Poll: Mia Mottley Opposition “Leader” in name only? You decide…


Mia Mottley: almost two years without a leadership mandate from BLP Membership

It’s almost two years now since Mia Mottley was declared last man standing at the post-election punch-up that saw her declared “Leader” of the BLP. Many party members and the public are starting to understand that it will soon be time for the BLP to fish or cut bait…

It is time for the BLP to confirm Mottley as leader or to select another person to lead them into the next election.

Seeing as how the Mia Mottley is doing everything she can to avoid putting her leadership to a test in front of the BLP membership, we at Barbados Free Press decided it was time to ask the people of Barbados: Is Mia Mottley an “interim” or legitimate leader of the BLP?

In the wreckage of the January 2008 election, defeated Prime Minister Owen Arthur resigned from the leadership of the BLP, and Deputy Leader Mia Mottley was publicly announced as the new party leader.

What most of the public didn’t see or read about in the papers – and only heard about in whispers and quiet standpipe talk – was that Mia Mottley’s “promotion” to party leader was anything but unanimous and smooth sailing. Her “confirmation” (if you can call it that) as Leader of the Opposition took place behind closed doors and must have been some battle judging by the reports.

When will the BLP hold a Leadership Vote?

Like many people I heard the stories of screaming, shouting and banging that could be heard out onto the street until some thinking person sent a text message to one of the participants that party supporters milling about outside were overhearing the disaster. Later, rumours came around that Mia almost lost the position until her father threatened to lay waste to half the old-boys network if his little girl didn’t assume the mantle of BLP leader. Yes, Mia’s daddy – Justice Elliot D. Mottley – was at the inner-circle meeting on election night and not just to provide moral support to his daughter.

In my opinion, what the Barbados Labour Party received on election night was an Interim Leader. Whether the BLP cares to call Mia Mottley by that name or not, the public understands the reality of her position and it weakens her image and credibility in Parliament.

This article is adapted from our May 31, 2009 editorial: Why The Barbados Labour Party Needs A Real Leadership Contest & Convention – And Why Mia Mottley Will Never Agree To A Leadership Vote

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32 responses to “Poll: Mia Mottley Opposition “Leader” in name only? You decide…

  1. Old rooster

    I laughed at the time when I heard about the shouting match but it’s no longer funny because we lack an effective opposition.

  2. Johnny Postle @

    Mia baby. I am afraid that you are facing and uphill battle. You have many ninjas in your BLP camp. Girl ya sweet and mout even sweeter but allegations against you are hurting ya bad bad bad.

    I would suggest that you go after young fresh blood and get rid of dem blood suckers. You certainly do not need the tyranny unless you are one of the tyrants.

    Recruit and come clean with the Barbadian public. You do not have to tell all the secrets and lies tooted by your BLP colleagues; just tell the truth.

    Also girl get involve with the poor people. You need to touch base with the poor people. You need to get that bad stigma off of you; you know the one that alleges you to be involved in big deals. Also girlie, many believe that your gold spoon doan know anything about wood spoons.

    Show Barbados your caring and sensitive side. Right now alot of people got you class up to be a real bad ass, who is power hungry and money foolish. Girl I would vote for you if ya come clean but right now I finding it real hard to trust wunna politicians. To much bad than good being said about wunna. So ya think ya come clean baby. I await your response. I think ya real friggin hot..Wuh lawdssss

  3. gadfly

    Approximately four years ago Barbadians were unsure who was in charge of the Democratic Labour Party. Denis Kellman was claiming his working class origin made him the undisputed leader of the party, while Dr David Estwick, was saying openly that David Thompson would never lead the DLP after he had stepped down from the leadership of the party. Fruendel Stuart was questioning his ability to lead after his many political blunders.
    I would suggest that the leadership of the DLP addresses the economic problems under which every Barbadian is labouring and leave the internal politics of the Barbados Labour Party to that party’s membership.
    We are aware that Mia Mottley possesses the ability to lead the country when the time comes.
    In my opinion she has the intellectual capacity to lead this country with distinction. Always remember no one throws stones into an empty mango tree. The lady simply has class. It is undeniable. Her recent success in the St Kitts law courts is a clear testimony of her brillance. Enough said.

  4. extreme makeover

    While intellectual capacity is certainly needed to govern a country, there are many more factors that citizens are looking for today in a leader such a genuine caring for the quality of the lives of every Barbadian, integrity, honesty, practicality, humility, realism and a tireless quest for accountability and justice.

    Mia needs to show much more than intellect and the ability to put us to sleep with soporific platitudes and theories without substance.

