Barbados Immigration: Is PM Thompson taking advice from Winston Churchill?

Churchill opposed Immigration of “coloureds” from Barbados

British National Party "For Race & Nation"

British National Party "For Race & Nation"

An online article by the racist British National Party has us thinking about some of the comments we’ve heard about immigration from DLP government supporters and Prime Minister Thompson himself.

BFP long ago dropped our sidebar link to Barbados Underground Blog – the de facto active blog of the governing Democratic Labour Party – for a number of reasons including BU’s willingness to publish articles and comments that communicate support for the most foul racist positions.  Some recent immigration discussions at Barbados Underground target West Indians of Indian heritage, whites and asians as being “unacceptable” races for immigration to Barbados. The BU blog publications even go so far as complaining about the high fertility rates of Indians and calling murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “white trash”.

Barbados Underground Blog is also the venue of choice for Hartley Henry, DLP party strategist and confidante to Prime Minister David Thompson.

So it was with a sense of irony that we followed a Google news alert for “Barbados” this morning and learned that none other than Sir Winston Churchill himself is on record in released Cabinet documents as wanting to curtail the immigration of “coloureds” from Barbados to the United Kingdom. Sir Winston was “not in favour” of coloured immigration and wanted to introduce a bill to impose limits based upon skin colour. Viscount Swinton offered that the government could further their position by introducing a committee to look into the “social aspects” of coloured immigration. Other members talked about employment and housing concerns.

But the concern about housing, employment and the “social aspects” of coloured immigration were a way of candy-coating the heart of the matter: Sir Winston and others didn’t want “coloured immigration” – and the Cabinet notes mention immigration from Barbados by name.

The Google news alert led us to the website of the racist and increasingly popular British National Party (Party slogan: “For Race & Nation”). There you’ll find the article What did Churchill really think about Immigration?

The Barbados Underground and DLP Immigration lobby would do well to read the British National Party article and then compare it to their own writings and comments at Barbados Underground blog. Just substitute “Guyanese” or “Indians” for the references to “coloured immigration” and “Barbados” at the British National Party and you’ll get our point.


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    Just a question, appreciate any views ~

    Did the arrival of ‘west indians’ into the UK starting in the 1950s … cause any pejorativeation to the British society?



    Well Fly Trap, I’d ask you this question, if you had a happy and harmonious family, would you welcome into your midst someone who is disruptive ?

  3. reality check

    The right kind of immigration is critical to the economic success of a Nation and keeping a proper balance is a difficult task indeed.

    Even the US and Canada have quotas for certain countries without which the inflow of immigrants would become a stampede.

    Winston Churchill’s comments are over two generations old now and the die has been cast in Britain which has truly now become a multi racial and multi cultural country.

    That being said, the rules must be fair and clear.

    It is not just that Guyanese, Indians or even Canadians who have come to Barbados legally and kept their noses clean and paid their taxes for many years must continue to fill out visa renewals after 8 or more years.

    Do Barbadians living in the US, Canada or Britain have to suffer with unclear rules about citizenship or visa renewals? I think not.

    The situation as it stands today in Barbados becomes rank reverse discrimination in a country which should know better from past experience.

  4. My Two Cents

    Without immigrants Barbados will be all the poorer. Many of the leading professionals in the accounting, engineering, banking, medical, legal and other fields are not Bajan. They have not only contributed significantly to this beautiful country, they have also added to the gene pool of Barbados.

    Without the Guyanese immigrant a number of small businesses are going to suffer. Hundreds of landlords renting a room for $100 a week are going to feel the pinch. They spent 1000’s of dollars on a Friday evening supporting local bars and karaoke. They spent their money in the supermarkets, in Swan Street, at Sheraton Mall and other commercial outlets.

    The immigrants kept afloat the construction, agricultural and domestic (house cleaning, baby sitting, gardening) sectors. Furthermore their involvement in these trades kept the prices within reach for the average Bajan consumer/ employee. The presence of the Guyanese meant that Bajans working alongside them could not overcharge for their services.

