Jamaica’s Canadian tourism up 28 percent over last year!


Caricom Unity? Forget about it… it’s every country for itself in a fight for survival on the Tourism Battleground.

Jamaican Tourism Minister personally met with 300 Canadian travel agents in Canada’s Western Provinces

Despite the global economic crisis, Jamaican Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says a record number of Canadian tourists are expected to visit Jamaica this winter.

“Canada is our fastest growing market,” the Jamaican Information Service (JIS) quoted Bartlett as saying in Toronto.

“Two years ago, the Canadian market was providing around 150,000 stopover visitors and for this year we are looking at close to 300,000, which represents a 28 percent increase over last year,” he added.

Bartlett recently visited Canada to thank travel partners for helping to make Canada the fastest growing market for Jamaica. He met with some 300 travel agents, airline officials and four operators in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, cities that have shown encouraging growth in recent times…

… from eTurboNews.com’s article Jamaica looks forward to record number Canadian visitors this winter season


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7 responses to “Jamaica’s Canadian tourism up 28 percent over last year!

  1. canadian

    It has been stated on this blog, that tourists from Canada will come when the snow falls and the economy in Canada picks up. That being said, I suppose that Barbados has a certain natural charm which by itself, has a certain allure for tourist

  2. Hants

    The BTA Toronto did the same thing across Canada.

    They also did promotions with West Jet.

    You will see an increase in Canadian Tourist this winter.

    A weakness in the Barbados advertising campaign in Canada is that they are not investing enough in TV ads.

    Jamaica,Air Jamaica and Sandals are running mega dollar TV campaigns and that is what is driving business to Jamaica.

  3. Hopeful

    Our UK market which accounts for 40% of our long stay arrivals is going to take a serious hit with the implementation of the 150 pound head tax come November 1. We must offset the likely contraction of the UK market by increasing our arrivals from the US, Canada and Continental Europe. With the likely 15% fall off in the UK market we will have to increase our arrivals from the other markets anywhere from 20-25%.

    Can we get around the UK head tax by starting a hub in Ireland where UK originating travellers travel to Ireland then change flights/ flight numbers in Ireland then proceed onwards to Barbados? With the implementation of such a system can our UK visitors get around their government’s travel tax? Those with a legal background please comment.

  4. Noticed a special Caribbean travel section in today’s Toronto Star. Seems to be completely focused on the Virgin islands.
    Antigua, St Lucia and I believe Jamaica are there on the lists of places with packages at airfare specials but I looked through the whole thing and the only reference to Barbados is on page two where they give you a website listing for facts on Barbados. rather disappointing.

  5. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    That sounds great but just like the mainstream media several important questions are left unanswered. How much are these arrivals discounted and what will be the eventual net benefit to the Jamaican economy?

    Jamaica has been offering heavily discounted accommodation for a while now and these Canadians may be arriving at a loss. Other bloggers have been critical of Barbados’ efforts to lure tourists through discounting yet no such critique is made of Jamaica’s efforts.

    increased or stable figures are great statistically but the true measure must be impact on the economy for each dollar of subsidisation used.

  6. Hants

    read page 9 of the Advocate Business Monday.
    BTA promoting in Alberta.

    At least they are trying hard.

  7. The tourism industry is large enough for all the caribbean islands. No need to start kicking eachother in the knees now.

    What about one love?