  5. Avatar Girl

    Will anyone take a country seriously if the head of a country swings in the wrong direction? For example, towards corruption & deception, amongst other things?

    Just asking…

  6. gadfly

    I assume you are speaking about Miss Mottley’s class origins when you identify such “anti-nature” qualities as humility and self-lessness that can only be found in ideal-type situations.
    However, a leading philosopher once said that everyone pretends to be humble, but if they are the author of a publication they still expect to see their names boldly emblazoned on it. So much for humility.
    Psychologists also recognise that everyone on earth tries to establish their cosmic importance by engaging in heroics of some kind.
    History has shown that most of the world’s greatest reformers have come from the middle and upper classes.
    For example, Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra, Lenin and Engels were not born into working class families.
    Closer to home, neither the Right Excellent Sir Grantley Adams nor the Right Excellent Errol Barrow were born into working class families.
    I am yet to see any class snobbery or aloofness in Miss Mottley. In her political career she has embraced many members of the working class and assisted them in realising their dreams. She has done this in spite of the fact that she was born into the lap of comfort. She deserves respect for this quality.

  7. BFP


    Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra were “great reformers” alright. Che was chief executioner for Fidel: even executing women who were 7 months pregnant.

    Quite the reformer, for sure.

  8. gadfly

    You can swallow the western propaganda. But isn’t it a fact today that many Barbadians who are unable to pay the large medical fees to have cataracts removed from their eyes are lining up to have this treatment carried out in Cuba free of cost? Isn’t this reform? I know of a senior citizen from my district who is currently in Cuba benefiting from that country’s generosity.

  9. BFP


    You talk about “western propaganda” as if Castro and Che did not murder thousands after they gained power. You seem unaware of the CDR and Cuba’s continuing imprisonment of librarians, journalists or people who ask too many questions.

    How many months have you spent in Cuba in the last 10 years? For me, the number is 15.

    We eagerly await your clarified position.

  10. Donald Duck, Esq

    Why nothing from BFP about George Payne’s comments in today’s nation news. It says

    “In his address, chairman George Payne also called on the rank and file of the party to rally behind Mottley.

    “We have an elected political leader – an undisputed leader. We are rallying behind our leader. They are spreading rumours all over the place that this body wants to take overand this body wants to come back. We don’t know anything about that.”

  11. Donald Duck, Esq

    Hartley revealed in his column today how he controlled the Advocate. He said in his article on the BLP conference

    “Look out for the picture-is-worth-a – thousand-words show of unity. It will be splashed across the other front page. But will many persons be fooled? I doubt very much.”

    Why won’t such a picture be in the Advocate

  12. Sargeant


    We have an elected political leader – an undisputed leader
    Did I miss something? I don’t remember an election where the rank and file participated.
    Was it one of those Politburo types of elections where the people are told who their new leader is? Did the boys and gals and family in the back room “elect” the “undisputed” leader?

  13. Moburt

    Wunna too funny doh. Wunnuh ent even know that only the parliamentary party selects the political leader.

    If it was left to the rank and file Miss Mottley would win hands down. It is those with aspirations of leadership that she challenged today.

  14. Layman

    Oh Lord!! Mia you have taken away all of the problems this country Barbados faces. No more unemployment, no more concerns about cost of living, cost of living,cost of living.No more bad ratings ,no more water increases,no more price increases. No more IMF strangleholds. No more recession unless the big countries have it.
    Not even cause to realise that it is more about who is not leading Barbados. God bless Mia you have brought tranquility in these turbulent times.

  15. Hants

    Mia is the best person to lead the BLP.

    DLP supporters are pleased to see her large and in charge of the opposition.

  16. BFP

    Got that right Hants!

    The one question that the membership of the BLP is concerned about is: Is she electable as Prime Minister on a national basis?

  17. Love

    Well Mama Mia…..has had enough…..(If such is ever possible with her !)

    The esteemed leadership of King David and his team….has convinced Mama Mia…that she has bittten off more than she can chew !

  18. Hants

    @ A Mottley Group


    If you are a supporter of the DLP like I am, you would want Mia as an opponent.

    Please join me in supporting Mia’s leadership of the BLP.

    We want to see love and unity in the BLP and Mia as their leader. She is the weakest of their top 5 potential leaders and will help to keep the BLP in opposition.

  19. Hants

    @ A Mottley Group

    Mia is such a strong leader that she has to ask the BLP parliamentary group to endorse her leadership.
    This is to dispel rumors of dissention in the party.

