours truly,

A friend.”

Mottley Barbados

DLP government operatives attempted to post comments under multiple identities - contrary to BFP's rules.

Dear “A Friend”

Thanks for your email alerting us to the DLP operative(s) at Barbados Free Press who are operating under multiple identities. As our long time readers know, multiple identities are contrary to the rules of BFP as outlined in our Blog Policies and, as per our published policy, result in ALL posts being erased.

We are always amused when BLP or DLP operatives attempt to take over the reader discussions at BFP by using multiple identities. Sometimes we at the editor’s desk don’t cotton on to the abuse until a reader points it out to us. That’s just the way it happens when we’re busy writing or dealing with our own lives. (Hey… I have a wife and childrens doan ya know!)

So…. thanks to “A Friend” for pointing out what is now obvious once we’re alerted where to look.

Penalty: ALL “A Mottley Group” posts are now being erased from Barbados Free Press.

Hey… nice try DLP (or David Thompson or Hartley Henry or whoever you are!)

Take that, sucka!


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