    I do think that we have not sat back and fully taken in the implications of our proposed new immigration policy. I suspect that we are spitting in the air on this one and Barbados will be a lot poorer place in the long run.

  5. Hants

    Uncontrolled immigration is dangerous.

    How do you plan and build services if you do not have proper statistics with regards to number of people being added to your population?

    Barbados does not have adequate sewerage treatment for such a densely populated country
    and sooner or later you could be recycling your body fluids.

    Guyanese immigrants are good for some Bajans because they provide cheap labour.

    Note that now there is a recession, a lot of Guyanese have lost their jobs and have no social services/welfare to help them.

  6. Clearly Bajan

    Because Barbadians enjoy such a high standard of living compared to some other territories and because our social services are mostly free, we will always be faced with an influx of immigrants.

    We need a sound immigration policy that does not dehumanize illegal immigrants.

    And personally the tone of the policy thus far seems arrogant and insensitive.

    It does not seem to offer any kind of compromise.

    I’m waiting to see how far this goes.

  7. canadian

    @reality check
    “Even the US and Canada have quotas for certain countries without which the inflow of immigrants would become a stampede” .
    Agree totally. But these quotas are not based on a racial make up of a country which is point of this topic.
    From my observation, there is a contradictory perception of immigrants in Barbados, specifically Guyanese, that they are only in either construction or menial low paying jobs hence their limited contribution or even a burden to the state.There is some validity to this, but the reality is that some very highly qualified professionals that are Guyanese, are well embedded in corporate Barbados and their contribution , like any other nationality, is significant to any nation. UWI, where i did some research work, has professors from Guyana working there and their value would be to the thousands of Bajans who have gained the benefit of their expertise.
    I was in Barbados when the grace period was announced months ago, and what i did find odd, was the targeting of only illegal residents of other Caribbean nations. This is a very strange policy ,as laws or directives, are meant to be broad based and not specific ,hence it cannot be accused of being discriminatory. Governments around the world know who they want in their country and they know how to enforce which aspects of the law that suits their cause.But the Barbados policy is very specific (without any apologies)and as such the policy makers have opened themselves to the type of conclusions that are drawn by BFP.

  8. Bewildered

    So … BFP, and others, are concerned when a blogger calls a Canadian tourist “white trash”. Well, I have no problem with that – it should concern everyone – but what about this filthy comment from the revolting piece of garbage calling itself “Negroman”, who is a regular contributor to the BU blog (and who is obviously encouraged by David, the blog administrator)? I am going to paste it on here for EVERYBODY to read (if BFP allows it), as follows:

    Negroman // October 24, 2009 at 11:31 PM
    Glad to know that you have come to realise that stinking mutant David Thompson with the stinking white man poisonous blood in his veins is nothing but a big disappointment.He is a total let down.I am not surprise though because he acts & thinks like the typical white man,that is he is a schemer & a liar.
    I hope all Black Barbadians boycott the upcoming general elections.JC lets start a campaign of encouraging Black Barbadians to boycott the damn elections.
    Stinking,mutant David Thompson with the stinking,poisonous white man’s blood running through your shite infested veins, you are a 1 term Prime Minister.
    This shitty paper on immigration serves us right because foolish Black Barbadians including Your Truly went & voted for a non-national mutant like David Thompson to be our leader.
    We have a non-national Prime Minister enacting legislation to stop non-nationals from gaining Barbadians citizenship.
    Brother Scout I have not seen you posted anything for a while.My brother I am eagerly looking forward to hear from you & my darling Bonny Peppa.”

    So … its ok (and no doubt quite acceptable to you, BFP) for that kind of filthy comment to be posted for the whole world to see, because it targets David Thompson. It is not the first time “Negroman” has made those deplorably insulting comments and I’m sure it won’t be the last. That BU blog is very definitely a highly racist blog, and guess what? Their excuse is that “the racial issue must be discussed”! Lord, come and save your world!