    A strong leader would not be in this position after being leader since Owing resigned.

    She “is the weakest link” in the BLP leadership chain.
    The “political class” is losing the ability to operate with their “sense of entitlement”.

  20. Hants

    Mia is reported to have said, “What is bothering us now is not even the people in here but it is the public perception…that we are a divided party. And I say to you that tomorrow (Monday) night…I will put my leadership back before the parliamentary party.”

    Really? So if the public perception is the same in march will she seek another leadership review?

    Is she really seeking a review based on public perception?Leadership based on public perception?

    I think this is all about how much truth there is to the rumors of the return of King Arthur supported by his Knights.


    Mia really aint cuttin it
    with me . I feel that she is not up to scratch. She has to show some more spunk !


    A MOTTLEY GROUP is Hartley Henry trying to disguise again. Come onHARTLEY =REVEAL YUHSELF.

  23. Johnson

    I hereby demand that wunna stop casting nasty aspersations upon peoples. Specially dat one above labelled ‘A Mottley Group’, why wunna doan shut up or put action where yuh mout is?

    Nasty aspercation casting political wannabe gremblings.

  24. Moburt

    If Mia is the worst choice of leader and has no chance of being Prime Minister why are you fellas so worried that you have to write and write saying the same thing over and over again.

    Besides right now unless you are a BLP member it really ain’t got nothing to do with you.

    Concentrate on explaining to Bajans why the cost of living still so high, what you doing about getting more tourists to come here, how you are going to re-fashion our international business sector, whether there is any truth to the rumour that bus fares going up while the service going down, how you are going to grow the economy.

  25. cat eyes

    Gadfly everyone with a pea of a brain knows Mia is an elitist. What crap! You pay $250 to party with Mia at cropover. How many of her Bush Hall/Hothersal “friends” can pay that money to drink the long mout brandies and big vodkas. Get real. Her “open house” at the big building in Strathclyde -where she does not live – prices the average Bajan in her constituency out. She’s a Mottley for heaven’s sake. Conversely Sam Couchie and the Duppy flow in and out of David Thompson’s house – the house he and his family live in – on his birthnight, Christmas night, and eat all the ham, turkey, red fish, capers and whatever else is bout dey, and drink as much Absolut, Hennessy, Black Label lemondade, red frutee or mauby as they want.

  26. cat eyes

    Gadfly, you must be a part of the BLP propaganda team! Thing is, y’all usually start to believe the nonesense. Like a dope dealer getting high on his own supply. Y’all’s propaganda has been so maniacal that you even started to believe that Mia was a woman. Go find a leader.


    Following the election of officers yesterday, please see the new Executive of the BLP, outlined below:


    Mr. George Payne, Q.C., M.P., – Chairman

    Dr. Jerome Walcott – First Vice Chairman

    Mr. Dale Marshall, Q.C., M.P., – Second Vice Chairman

    Senator Arthur Holder – Third Vice Chairman

    Miss Cynthia Forde, J.P., M.P., – General Secretary
    Mr. Douglas Skeete – Treasurer

    George Payne, Cawmere
    Dale Marshal, Cawmere
    Arthur Holder, Cawmere

    and Douglas Skeete, George Payne’s right hand-man and boy-days buddy from Orange Hill.

    George got a 2/3 majority on the executive!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ramgoat Liver

    Sentinel, Cawmere boys rule or ‘Lodge’ boys?


  29. croger

    Mia is the leader of the Barbados Labour Party. She have what it takes to be a leader and the leader unlike the current prime minister she have a vission and the Bible says where there is no vision the people perish I did a course in HR management and it talks about diversities of management this means that they will got different personalities to deal with but Mia Mottley is a friendly person and she put people before self that is why I know she will be a better prime minister for these times because these are serious times and the current prime minister dont know what he is doing

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  32. Expatriate

    Any organization with George Payne at its leadership helm, is in trouble. George Payne cannot be trusted, and he will continually undermind Mia Mottley. I hopt the BLP continues this factious infighting, I want to encourage them to go after one another, and more especially to enter into a general election season with Mia Mottley as their leader. We in the DLP could use another five years in government, the best way to do that, is to have the degenerate leadership of Mia Mottley. The BLP is an elitist party, headed by an old political guard, that will rather maintain the political status quo, than revamp, revitalize or renew. It is better to have an inibriate as the leader of the BLP, than a lascivious, inveterate immoral miscreant, like Mia Mottley. Mark my word Barbados, Mia Mottley is the moral equivalent of a return to “Sodom and Gomorrah.”