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Poll: Mia Mottley Opposition “Leader” in name only? You decide…


Mia Mottley: almost two years without a leadership mandate from BLP Membership

It’s almost two years now since Mia Mottley was declared last man standing at the post-election punch-up that saw her declared “Leader” of the BLP. Many party members and the public are starting to understand that it will soon be time for the BLP to fish or cut bait…

It is time for the BLP to confirm Mottley as leader or to select another person to lead them into the next election.

Seeing as how the Mia Mottley is doing everything she can to avoid putting her leadership to a test in front of the BLP membership, we at Barbados Free Press decided it was time to ask the people of Barbados: Is Mia Mottley an “interim” or legitimate leader of the BLP?

In the wreckage of the January 2008 election, defeated Prime Minister Owen Arthur resigned from the leadership of the BLP, and Deputy Leader Mia Mottley was publicly announced as the new party leader.

What most of the public didn’t see or read about in the papers – and only heard about in whispers and quiet standpipe talk – was that Mia Mottley’s “promotion” to party leader was anything but unanimous and smooth sailing. Her “confirmation” (if you can call it that) as Leader of the Opposition took place behind closed doors and must have been some battle judging by the reports.

When will the BLP hold a Leadership Vote?

Like many people I heard the stories of screaming, shouting and banging that could be heard out onto the street until some thinking person sent a text message to one of the participants that party supporters milling about outside were overhearing the disaster. Later, rumours came around that Mia almost lost the position until her father threatened to lay waste to half the old-boys network if his little girl didn’t assume the mantle of BLP leader. Yes, Mia’s daddy – Justice Elliot D. Mottley – was at the inner-circle meeting on election night and not just to provide moral support to his daughter.

In my opinion, what the Barbados Labour Party received on election night was an Interim Leader. Whether the BLP cares to call Mia Mottley by that name or not, the public understands the reality of her position and it weakens her image and credibility in Parliament.

This article is adapted from our May 31, 2009 editorial: Why The Barbados Labour Party Needs A Real Leadership Contest & Convention – And Why Mia Mottley Will Never Agree To A Leadership Vote

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