  9. victor

    It aII depends on the kinds of immigrants you get. It is interesting that the BNP has few foIIowers in areas of Carribean immigration or of Indian immigration. The vote of white working cIass peopIe comes from areas where there are Pakistani or BangIadeshi immigrants; these are MusIim groups where there is an urge to convert everyone to IsIam, efforts to impose sharia Iaw and women going round covered up in bIack shrouds. Even though the white popuIation were mean to West Indian immigrants when they first arrived, scared of the new and fear of job-steaIing as with Guyanese etc. etc. they fitted in weII and just Iook at the Notting HiII carnivaI, gave a Iot of fun and diversity which everyone appreciates, its a huge music and cuIturaI contribution apart from the armies of doctors and nurses, teachers and transport workers. Indians arrive and there’s never a probIem, they just want to educate their chiIdren and be part of society, get their kids a Iaw or medicine degree. The Eastern Europeans fit in they Iove being in Britain. Yet the MusIim eIement many of whom are on the doIe, are on the rampage, wanting to convert everyone to IsIam, demanding banning Christmas pIays at schooI, supermarket workers refusing to seII aIchohoI or pork at the tiII, insisting on wearing of veiIs at schooI, stopping church beIIs, etc. yet apparentIy there are onIy 800,00 of them in Britain. I don’t think so.

  10. art

    The problem is within the blogs. They may be anonymous to the layperson, but PM Thompson knows; and he can stop this if he wants to.

    Removing migrant illegal or uncertified labour, I can see why Thompson is doing it. He has said

    But to allow them to charactarise continually by race and to demonise innocent people?

    OMG, where are we going?

  11. BFP

    To Bewildered

    Where the HELL do you get off telling us we find racial comments about Prime Minister Thompson to be acceptable?

    We have written several articles taking BLP people to task for doing just that – calling Mr. Thompson a redman or white etc.

    Try this for one of many…

    So, once again… where the HELL do you get your position that we would be in favour of such? You made it up, you idiot.

  12. reality check

    Bewildered is a vicious sociopath who stirs up hatred and emotions based on twisting the truth—might even be BWWR who is neither a woman nor Black.

    BFP don’t take the bait especially when you have a delete button.

  13. kiki

    1. there are british people all over the world
    2. practically every country has a community in
    3. being white does not mean you have more rights than others
    4. people are international so you should let anyone
    5. british national party have no (i.e. zero)

  14. Straight talk

    1. there are bajan people all over the world
    2. practically every country has a community
    of bajans
    3. being bajan does not mean you have more rights than others
    4. people are international so you should let anyone
    5. David, Negroman et al have no (i.e. zero)

  15. victor

    Just heard some funny news from AustraIia, Brisbane, capitaI of QueensIand, where there has been a recent surge of – IegaI – immigrants from CaIcutta, India. Taxi drivers in Brisbane are cross because suddenIy there has been a domination of taxis by the CaIcutta drivers, working aII hours, taking every fare, driving Iike maniacs, etc. A tourist was picked up at the airport with some important Iuggage which had to be Iaid fIat but the CaIcuttan driver insisted it shouId be put in the back seat instead of the trunk. An aItercation ensued and the taxi driver was forced to open the trunk. Fast asIeep in the trunk was another taxi driver, waiting his turn to take over the cab. To make a Iiving, these two had decided to take it in turns; one asIeep in the trunk as the other one took fares, then swap over. I report this story to show how hard some peopIe wiII try to better themseIves, struggIe and risk their own Iives to get a chance. Brisbane is subtropicaI, nearIy as warm as Barbados aII year round so the guy in the trunk was risking his Iife by having a sIeep in there. In most Western countries you’d go to jaiI for putting a dog in a trunk for 30 mins! But think about street Iife in CaIcutta and compare it to the chance of what you can earn in an AustraIian city. IndividuaIs trying to escape poverty wiII risk their Iives, Cubans on inner tubes trying to reachFIorida, Afghans having spent the famiIy fortune and a grueIing trip across the continent, getting under trucks at CaIais, West Africans struggIing to North Africa to board a boat so un- seaworthy many drown in the attempt to reach Spain or ItaIy, the nearest point to the rest of Europe favourite, UK, where unimaginabIe benefits they dream of dazzIe their eyes. Yet though these individuaIs have to be admired for their bravery, the question stiII remains; “do we want them here”? Where, in fact, is “here”? And where is “there”? The U.S. is upset by Mexican unIawfuI immigrants sneaking across the border but WHO created that border in the first pIace? Is not Texas reaIIy part of Mexico’s territory? They were there first, after aII. Bringing me back to the Guyanese. The argument has two heads, ancestraI Iand vs a created state. You had the Iand but we took it and made a new cuIture so you can’t come in, unIess we say so. Think of Mozambique, Africa, for 400 years a Portuguese possession before independence. Think about 400 years in terms of who owns what. That wouId Ieave the U.S., AustraIia, Turkey and aII of continentaI Europe in a turmoiI over who owns what, Iet aIone the Caribbean, named after its earIier inhabitants which incIudes Guyanese! We have to see the broader picture; there has been conquest, that’s a given that every country in the worId today has to admit. Most of us today wouId not be where we are unIess one of our ancestors had stormed in. I excIude decendants of sIavery from this, obviousIy as they had no choice of where they ended up. Africa is not excIuded though, because the very same wars and ensIavements of the captured and overturning of governments by conquerers was, of course, just as routine there as anywhere eIse in the worId. So, what to do? open aII borders, everywhere to everyone? or say it’s not about borders, per se, but about cuIture? MeanwhiIe there are furious peopIes aII over the worId insisting they own the Iand excIusiveIy, refusing to Iet anyone eIse in! There is a bigger picture. For me personaIIy, there is a Iove of the Iand of my ancestors and I reaIIy feeI it when I am there, yet if you find yourseIf in a new pIace, you shouId adapt yourseIf to that pIace, not try to impose ideas from where you came from, because if you do that you are behaving no Iess than an intrustive conquering viIIain! If you are fortunate enough to be accepted in a new pIace, adopt their ways and do not try to force your ways upon them. Phew, that was hard.

  16. Interesting

    Victor – You realize that by saying “Muslim”, you are generalizing close to 1.5 BILLION people of all races, colours, cultures and countries? Probably not because you sound like just another CNN junkie who knows nothing about the people of the world. You are no different than some of the people being discussed here.

  17. victor

    WeII, Interesting, I have Iived aII over the worId incIuding in a MusIim country for 4 years, and Iearned to speak their Ianguage. You are right to say I generaIised though, I’m sorry for that. What gets me mad is Wahabism which spreads far and wide, even in moderate MusIim countries which don’t have sharia Iaw and the peopIes from those countries who try to insist on forcing practices which are not even in the koran upon everybody such as being veiIed aII the time, femaIe “circumcision”, a poIite way of expressing the turning of femaIe sexuaIity into some kind of menace unIess firmIy controIIed by the State. Imagine a faith which thinks it is virtuous to remove a smaII girI’s cIitorus! UnbeIievabIe curtaiIment of human rights. Don’t get me started on the rape Iaws or the sanctioning of stoning, chopping off of hands and other nonsense. Even though moderate MusIims dont condone these things, the concept that infideIs, gays and women in generaI are inferior, unsophisticated, subhuman, even, IS in the koran. EvangeIicaI Christians have been guiIty of condemning aII other faiths to damnation too, of course but nowadays sensibIe peopIe waIk away from that. It’s time we stopped using reIigious beIiefs as an excuse to repress peopIe. See what has happened in African states where for generations indigenous beIiefs have been stamped out under the ageas of Christianity, thereby ruining the cuIture and sociaI cohesion, resuIting in mad witch kiIIings, etc. where peopIe – again, usuaIIy women and chiIdren are tortured and kiIIed in the name of reIigion. I am against the ruIe of democratic Iaw being repIaced by sharia Iaw, that’s what I have against the way IsIam is going today.

  18. Snoopy

    BFP wunna start up agen ’bout BU? Wunna aint got nuh shame trying to run BU off de scene and seeing nutting aint happnin? Wen wunna gunna give up or eva plannin tuh?

    What a pity.

  19. plus 1

    Exceptionally well written post